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Valentine's Day Gifts For Yourself

January 11, 2024 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 minutes

Affordable Valentine's gifts for yourself

Treating yourself to the perfect gift for yourself doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, if you’re feeling a little guilty about spending money on yourself, why not go for gifts that are practical as well as cute! Need a new tote bag for all of your busy, independent woman essentials? Perhaps, you’re sick of your ears freezing every time you set foot outside the house and would kill for a warm beanie? Or maybe you’ve simply been eyeing a long neutral scarf that goes with everything. All of these on-trend accessories are totally practical & affordable and would therefore make a totally guilt-free Valentine's Day gift for yourself! Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself with something totally impractical either! More beauty items to add to your ever expanding collection? Of course! A headband you don’t need but really covet? Go for it! Let's go all out since there are no gifting rules, simply a gifting incentive to treat yourself!

Buy yourself jewellery as a V-Day gift for yourself! 

Let’s normalise treating yourself to gifts all around the year! You can’t get more traditional than jewellery. Preferably, heart shaped jewellery, but that’s totally negotiable. If you’re looking to run with the love theme look no further than our Candy Couture collection for ‘Amour’ jewellery ! For those looking for less traditional jewellery our Mystic Fairytale Collection is the place to be for jewellery that perfectly expresses who you are! Alternatively, treat yourself to a forever piece such as our timeless essentials or engraved jewellery selections. These pieces will forever remind you of the year you chose to put yourself first, and there’s nothing more powerful than that. Ps: don’t scrimp on getting your Valentine's Day gift to yourself beautifully gift wrapped! Afterall, it’s the full gifting experience we’re going for here and there’s no better feeling than getting to open up a gift box with something sparkling hiding inside! 

Treat yourself to a new outfit

There’s very little in the world that can boost your confidence quite as much as a new outfit! Just putting on that new dress that perfectly flatters your shape and makes you feel like the goddess you are can have a powerfully healing & confidence boosting effect that’s enough to make you realise you can tackle this day, and any other day, on your own. So, head into town for a bit of retail therapy, or simply shop online at your favourite stores and treat yourself to those clothing essentials you’ve been eyeing up for ages. Seen a dress or skirt and top combo on the My Jewellery insta you’re obsessing over? Now’s your chance to spoil yourself!

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Go on a solo Valentine's Day date

Do you suffer from serious FOMO, let’s be honest we’ve all been there, the best way to cure yourself of that feeling is to take yourself out on a fun solo date! Sign up for a workshop or creative class for something you’ve always wanted to do or learn, we’re thinking: jewellery making, pottery classes, fashion design, you name it, now is the time to do it + you might meet some new people along the way! If however you’re thinking less big, why not envisage your perfect day and make it happen. For us it would be going for a long walk whilst listening to our favourite podcast, getting groceries + our fave bottle of wine for our ultimate dinner, lighting some candles & putting on music to set the mood, and romanticising the hell out of our own life! What’s your perfect day?

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