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Silver or gold jewellery, find out what type you are!

February 15, 2023 | By: Amber Janssen
Read time: 3 minutes

Silver or gold?

First, you must follow your own taste. But if you really cannot make a choice, then we will help you! There are several things you can watch out for in order to make the best choice. For example, your clothing and your skin’s undertone. So let’s check the facts! Still having trouble? Psst.. combining silver and gold is also allowed these days. A silver and gold bracelet next to each other is really hot!



Eye and hair colour

Do you have blue or green eyes? Silver jewellery goes nicely. Just as with blondes! Gold is more beautiful with warm undertones, so with brown eyes and darker hair colours. 

Who are you?

You may not expect it, but your personality can also determine which colour jewellery suits you best. Do you prefer to be in the background? Are you reserved? Introvert? Then silver jewellery will suit you. Are you exactly the opposite? When you are an extrovert, spontaneous and outgoing, then gold will suit you better! 


We know you’re asking yourself, your veins? Yes, the colour of your veins also says something about what suits you better, gold or silver. Look closely at your wrist or elbow. Are your veins more green or blue? Your skin has a cool undertone when your veins are mainly blue. When your skin has a cool undertone, you also burn quickly after a day of tanning. Silver jewellery is more beautiful combined with a cool undertone. Are your veins slightly greener and do you come home brown after a day at the beach? Then your skin has a warm undertone and you guessed it, gold jewellery suits you best.

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Check your wardrobe

The colour of your jewellery must, of course, also match your clothing style. Take a good look in your wardrobe. Which shades do you see a lot of? Warm and cool tones in your clothing determine whether gold or silver jewellery suits you better. If your closet is full of warm colours such as rusty brown, ochre yellow, olive green, orange and golden yellow, then gold jewellery goes nicely. Blue, purple and grey are cold colours that go well with silver. So what are you waiting for? Complete your outfit with gold or silver jewellery!

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