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We're calling it: these are the major fashion trends for 2024

January 31, 2024 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 minutes

What are the fashion trends for 2024?

This is not the year to be shy when it comes to your style, from maximalism to sheer details, the return of leopard print and lots of gorgeous metallics, 2024 fashion trends are encouraging you to experiment, be bold and take your style-game to dizzying new heights! We’ve done all the work for you and found out all about our favourite fashion trends for 2024 that are set to dominate, now all that’s left for you to do is pick out your favourites and shop!

  • #1: Roses - Romance is in the air

We all know the new fashion trends of the year start with spring trends, and spring just happens to be synonymous with florals  (groundbreaking, we know) but for 2024 we’ve gone specific with designers in all the major fashion cities swooning over roses. The rose, which let’s be honest is everyone’s fav, is set to be everywhere this year, whether that be in the shape of rosettes, an abstract print - or as seen on the runways - in their purest fresh form overlain with sheer fabric (a double trend, incidentally), it truly is romanticism at its best! If you’re feeling thorny and hope to translate the trend into your everyday wear, go for rose accessories! A rosette necklace, rose earrings or a red rose bag are the perfect items to ease yourself into the trend.



  • #2: Clean White

Bold colours have had their moment so, with the exception of a few stand-out pops of colour, for 2024 we’re returning to a more muted palette, with white being one of the favourites. White might just have the dubious honour of being the most underrated colour in the fashion spectrum, but in 2024 it’s getting its deserved moment to shine. In winter white looks fresh and bright as it reflects the stark sunlight like snow on a perfect winter's day, and in summer it’s the ultimate tan-enhancing colour for languid days in the sun, it truly is a great all-season colour. White tops with pretty detailing, such as ruffles and embroidery, are the ultimate in ultra-feminine dressing, and when paired with a sheer skirt are the perfect embodiment of the Girl-core aesthetic. If that isn’t quite your style, balance out the femininity with a harder leather or denim and you’re good all year long!

  • #3: Sheer skirts & Sheer layering

Sheer styles have been daring us to escape our comfort zones for a while now, and 2024 is no different. If you dare, dare to go sheer! From sheer tops and blouses to crochet tops, the bigger and bolder the crochet holes the better, get ready to bare the skin in spring/summer 2024. We love styling a sheer shirt over a pretty bralette or a crochet dress over a slinky slip dress for a subtle nod to the sheer trend. Another way to make this catwalk favourite trend more wearable for every day spring dressing, is to pair your sheer top or dress with a structured blazer, and let this otherwise ethereal look enter the business casual chat. If you love to make the streets your runway by embracing the biggest trends of the season, the ultimate cool-girl way to tackle this trend is to layer your sheer items over each other to create a wispy look that’ll catch the breeze!

What colours to wear in 2024?

  • #4: Icy Metallics

Sunshine and metallics are basically a match-made in heaven! Where metallics were previously reserved for your winter party wardrobe where they came in moody & luxurious deep tones and blacks, in 2024 metallics are making an appearance in everything from dresses to western boots, and they’re coming in lighter shades and more liquidy fabrics as well. Trust us this fashion trend 2024 is bound to make you shine. We couldn’t think of anything better than strolling the beach promenade in a beautiful exotic location in a gorgeous cut-out metallic satin maxi dress, golden tan, glowing skin and flowing hair, living your absolute best life while the sun glints off the liquid sheen of your dress. Seriously, picture it, it’s the dream right?! Well, the first step to making that dream a reality is to add that shimmery long dress, midi dress or mini dress to your shopping cart asap. Next step? Booking that flight of course!

  • #5: Red is the colour to wear

If there’s one colour that we’re truly loving this year it has to be red! Bright, bold and feminine, red has always been around in the background but this season we've truly fallen hook, line and sinker. From a pop of cherry red in your tights, to luxury oxblood accessories and  bold all red looks, shades of red are the ultimate it-girl addition to your 2024 wardrobe. Much more wearable and versatile than last year’s barbiecore vibe, this is the sophisticated colour we didn’t know we needed in our lives. 

  •  #6: Cool 90s minimalism & Quiet Luxury 

Y2K is out and cool 90s minimalism is in! Piggy-backing on the emerging ‘quiet luxury’ trend from 2023, in 2024 we’re seeing even more of that quintessentially 90s lowkey vibe but with a decidedly lux feel. No garish brand logos on everything, instead well-made, well-tailored, made-for-you items in neutral colours and minimal details are what 2024 quiet luxury is all about.

  • #7: Girlcore

FashionTok loves a core aesthetic and this year we’re living for: girlcore. In 2024 we’re reclaiming all that’s feminine and seeing the power in femininity by  embracing rosettes, ribbons, bows, hearts and ruffles, on everything from clothing to accessories, homeware to jewellery. Dip your toe into the trend by adding a ribbon detail to your normal updo, or give a nod to girlcore by getting little bows painted on your nails as nail art! If subtlety isn’t your strong suit, the girlcore trend also allows for plenty of experimentation too! Never before have we seen so many ruffled petticoats under mini skirts, bow details on tights and inherently girly details in everyday outfits, that leave plenty of space for a truly stand-out fashion moment.


What will be in style in 2024?

  • #8: Oversized Accessories

There’s nothing subtle about accessories in 2024, instead we’re going big & bold this year! Bags are evolving from small 00s baguette bags into big bags & puffy bags that will hold all of your everyday essentials while adding a dose of colour & interest to any outfit. In the meantime, your jewellery game will also benefit from a major colour & size overhaul! Delicate gold has served us well, and while we could never say a forever goodbye to our favourite everyday gold pieces, if you want to add a bit of 2024 fashion flair to your jewellery game, it’s time to step up & take control. Colourful, statement-making, bold and grand, that’s how we’d describe our jewellery style for 2024!

  • #9: Leopard print is back!

Leopard print is the new neutral! FashionTok has breathed new life into this forever-favourite animal print making it the absolute must-have trend for 2024! The main leopard-print item you need for ultimate style? It has to be a pair of leopard print denim jeans! Though we certainly wouldn’t say no to a leopard print top, leopard print bag, or any other leopard printed item. So let’s roar into 2024 with this wildest of fashion trends for 2024!

  • #10: Fringing, 1920s style

Fringing is always going to be a favourite trend as it adds a special edge to any outfit. For 2024 fringing is taking its cue from 1920s style fringing, in other words we’re favouring ultra-fine strands a.k.a micro-fringing over chunky fringe, and it’s being used to accent hemlines in dresses, outerwear, shirts and trousers. While the size is more subtle than we’ve seen in recent years, its size actually allows for more voluminous use in a greater range of pieces so the impact is still very much there! 

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