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What does your birthstone symbolise?

January 17, 2024 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 8 minutes

The symbolism of birthstones 

Centuries ago powerful properties were attributed to birthstones, most of which have stood the test of time until now. There are accounts of birthstones being used in Ancient Greek times, when amethyst was said to protect from drunkenness. Meanwhile, garnets were worn by ancient Aztecs & Asian warriors as they went into battle as it was said to protect them and travellers & explorers wore them to light the way for them. All proof that birthstones have been around for far longer and their unique properties are far more powerful than we might have initially thought. So, are you curious to find out what the unique purpose of your birthstone might be? Read all about the meaning of your birthstone and see what ancient properties it might possess and don’t forget to check out our Birth month Collection if you like what you read! 

Birthstones by month: what do they mean?

Birthstone for January - Garnet

Colour - Deep red

The name Garnet is derived from the Latin word for ‘seedlike’ because it looks so much like the seeds of a Pomegranate. Garnets tend to have a deep red hue (although they also come in different colours) and they’re known for being able to beautifully refract light. This quality is why it became the go-to stone for travellers, as it was said to be able to light the way for them and ward off any evil they might encounter. Garnet birthstone jewellery makes the perfect gift for your traveller friends, or a friend who simply needs some guidance through the dark. Finally, Garnets represent protection, energy, perseverance and confidence, which might explain why you January-born peeps tend to have a feisty & spontaneous personality, and you definitely won’t shy away from a challenge!

Birthstone for February - Amethyst

Colour - Purple

The most royal of stones, the purple Amethyst was once only allowed to be worn by royalty. Luckily, now everyone gets to wear it, and it’s particularly powerful for February babies. Amethyst is said to empower its wearer with courage whilst also representing wisdom, clarity, serenity and loyalty. If your birth month is February you are known for being intelligent and pure, you’re an optimistic thinker & a great listener and you have a calming effect on everyone in your life. Amethyst is also said to strengthen relationships, so if you’re hoping to strengthen your relationship with a February friend, why not celebrate their purity with a beautiful Birthstone Bracelet that this loyal friend will cherish forever.

Birthstone ring september

Birthstone for March - Aquamarine

Colour - Shades of blue

This gorgeous blue stone comes in various shades of blue, from the palest icy blue to deep blues (which happen to be most precious as they are so rare). The colour of Aquamarine has long evoked images of the sea and skies, which is why it became an important stone for sailors who believed it would protect them from ocean dangers, they’d also keep it under their pillow as they slept for its calming properties. It is also said to have many healing properties that can help with stomach issues, heart disease and liver problems. Like the February babies in the month preceding them, March babies possess a sense of calm and tranquillity that can put those around them instantly at ease. You go to your March born friends when you need some compassionate honesty, thoughtful advice and/or mediation, because these March kids are the best & fairest communicators in your life!

Birthstone for April - Quartz or Diamond

Colour - Clear

Diamonds are formed under immense pressure which makes them the hardest of all the (semi)precious stones, meaning they are incredibly difficult to scratch or break. Ultimately, this is why they are said to symbolise strength, eternal love and invincibility. You April babies can be immensely stubborn and determined, with a courageous strength that is difficult to hold back. You are also probably the most fearless and fiercely loyal members of your group who’d do anything to protect your friends, and you value trust and truth above anything else. Of course, given that the Diamond is your birthstone, you April babies also love a bit of luxury & sparkle, because you’re just boujee like that.

birthstone necklace

Birthstone for May - Emerald

Colour- Green

The birthstone for May is emerald, long said to be one of Cleopatra’s favourite gemstones. This stone has been around for centuries and was dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love & beauty, by the Ancient Romans, no surprise then that those represented by the May birthstone tend to have a loving and compassionate nature. Some of its many other powerful properties include fertility, rebirth, love, wisdom, growth and patience. It means that if you were born in May you are often a hopeless romantic, looking for a soulmate and lifelong friendships, and you value truth and honest relationships most. Your dedication to love and your relationships means that once you’re in someone’s life, you’ll likely be in their lives forever. If you’re a May baby, we couldn’t think of a better way to honour your lovely personality than with a beautiful deep green Birthstone Bracelet, which you can wear forever! And why not stack it with a piece of initial jewellery or a Zodiac collection piece to really bring home your May personality.

Birthstone for June - Pearl or Moonstone

Colour - white

In ancient mythology Pearls were seen as the tears of mermaids or angels whilst others considered them to be pieces of the moon that fell into the sea. These gorgeous milky white pearls are also another precious stone with royal connections. In the Renaissance they were a symbol of nobility and prestige worn by royals who would wear as many pearls as possible to show off their wealth. Nowadays, pearls represent purity, integrity, cleanliness and marriage. You June babies, born in early Summer, are known for your spontaneity, enthusiasm and clarity, and a pearl or moonstone birthstone piece of jewellery will get you through all of the amazing travel plans you’ve got coming up. Go ahead, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, with a piece of pearl birthstone jewellery you’ll be given all of the tools to navigate new situations.

Birthstone for July - Ruby

Colour - Deep red

Were you, or a friend of yours, born in July? In that case, your birthstone is the stunning ruby also known amongst the ancient Hindus as “the King of gems.” This stone, that protects the wearer from evil, can be found in a variety of red hues, but the most precious ones are the so-called pigeon-blood rubies. These stones have such a deep red hue that the centre can appear almost black, thereby resembling the colour of blood, and it’s because of this reason that rubies are said to represent life, vitality, energy and strength. That deep red colour also represents love and passion, two qualities that really reflect July babies’ personalities. If you were born in July, chances are you love a bit of drama, have great leadership skills and are quietly self-confident. You also have a sense of nobility about you, and like the summer sun that represents the month you were born into, you radiate energy and manage to dazzle everyone around you. Wear a ruby red piece of birthstone jewellery and get ready for adventure and action in your life!

Birthstone for August - Peridot

Colour - Yellow green

Peridot, also known by the Ancient Egyptians as the “Gem of the Sun” is a beautiful yellow green stone found in the ashes of volcanoes. Some people believe that these stones are the tears of the volcano goddess: Pele. Peridot stones represent beauty, strength and morality, and were said to protect the wearer from nightmares. The peridot’s morality is represented in August babies by the fact that you have a reputation for being incredibly kind. If you were born in August you are most likely very friendly and welcoming, completely unafraid to be yourself and open to everyone. Much like the soft yellow green hue of your birthstone, you shine a light on everyone, and you’re not afraid to take centre stage.

Birthstone for September - Sapphire

Colour - Blue to dark purple

The birthstone for September is the sapphire. This gorgeous gem can be found in almost every colour, except red, but is most commonly a shade of blue. In ancient times sapphires were believed to be able to ward off evil and poison, it was also a favourite gemstone for priests and kings because it symbolises wisdom, purity, loyalty, nobility and power. The Ancient Greeks believed that the sapphire birthstone could provide guidance, and Buddhists always thought it brought spiritual enlightenment, so it truly holds a lot of powerful properties. If you were born in September and consider sapphire as your birthstone, you’re probably a trustworthy, calm and reserved personality. You have a quiet dignity and fierce loyalty, which makes you a life-long friend to anyone who is patient enough to get to know you and crack through the reserved shell. You might be humble and hate the limelight, but a beautiful piece of sapphire birthstone jewellery would really highlight your inner power.

Flatlays bracelets beads 4 februari 2022 2


Birthstone for October - Opal

Colour - Multi-coloured 

October babies can count opals as their birthstone. These gorgeous stones come in a kaleidoscope of colours, and they diffract light which means that you can see all the colours of the rainbow in just one stone. Throughout history opals have been considered to offer the wearer great luck, because it was thought that the opal possessed all of the powers & properties of the gems that were reflected in the opal’s colours. An opal is also said to represent faithfulness and confidence, and opal jewellery was able to ward off evil and protect your vision.These gorgeous birthstones also symbolise hope, truth and purity, so if you’re an October baby you’re probably an incredibly protective and faithful friend, you like to spread positivity around and believe in the good of people. But remember, sometimes you are allowed to reward your kindness to others with a special gift for yourself. An opal birthstone ring would always remind you of the positive impact you have on the world, and protect you from anything evil standing in your way. 

Birthstone for November - Citrine

Colour - Yellow

All you November babies say hi to your birthstone, the ever bright & sunny citrine. For many centuries citrine was considered one of the rarest gemstones because it could only be found in a few places in the world, and yet it’s golden yellow colour was highly sought after by royals and other wealthy people, mainly because it was said to stimulate good health, clear the mind and bring life to the soul. These golden yellow stones are also said to channel the sun and attract all the positive light and qualities that the sun can give you, particularly in your cold winter birth month of November. You November babies most likely reflect all of the joyous, energetic and magnetic qualities that your birthstone is known for in your wonderful personalities. You truly enjoy life and have an innate ability to see the good and beautiful in your surroundings, and that joy radiates onto everyone around you.

Birthstone for December - Blue Topaz

Colour - Blue

Finally, the birthstone for December is Blue topaz. This birthstone too has been around for many centuries, in Ancient Egypt the blue topaz represented the Sun god Ra, who was thought to be the provider of growth and sincerity, whilst other ancient civilisations believed that the stone could warn you of imminent danger. Blue topaz is also seen to symbolise love and affection and  is generally used to promote a happy life full of joy. It symbolises peace and relaxation, which makes it the perfect stone to prevent headaches and other ailments. If you were born in this month you’ve probably been called an “old soul” more than once, and you are definitely wise beyond your years, but you’re also super friendly, loving, intellectual and easy to get along with. However, you can sometimes get a bit moody or emotional, which is why a piece of blue topaz birthstone jewellery would be the perfect gift for yourself, as the blue hue of the stone will really be able to soothe and calm you.

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