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Paris Hotspots | How to spend a perfect trip in the City of Lights

September 7, 2022 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 5 min minutes

Paris - A perfect dream 

Paris is absolutely a walking city, every corner has something special to see, a great cafe to visit, and stylish people to watch, so spending the day wandering around is one of the best ways to while away your time there. But if you like to plan ahead, we’ve got a few tried and tested destinations you definitely need to add to your itinerary. Ready to hit all the best Parisian hotspots, check ‘em out!

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Places to go & things to see in Paris

There’s so many must-sees in Paris, we could write an endless list of amazing places, but to keep things manageable especially for a short trip, these are some of our favourites. Whether this is your first visit to Paris or your 100th trip to the City of Lights, these places are sure to delight your senses and give you that magic Parisian feeling.


 "Just add three letters to Paris, and you have paradise."


  • The Louvre

No trip to Paris would be complete without visiting the iconic Louvre museum. Home to some of the most famous and well-respected art in the world the Louvre is a must-visit for art aficionados and art newbies alike. Even those who don’t particularly enjoy art will be able to appreciate the aesthetics here, from the unmissable glass pyramid in the middle of the square (the show-stealer in many a Paris tourist pic) to the large, airy and perfectly naturally-lit entrance hall, the Louvre is guaranteed to offer something pleasing to the eye for everyone.

  • Jardin des Tuileries

Just across the road from the Louvre is a park called the Jardin des Tuileries, the perfect place to relax after a couple of hours of art & culture. Grab yourself a coffee from cafe Kitsune, nab a garden chair, get comfy and people watch while all the stylish locals pass you by. With its pretty flowers and unmissable ferris wheel, you won’t want to leave this park! 

  • The Eiffel Tower

Did you even go to Paris if you didn’t see the Eiffel Tower? This impressive metal structure is one of the most iconic symbols of the city and you have to see it at least once. Buy yourself a bottle of wine, a couple of baguettes and some good French cheeses and enjoy a picnic with a view. Make sure to be there in the evening as well, as the tower is lit up with lights for 5 minutes every hour, and bask in the twinkling golden stars as you marvel in the beauty of the city.


  • Catacombs Paris 

A slightly spooky one, perfect if you’re looking for creepy Halloween vibes in Paris, the catacombs are a labyrinth of routes underground with the remains of millions of Parisians. Descend into another world and discover one of the most unique places in Paris, spooky vibes guaranteed!


  • Vintage Shopping 

Paris is a haven for fashion & shopping, and some of the vintage shopping here is truly next-level. Vintage Chanel, Gaultier, Dior, it’s all on offer at some of Paris’ best vintage stores. From kilo stores to gorgeous, upmarket vintage boutiques, if you’re a vintage queen on the hunt for some of the best (designer) treasures, Paris is the place for you!


  • Musée de l'Orangerie / Musée d’Orsay

Everyone’s heard of the Louvre but Paris is home to so many other incredible art museums, and Musée de l'Orangerie & Musée d’Orsay are just two of them. Museums are great places to spend a few hours, particularly on a cold or wet day, and these two museums happen to house some of the most gorgeous French and International art, so worth a visit on your trip to Paris!

Where to eat in Paris?

Cheese, wine, croissants & the best pastries in the world, we fully understand why the French are so proud of their food culture, because let’s be honest, what’s not to love? If you’re spending a few days in Paris make sure to explore all the best food this incredible city has to offer. Start off your day hunting for the best cafe au lait and croissant for a light breakfast before strolling the streets and finding the perfect place for lunch. These are some of our favourites!

  • Le Relais

Looking for something typically French? Look no further than restaurant Le Relais, where they serve steak frites and nothing else. You know how people say if you only do one thing, you’ve gotta make sure you do it well? Well, this place has perfected the simple steak and chips and takes it to another level. Perfectly cooked steak and thin, salted chips, with a good glass of red wine alongside it, what more could you want on a Parisian evening?


  • Laduree

Is there anything more French than a macaron? Those perfectly round treats of heaven are the quintessential French pastry and Laduree has become one of the most famous patisseries in the world by perfecting the little delights. Add a touch of luxury to your day and treat yourself to a selection of different flavours that come wrapped up in a gorgeous gold inlaid, pastel box and live your fancy Blair Waldorf life for the day. A Laduree macaron truly is the perfect sugary treat for a day of wandering around the Parisian streets! 


  • La Maison Plisson

This food market cum restaurant is the place to be for all things homemade, fresh and delicious. Set in the heart of the bustling Marais area Maison Plisson offers up delicious cheeses, wines, meats, breads, fruits and veggies. Pop in for lunch on the terrace and then grab yourself some nibbles to picnic on by the Eiffel Tower.

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Instagram foodie favourites 

  • Giraffe

Live out your ultimate Paris fantasy at this stunning restaurant with some of the best views of the Eiffel tower. This incredible upscale restaurant has been all over social media and the views alone are worth the hype but you better plan ahead if you want to visit, because as with any restaurant that’s gone viral on TikTok you’re gonna want to make a reservation. Still, if you do manage to get a place, you’ll feel like the luckiest girl in Paris.

  • Cafe Flore

This restaurant might just be the most instagrammed building in Paris. Quintessential stone, a stunning corner destination, quaint outdoor terrace - this restaurant is the place to see and be seen, and there’s no doubt you’ll have seen it on your feed before. Oh, and you’ll be hanging in infamous company too, with famous French philosophers and writers like Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and Simone de Beauvoir all frequent visitors at this stunning location. Treat yourself to their famous luxurious hot chocolate and croissants and live out your influencer life for the day. 

  • Gigi

Another hotspot with stunning views of the Eiffel tower, Gigi is elevated Italian style food that you must try! If the delish food isn’t enough for you, the classically stunning interior and the amazing Bellini Bar will definitely convince you of the magic of this place.

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Honourable mentions 

Staying for longer than a weekend and need all the suggestions you can get, these are some of our other absolute favourites in Paris. Get ready to want to write your own love letter to the City of Love:

  • Pink Mamma

Four floors of absolutely stunning interiors and delicious food.

  • Bistrot Victoires

Affordable, excellent quality food, no trip to Paris is complete without a visit to a traditional French style bistrot.

  • La Maison Rose

Set on the cobbled streets of the Montmartre, you’ll have definitely seen this lovely pink restaurant on your Insta or Pinterest, even if you can’t get in it’s the perfect spot for a cute Paris pic! 

  • Lavomatic

The ultimate hidden gem! This speakeasy has a secret entrance through a laundromat, and once in you’ll be treated to some excellent cocktails and great vibes!


 "Paris is always a good idea" 

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