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Which coat to wear at which temperature?

March 7, 2024 | By: Tessa van Dashorst
Read time: 4 minutes


Knowing what kind of coat to wear for certain temperatures is always the best place to start. Every season is different, and often you’ll be dealing with various types of weather all in one day (especially if you live in Northern Europe!). Are you having trouble figuring out what kind of coat to wear at certain temperatures? My Jewellery to the rescue!

Temperatures below 10 degrees

Freezing cold! An in-between coat or leather jacket is definitely not warm enough for these kinds of temperatures. Comfy, warm coats, that’s what we want during these cold months. A wool-lined coat like a puffer jacket or a winter coat would be ideal for these conditions. So, when should you pull that winter coat out from the depths of your closet? When it’s below 10 degrees.

10 to 16 degrees

This is when the so-called in-between coat comes in handy. When it’s not quite cold enough for a thick winter coat, but also too cold to go out without a jacket. When we talk about an in-between coat we mean a teddy, leather or denim jacket, although a thick knitted cardigan would also be a great option.

17 to 19 degrees

These are the perfect temperatures for a summer jacket. Airy jackets are what you want here! A thin cardigan or blazer is often plenty warm enough for weather like that.

20 degrees or warmer

When you step outside in 20+ degree weather, the warm air should feel like a nice warm blanket around you. Perfect weather to go jacket-free if you ask us. Should it cool down a lot at night, and you’re out and about, bring a light cardi to wear as a coat and you’ll be fine!



Which coats to wear in spring & summer?

Spring & Autumn are those annoying in between months for coats. Much like in Autumn when you’re not sure if something is too warm or cold, Spring also brings those dilemmas. A summer coat can either be just what you need, or way too cold, but a winter coat is almost invariably too warm. Enter: the in-between jacket. Make sure you have a classic trench coat, bomber or biker jacket in your wardrobe for all of those tricky ‘in-between’ days. Let’s be honest, much as we wish they were, most Summer days don’t go above 25 degrees, so should you need a thin cover-up for those colder Summer days, we recommend a cardigan, gilet, blazer or denim jacket.

What are good coats to wear in autumn & winter?

The leaves are falling, it’s the season for long beautiful walks despite all the rain, yep, you guessed it! That’s Autumn. A season you either love or hate. In terms of coats, a teddy coat or leather jacket paired with a thick scarf is usually enough, and will keep you nice and toasty on your walk. Winter on the other hand calls for some extra padding. We all love to just curl up in an oversized winter coat, so think of a long puffer coat or long double-breasted coat to keep those legs warm as well.

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