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Timeless dresses

July 13, 2023 | By: Me'Shell Provence
Read time: 3 minutes

What is considered timeless design?

Timeless fashion designs are clothing pieces that are classic, timeless & always on-trend. Even though we love a good trend from time to time, and you should definitely feel free to splurge and indulge whenever you fall in love with a trend, timeless design is where the heat is at. Since sustainability is a hot topic in the fashion world, investing in key pieces that are timeless and a great addition to your wardrobe is definitely worth considering as you’ll be able to wear these pieces for years to come. This might sound a little bit vague still though, since being on-trend all the time is hard when the trends are constantly changing right? We’ll hit you with a few examples to make it a little clearer. We love a good fashion statement moment, and we do agree that you definitely need those cobalt blue heels (hello, trending colour) you’ve been dying to buy. However, when putting together your wardrobe it’s essential that you have a good foundation to work with. So you might consider investing in some good basic pieces like dresses, heels & jeans, so you always have something to style the rest of your pieces with. The best thing about these timeless pieces is that they are always on-trend and you don’t have to buy an entire new wardrobe every season. The money you’ll be saving can be spent on other nice things like going out for dinner with your friends.

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What are timeless clothing colours? 

Who doesn’t love a colourful outfit moment? The best thing about colourful pieces is that they will make you stand out from the crowd & add a little bit of a unique touch on your outfit. However when it comes to timeless fashion we all know that some colour trends come and go when the seasons change. On the other hand there will always be some colours that will stay on-trend all year round and can be worn at any time. Some timeless clothing colours are black & white, this might sound a little bit basic to some but we love the fact that you can never go wrong when buying pieces in these colours. You can never go wrong with a good basic right? If you feel like wearing just black & white might be not the way to go for you, there are multiple other colours that are timeless as well. Blue, green and taupe are also colours that are always on-trend & timeless. Whatever colour you go for we’re sure that your timeless fit will look great!

 "A classic never goes out of style

What makes a dress timeless? 

Now that we have established what timeless design is and what colours are considered timeless it’s time to take the next step. Literally, getting dressed up! At My Jewellery we believe that every woman needs a dress in her wardrobe, and especially timeless ones that you will love & wear for years on end. Besides looking at the colours of the dress we also think the style of the dress can also make or break your timeless outfit moment. When it comes to timeless dresses a classic little black dress immediately comes to mind. Go for a wrap dress and really show off your lovely figure, or consider going for an A-line timeless dress. Besides short dresses being timeless dresses, you might also consider going for a midi or maxi style dress. These longer dresses already give off a classic feel since they are a little bit longer, but we also believe that this fit will always be on-trend. Try going for a maxi dress that has an elasticated waistband, or a tie that you can wrap around your body & you’ll have your perfect timeless dress on hand. Go ahead and shop your own timeless dress now and you’ll never look out of style!  

How to wear your timeless dress?

Just like any other dress, timeless dresses can be styled whichever way you like! Why not accentuate your beautiful body by cinching in the waist with a cool belt? If it’s a bit chilly outside or you don’t like going out the door with bare legs, then style your timeless dress together with some tights. You can buy all kinds of tights, you could go for a more classic and neutral option but you could also get unique printed ones. This way you’ll elevate your outfit just a little bit and you’ll stand out from the crowd. It’s no secret that at My Jewellery we’re also all obsessed with jewellery. I guess our company name gives it away? But when it comes to styling. Go for a more minimalist look or do a total 180 and add some statement pieces to your timeless dress. This way you can also spice up your outfit a little and add a  bit of personality to your look.

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