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Trend alert! The Emily in Paris look

August 14, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 5 minutes

Français traditionnel meets Chicago

Every fashionista knows that France is the birthplace of fashion and haute couture. The streets of Paris are literally teeming with the world’s most popular fashionistas and fashion experts, especially at Fashion week, when they’re all there to see what’s new and exciting in the world of fashion. But, France is also known for its classic French style, characterised by timeless elegance and classic staples that you’ll see all over the streets of Paris. Emily has obviously taken inspiration from these classics, and she’s often seen wearing a beret, flat cap or trench coat, albeit in a slightly more out-there colour than the classic red, black or beige. In season 3, Emily tries to mix it up a little with some different looks (including the trauma bangs we secretly covet for ourselves) and that French lifestyle is definitely starting to show in her way of dressing. Look closely and you'll spot quite a few pied-de-poule and houndstooth print clothing items, both of which are clear example of more traditional French fashion styles.


 "Ne pas choisir c’est encore choisir" 

Republiek Bloemendaal at sea 2 137

NEON is back!

Okay, so maybe Emily doesn’t dress quite like a true Parisienne lady, we’d have to look to Sylvie & Camille’s outfits for that, but Emily has managed to create her very own colourful, slightly crazy, very out-there, utterly-fabulous American meets Paris style. And we so want to recreate it! The first step to nailing her style? Colour! And lots of it. From bright pinks to yellows, blues to greens, purples to oranges, Emily wears them all and she wears them with style! We love adding colour to our outfits but if you’re not sure which colours go together, check out the colour theory wheel and you’ll be mixing and matching the brightest and most joyous clothes before you know it. Want to start small? Why not pair a colourful top with a simple pair of blue jeans, or add little pops of colour to your outfit with colourful jewellery: such as beaded bracelets & beaded necklaces. Alternatively, if you’re ready to go all out in the colour style stakes, we think a brightly coloured women's suit is definitely the way to go for all you daring power ladies out there! A power suit totally matches Emily's goal-getter spirit and will unleash the powerful woman within. 

No oversized fashion in Emily in Paris 

While we absolutely love oversized fashion and clothing, trust us we practically live in our comfy joggers and oversized blazers, this style really doesn’t fit in with the Emily in Paris American meets French style. In other words: Emily doesn’t do oversized fashion! You’ll notice all of her dressesskirts, tops and blouses tend to be beautifully tailored pieces, often cinched in at the waist as well, to give her a lovely feminine vibe. If you’re looking to recreate that look on a slightly lower budget than a Netflix-funded, worldwide hit show’s major fashion budget (safe to say, I think we all are!) then a cute wrap dress or wrap skirt is a good place to start. These items will wrap around your waist instantly giving you a beautiful silhouette. We probably all have a favourite pair of jeans in our closet, the one we always pick out when we want to feel comfortable and confident in our outfit, and that’s the one you should pick when you’re going French. Because, one of the first rules of French style is la confidence! You know what they say: French women always seem to exude that je ne sais quoi, well that's actually confidence and buckets of it! And the best way to feel that is to wear something you feel comfortable and good in. So grab that comfy pair of jeans, pair it with your favourite striped top & well-cut blazer or gilet, and simple ankle boots & finish it off in style with a beige trench coat, beret and slick of lippie. 

Clashing prints 

Notre amie Emily loves a clashing print! She's often seen rocking an outfit consisting of a printed skirt with a top in a clashing print, finished with a brightly coloured coat or jacket just to add that extra layer of colour. She truly isn’t afraid to stand out! If you’re into the clashing prints vibe, but aren't entirely sure how to pull it off, we recommend really looking at the kind of pattern and colour of the prints. Usually you’ll notice that some of the colours in both prints or patterns match. So while her skirt might be made of tweed, and her top is floral patterned, there will be pops of yellow, white or another colour in both that will allow the prints to mesh better together. So, when clashing prints, focus on the colour to determine whether they’ll go together, this could be matching colours or, again, colours that work together in colour theory. Personally, we love a print and this is such a great way for Emily, and you, to really get creative with fashion and let your individual style shine through! Oeh la la.

Emily in Paris inspired jewellery 

Emily in Paris is one of Netflix's gems, of course, but Emily has also been showing off her favourite gems in season 3. She's a big fan of hoop earrings first and foremost, and we couldn't agree more. Hoop earrings are the perfect day-to-day jewellery items to add to your look, as they are as elegant as they are timeless. Where hoop earrings can be considered a more minimalist jewellery option, we also spotted Emily wearing some more statement pieces, such as statement earrings and statement necklaces. These statement jewellery pieces are the ultimate easy hack to add a pop of colour and spice to your outfit. As the series has shown us before, there really are no style boundaries when it comes to colours and materials. So bring on the drama! 

Checkerd 27

What's it all about, Alfie?  

Alfie, Gabriel & Antoine from Maison Laveaux... Emily faces some difficult decisions in season 3, but at least her outfits are always on-point. Emily in Paris season 3 is all about short skirts with flashy tops, just the way we like it! It's fairly easy to recreate this look, simply go for a crop top or printed top. The essence of Emily in Paris is just to wear whatever makes you happy and feel confident, so our best piece of advice is exactly that. When you love what you're wearing it'll radiate from you as bright as the lights on the Eifel Tower. So, you ready to get back to that love/hate binge-watching sesh? Throw on a pair of joggers & cosy sweatshirt, get comfy on the couch and get ready to decide whether you're team Alfie or team Gabriel! Oh, and prepare for the ultimate soap-worthy cliffhanger.....bring on season 4! 


 "Oh, Emily, you’re getting more French by the day - Sylvie" 

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