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The Bag Guide

March 5, 2024 | By: Me'Shell Provence
Read time: 4 minutes

How do I style my handbag?

Picture this: you’ve just bought a new beautiful handbag and before you know it you’ve filled it with almost everything you own! A struggle that’s probably familiar to a lot of women. After a while, your bag looks like your snack drawer from the kitchen, your personal cosmetics bag, and oh oops.. that t-shirt you thought was gone forever just turned out to be lost in your bag. But don’t worry! You’re definitely not the only one who’s guilty of that. If you want to get to know a woman, then just take a look in her handbag and you’ll learn so much about her personality! In short, bags are very important to women. We’re convinced that you could never have too many bags, because you need one every day! Whether you’re off to the office, school, a party, or go into town, a girl needs a bag! So let us tell you how to style that thing of beauty!

Style tip #1: The everyday, carry-all tote bag

Every woman needs a laptop and books when she’s off to the office or school. Preferably, we’d like to fit all of our stuff into a bag without ending up with neck and back issues, because we all know how heavy those items can be. That’s why it’s so important to choose a bag that carries easily and comfortably, but also doesn’t ruin your outfit. Of course, if you want to be able to carry your lunch, water bottle, beauty essentials and notebook as well (and which woman wouldn't?) you’ll need quite a big bag! Go for a spacious laptop bag or an on-trend tote bag in a funky print. A leopard print tote or brightly coloured laptop bag would look amazing with an all-black outfit. Total office ‘fit goals! Alternatively, switch things up with a statement outfit and a basic bag. Regardless of your choice, with a good bag on your arm you’ll feel like a true power woman! Leave them thinking to themselves ‘’damn this girl looks like she’s going places’’!


Style tip #2: Day-to-night shoulder bags

We all need a girls day/night out from time to time! Whether you’re going to lunch with the girls, on a walk, or to run some errands, you can’t leave the house without a bag. A stunning shoulder bag is the best companion for carrying all your essentials! The best part is you can take this bag from day to night in an instant. Have plans to check out that hot, new club opening with your girls tonight? So does your shoulder bag! Because where else would you keep your phone, lippie and house keys, especially if you’re wearing a dress? So there you go, a bag doesn’t just look good, it’s also a true essential! Taking your bag out to brunch?  Wear it casually around your shoulder and have it be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Taking your bag for a spin on the dance floor? Wear the bag across your body, and your hands & arms are free to let loose! Either way, this bag is super easy to wear and the ideal choice for all of your day-to-night plans. Pro tip: If you’re off to a themed party we love the look of a bright handbag. Don’t be afraid to stand out! You could go for a purple, green or even an orange shoulder bag. Even better, try to match some of your jewellery to the colour of your bag to really tie your look together. If you already have plenty of neutral shoulder bags, spice it up with a gorgeous new bag strap for a little extra flair. Your shoulder bag is prepared to be whatever you want it to be and we are so here for it!

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Style tip #3: Bum bags for festival szn 

Yes, our favourite season is in fact just around the corner…festival season! Ready to rock the festival scene with effortless style? Say hello to your new favourite accessory: the bum bag. Perfect for keeping your essentials close while dancing the day away, our bum bags are not only practical but so chic. Pair yours with a flowy boho dress and layered jewellery for a free-spirited vibe that screams festival-ready. Want to up the ante? Try styling it with denim shorts, a graphic t-shirt, and chunky boots for an edgy twist. Whether you're hitting the main stage or chilling in the sun, our bum bags will keep you looking fabulous all festival season long. Shop now and elevate your festival fashion game with My Jewellery! 

 "I could give up shopping, but i'm not a quitter


How do you maintain a bag?

Everyone has their favourite handbag, but after a while it’s bound to start showing some wear & tear. This leaves you with two options: you can either buy a new bag, or you can restore your bag by following our maintenance tips. That way you can continue to love your favourite bag!


Tip 1: Clean it

Is your bag dirty? Grab a (tooth)brush and carefully brush the dirt off your bag. Make sure to use a soft brush so you don’t damage the fabric, or use a clean damp towel to gently wash the dirt off.


Tip 2: Spray away

Take precautionary measures and spray your bag with dirt and water-repellent spray. Waterproofing every bag protects it against rain and moisture, and also prevents any unwanted staining. Repeat this about every six weeks, so that the effect won’t get lost over time. However, in this case. less is more. Don’t spray too much otherwise you could possibly damage the fabric. Now spray away!


Tip 3: Zip-it

Try not to pull too hard on the zippers on your bag, and try putting some grease on the zippers from time to time, to make sure it continues to zip smoothly.


Tip 4: Take care

While this may go without saying, take good care of your bag! The corners of your bag are often quite vulnerable and prone to damage, so try not to bump your bag into walls or put your bag on the floor everywhere you go. Of course, accidents can happen, so don't be too worried if you have a few bumps here and there. But remember, your bag is your best friend, so do your best to look out for her.

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