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  1. Beige padded jacket
    Beige padded jacket
    Beige padded jacket Beige padded jacket is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors
    As low as €59.99
  2. Blue quilted denim jacket
    Blue quilted denim jacket
    As low as €69.99
  3. Green quilted jacket
    Green quilted jacket
    Green quilted jacket Green quilted jacket is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors
    As low as €59.99
  4. Beige fringe jacket
    Beige fringe jacket
    As low as €69.99
  5. Black oversized leatherlook bomber
    Black oversized leatherlook bomber
    As low as €41.99 Regular Price €59.99
  6. Off white kimono with pattern
    Off white kimono with pattern

Must-have alert: fall coats for women!

Nowadays every season comes with new coats, so with that being said, let us introduce you to our fall coats for women! A fall coat for women is nothing like your other coats and is specifically designed to get you through autumn in a cosy & comfy style. Luckily, My Jewellery offers a wide range of on-trend and stylish fall coats for women. Our range of fall coats for women includes pieces in on-trend designs, prints, colours and materials, so you can be sure that the My Jewellery fall coats for women combine quality with on-trend styles, giving you the best of both worlds! Fall jackets for women are the perfect choice for changeable autumn weather, so no need to worry about getting cold in these gorgeous fall coats! At My Jewellery we have different coats for every season, so you’ll never need to worry about a jacket being too thin or thick for the specific season you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a winter coat, spring coat, summer coat, transitional coat or fall coat for women, we’ve got you covered! Say goodbye to doubt and welcome your new fall coats with open arms! Our fall jackets for women can’t wait to be part of your autumn wardrobe, can you? Shop your fall coats for women now!

Fall coats: perfect for the season

We can hear you thinking: “What makes a fall coat for women totally autumn-appropriate?” Well, we’re here to tell you! Summer is long gone, and fall has arrived. Autumn in Europe can be quite changeable with temperatures varying between 10 and 18 degrees, which definitely calls for fall coats for women! The most important thing when it comes to fall jackets for women is that they keep you warm and cosy when needed, but they can’t be too thick either because the temperatures aren’t yet that cold. So it sounds like a complicated task for fall coats, but not impossible. Go for fall coats for women that are lined but have a roomy fit, so you can easily and comfortably layer underneath them. After all, autumn is all about layering! And your fall coats for women will be your best ally. Consider fall coats more as an extra layer to your outfit than a clothing statement. Besides, if you ever find yourself having a hard time because you don’t know which jacket to wear at which temperature, you can always take a look at our blog for more styling tips and info!  My Jewellery fall jackets for women are the perfect layering coats because our fall coats for women are comfy to wear, not too warm, fashionable and affordable! Feel winter in the air? In that case, simply reuse your fall coats for women as a blazer and you won’t have to say goodbye to your fave fall jackets for women just yet!

How to style fall coats for women

Fall coats for women add a bit more body to your look so you won’t freeze during chilly autumn days. Fall coats for women don’t necessarily look or feel like real statement coats which means you can easily style them as part of your outfit. Give your personal touch to your favourite fall coat for women and look outstanding and totally on-trend with it. That way you’ll look both cosy & fashionable in your fall jacket for women! If you’ve chosen a fall coat in a funky colour or print, we recommend matching elements of your outfit to the colour or print in your fall jacket for women, for a subtle matchy-matchy look that shows you’ve really considered how to style your fall jacket for women with your outfit. Alternatively, use your fall coats for women to add a bit of colour or style to an otherwise casual outfit of the day, thereby breaking the monotony of your usual styling and breaking out of your comfort zone to try something new. Because that is the beauty of fall coats for women, they allow you to try something new with your style! At My Jewellery we love the fall colour palette of warm terracottas, beiges, mustard yellow, and Bordeaux red, like those in our Moroccan Indian Summer campaign, as these colours instantly make you feel warm and cosy, and isn’t that exactly what you want to exude in the fall? A warm and stylish vibe is easily recreated by styling your fall coats with your other favourite fall clothing, just see your style open up! Consider your fall jacket for women more as a fashion piece rather than a coat and you’ll see that styling a fall coat for women is so much easier than you thought!

Women's fall coat trends

Fall coats for women are having a moment, and if you ask us, you can never have too many fall coats for women in different styles, colours, materials and prints. We’ve selected our absolute favourite fall coats, and who knows, you might just find the perfect fall coat for women within our selection. We believe in love at first sight after all, especially when it concerns our fall jackets for women! The most enduring fall coat for women trend has to be the leather-look trend. Generally, leather is one of the most popular materials for fall/winter fashion, and the fall coats for women haven’t been forgotten here either. We love leather outfits, and a leather fall jacket for women is probably one of the easiest ways to add a leather edge to your fit. All in all, a fall jacket in leather is one of the best things to add to your fall wardrobe. If you love a fluffy and puffy fall coat you simply can’t go wrong with a teddy coat or puffer jacket. Strutting the streets as a fluffy teddy bear has to be one of the best things about autumn! Knit fall jackets are another big trend for the season. Pair with comfy fall sweaters or an on-trend sweater dress and you’ve got an on-trend fall look. Not sure if your favourite fall coat checks all the trend boxes? Check the trending fall colours and shop a fall coat in one of those colours and you’ll blend right in with your autumnal surroundings!