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By Tessa van Dashorst, 13 September 2021

Another meet the team! This time, three of our designers from the purchasing team take you behind the scenes.
Curious to see how all the My Jewellery prints come about? Read on!

Colleague Marjolein Sommerdijk
Job function: Product & Graphic Designer

How long have you been working at My Jewellery?
I have been working full-time for My Jewellery for 7,5 years now. Before that, I worked at Sharon’s house (founder of My Jewellery) one day per week.

How do you find inspiration?
I get my inspiration from everything I see; this could be during grocery shopping, online shopping, Pinterest, social media, magazines; you name it! But I also find inspiration in my own home. For example, when working on a new collection, I sometimes get inspired by something that has been in my house for ages. I recently moved, so I am busy decorating my new home. This instantly gives me new creative inspiration for My Jewellery. And sometimes, something pops up in my head; I have no idea where it comes from, haha!

Which design are you most proud of? 
Ohh, that's a difficult question! Working on new jewellery collections and branding packages gives me so much joy that I find it hard to pick one design.
At the end of October, we launch a new jewellery collection with beautiful packaging. The packaging alone makes me want to purchase the complete collection

Colleague Jelijn de Jong
Job function: Assistant Product Designer

How long have you been working at My Jewellery?
9 months

How do you find inspiration?
Work from other designers, spotting nice outfits on the streets or in the office, and current or upcoming trends, to which we can give a My Jewellery touch.

Which design are you most proud of? 
The candle holders from the home collection that we designed ourselves! And the Birthflower collection, but both of these designs haven't launched yet, so stay tuned!

What collection are you currently working on? 
We’re currently working on the newest jewellery & accessory collection for January - February!

Colleague Marije Severijnen
Job function: Print Designer

How long have you been working at My Jewellery?
I have been working at My Jewellery for eight months now!

How do you find inspiration?
I get my inspiration from almost everything. It could be the colour combination on a notebook to someone walking past me at the train station. Next to that, there is so much inspiration to find online. Think about fashion shows, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Pinterest. Sometimes, you save something inspiring that isn't directly useful, and it will come in handy later. My mobile phone is always full of inspiring bits and pieces!

Which design are you most proud of? 
Hard to say! Last week, I saw a girl in one of our bestsellers at the station. That is still the biggest compliment you can get when you see someone in the streets wearing our collection. Furthermore, we are launching sweaters for next season with back prints that I really like!

What collection are you currently working on?
At the moment, I follow the latest trends and make the final additions for FALL/WINTER 21. Besides that, we also started working on the regular & swimwear collection of SPRING/SUMMER 22. Both collections are looking amazing so far!

Shop the latest collection: 

  1. Shapes schakelketting met hartje
    Shapes chain necklace with heart
  2. Shapes schakelarmband met hartje
    Shapes chain bracelet with heart
  3. Shapes ketting met parels & ster
    Shapes necklace with pearls & star
  4. Zegelring met parel
    Signet ring with pearl
    Signet ring with pearl
    As low as €19.99
  5. Shapes groene kralen armbanden set
    Shapes green beaded bracelet set
  6. Shapes bruine kralen armbanden set
    Shapes brown beaded bracelet set
  7. Shapes blauwe kralen armbanden set
    Shapes blue beaded bracelet set
  8. Shapes armband parels & ster
    Shapes pearls & star bracelet
  9. Shapes pink beaded bracelet set
    Shapes pink beaded bracelet set
  10. Shapes rechthoekige oorhangers | My Jewellery
    Shapes rectangular drop earrings
  11. Shapes zwarte kralen armbanden set
    Shapes black beaded bracelet set
  12. Shapes oorhangers ruit
    Shapes rhombus earrings
    Shapes rhombus earrings
    As low as €15.99
  13. Black skirt with Shapes print
    Black skirt with Shapes print
  14. Studs recht driehoekje
    Studs right triangle
    Studs right triangle
    As low as €9.95
  15. Shapes armband parels & rondjes
    Shapes pearls & circles bracelet
  16. Oorringen rond zoetwaterparels
    Earrings freshwater pearls
    Earrings freshwater pearls
    As low as €17.99
  17. Oorbellen ovaal groot
    Rectangular drop earrings large
  18. Armband schakels mesh | My Jewellery
    Mesh bracelet links
    Mesh bracelet links
    As low as €19.95
  19. Shapes pearl necklace with lock
    Shapes pearl necklace with lock
  20. Shapes oorringen rechthoek klein
    Shapes earrings small rectangle

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