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How to style leather | The ultimate leather guide

August 1, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 minutes

Styling a pair of leather pants

Leather pants are our current favourite way to add leather to our outfits! From a super cool pair of leather flares to leather leggings that are crazy comfy and flattering, there are so many options to choose from. Leather look leggings or skinny jeans are possibly the safest & easiest way to add some leather to your wardrobe, simply style them with an oversized sweater and chunky boots for the ultimate cool but casual look. Complete it with a chunky scarf and stylish black sunnies, and trust us, people will wonder who that fashionista is who just walked past them in the street! Leather flared and loose-fit pants are new to the fashion scene, but they’re so versatile and cool, we can guarantee they’ll be your new favourite wardrobe staple. Simply wear them with some on-trend dad sneakers and a black turtleneck or plain white t-shirt, and throw on an oversized blazer for a casual look or a more tailored jacket for a fitted outfit. Finally add lots of chunky gold jewellery and you’ve styled yourself the ultimate leather look!

Styling a leather skirt

If you're more a skirt kinda girl, then get yourself a leather skirt! Trust us, they're all the rage right now. To get you through the Winter months, style your leather skirt with some thick tights, go with patterned tights if you'd like to add a little extra spice to your look, and a chunky sweater. If your look is looking a little too girly, grab your chunkiest pair of boots and some funky knee-high socks, for a unique twist to your outfit. A stylish wool trench coat or teddy jacket would be the perfect finishing touch to your statement leather outfit! 

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Leather outerwear & how to style it

If you haven’t seen all the cool Insta girls walking around in leather-look puffer jackets, where have you been all this time?! A leather puffer jacket is the IT coat of the season! And it’s guaranteed to lend a cool edge to any outfit. Puffer jackets look amazing with a pair of high waisted jeans and cute printed t-shirt or even worn over some knitwear like a sweater dress with knee-high boots. Looking for something that’ll keep you warm all through the Winter months, then a leather puffer jacket is the coat for you! 

The gals at My Jewellery are also massive fans of leather blazers and gilets for the Winter season - trust us, not a day goes by that one of us isn’t wearing them at the office! - and they’re the perfect choice for just about any outfit & occasion. From the office to the bar, a date night to a day of shopping, a leather blazer or gilet will be your go-to clothing item. Whether you style it with pants, a skirt or a dress, your outfit will look on-point with a leather blazer. Remember though, there is such a thing as too much leather! So, while the chosen few can manage to pull off a leather top and bottom, the majority of us fashionistas really should stay clear of the double-leather look!

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Finish off your look with leather accessories

Does a leather outfit scare you a little?! Hey, we get it! So, why not try to ease yourself into the leather vibe with some subtle leather accessories and slowly work your way up to a leather outfit. A studded leather belt is a great place to start, as is a leather beret, leather handbag or knee-high/ over-the-knee leather boots. Leather is a fabric you need to own when you wear it, so go with what you feel comfortable with and carry it off with confidence! A good outfit becomes a great outfit with the addition of a chunky leather belt, and a cute hat just adds that extra je ne sais quoi to your look (why else would Parisians be obsessed with their berets!). And when it comes to leather accessories, you don’t have to worry about leather overkill. Just make sure the rest of your outfit is a mixture of different textures and fabrics, and then you can easily add a few different leather accessories to your outfit. So there you have it, our guide to styling leather. What do you say, are you going to brave the trend and go hell-for-leather?!

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