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Fall colours | 13 shades you need in your autumn wardrobe

October 4, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 6 minutes

Fall colours your wardobe is calling out for this season 

Every year as the leaves on the trees turn from green to yellow, russet and brown, the world becomes a kaleidoscope of colours and fashionistas collectively feel the need to relegate their bright summer clothes to the back of the closet to be replaced with gorgeous warm autumnal colours and their favourite chunky knits. Fall fashion comes up with new trending colours and must-have styles every year, and this year is no different. Like almost everything in life, colour doesn’t have a one-size fits all rule, so while fashion designers can spark an entire colour craze with just one season’s collection, just look at the Barbiecore trend instigated by the hottest pink Valentino collection, you don’t have to stick to just one trending colour if it’s not for you. So, let’s break ‘em down, shall we? Take your pick from your fave out-there and reinvented traditional colours for fall 2023.

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Reinventing 6 traditional fall favourites

Fall has always been about various shades of brown, red, orange and yellow, basically a combination of the warmest neutrals on the colour spectrum, and 2022 is no different. And trust us, we know how safe it feels to reach for our favourite shades that we know suit our personal style and complexion, but sometimes you wanna colour outside the lines. Enter: our favourite traditional fall colours that have had a mini-reinvention for 2022, so have a browse of our favourite updated traditional autumn colours, we know you’ll love ‘em!

  • #1 - Oatmeal

Autumn is all about various shades of beige with cute names, and oatmeal is one of them. Just a tad greyer and lighter than your basic beige, oatmeal is a favourite colour for fall knitwear and you’re sure to see it everywhere (from your breakfast bowl to your closet!) this season. An endlessly versatile colour, you’re going to love styling your browns, oranges, yellows, purples and pinks with this colour.

  • #2 - Latte

Not just our drink of choice come autumn, latte is also one of the main colour trends of the season. A touch warmer than oatmeal, this is the ultimate neutral hue to rock this fall. Grab yourself a pair of latte high-waisted trousers and pair with a matching gilet for ultimate cool girl style. Finish with a pair of suede clogs and statement sunnies (don’t @ us, fall is a perfectly appropriate season to style up your shades). A large yet casual tote bag to hold all of your essentials and a couple of dainty necklaces are the perfect finishing touch.

  • #3 - Off-white

    If you loved an all-white fit this summer, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because you won’t need to get rid of it just yet. This autumn we’re all about an off-white look! A tad warmer than your crisp white summer whites, off-white pieces are set to be all over the fashion landscape this fall. From white menswear button-downs to white cable knit sweaters, white jeans to white sweater dresses, off-white is sure to become your go-to colour this fall.

     "FALL in love with fall fashion.

  • #4 - Chocolate Brown

    When it comes to fall colours, browns are basically as classic as it gets. Elevate your brown fit with plaid patterns for full-on Cottagecore vibes, or style with a variety of other colours for perfect fall style. Our favourite shade of brown? It’s gotta be chocolate brown, for all the obvious reasons and sweet-connotations.

  • #5 - Ochre Yellow

Reflect the changing colours of the season and brighten up your fall wardrobe at the same time with ochre yellow pieces. Much-maligned yellow is actually the ultimate happy shade and many autumn closets could benefit from a healthy dose of dopamine inducing yellow. Style an ochre yellow dress with on-trend brown western boots, add a chunky latte cardigan and finish with a statement fedora hat, and you’ll hit all the style home runs!

  • #6 - Dark Grey

One of the most enduring menswear colours, women’s fashion has had a somewhat tumultuous relationship with dark grey, ranging from passionately wanting to always be around each other to full-on ghosting and ignoring, dark grey has had to work hard to get back to its on-trend colour position. However, its hard-work has paid off because this season expect to see dark grey everywhere. Coinciding with the masculine edge to some of women’s tailoring, and our obsession with gilets and high-waisted men’s inspired trousers, dark grey is going to be a pretty unavoidable ex this season.

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8 Decadent trending autumn 2023 colours

Every season sees the resurgence of some unexpected colours that you didn’t think would ever become as big as they do, this year perhaps even more so than in years passed…It seems that since the shackles of Covid have been released fashion designers have a renewed sense of life and excitement about fashion, leading to the appearance of what you could safely call, unexpected, trending fall colours. This decadently rich colour palette has the power to seriously change the vibe of your fall wardrobe, and you need to give them a chance. So let’s get inspired, shall we?

  • #7 Scorching Red

Red is red-hot for fall 2023! In fact, some say it is the only colour you really need this season to turn your plain fall outfit into a stand-out fashion high. From pops of bright red in your shoes, scarf, and even tights to all-over scorching red styles in monochrome trousers and sweater looks, red is the ultimate colour to spice up your fall colour palette. Looking for just one red item to transform your wardrobe? Look no further than a red handbag! The absolute trending item of the season.

  • #8 - Burnt Orange

One of the biggest colours this summer was: bright orange. From accessories to colour-blocking, orange was everywhere, and that trend is set to continue albeit in a slightly mellower way. For fall orange has been given a warmer makeover edging it closer to a burnt orangey shade - think late summer sunsets and pumpkins rather than crisp orange Aperols. Dare to really go for it by matching your orange pieces or keep it lowkey by adding a few choice orange pieces to your mellow oatmeal look.

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  • #9 - Royal Purple

Purple has been a somewhat overlooked colour in the last few fashion years, that is until lilac made a comeback as one of the go-to pastel shades this past spring, and now it’s royal purple’s turn. A much more fall appropriate colour, royal purple is making a comeback this season, and you’re going to want to add a fews new items in this trending colour to your fall wardrobe asap. Add a romantic goth edge to your purple outfit by styling it with black leather and lace elements, or go for a more dark academia vibe by styling your royal purple knit sweater with brown boots and a brown leather coat. Autumn style succes sorted! 

  • #10 - Shades of Pink

It all started with Valentino’s daring hot pink collection (a shade of pink exclusively designed by them in collab with Pantone) and our obsession with pink doesn’t seem to be waning as we move into autumn at all. Instead, we’re seeing the resurgence of various different shades of pink that will easily add an on-trend barbie edge to your fall wardrobe. Go for understated pink by styling a hot pink top under a chocolate brown women’s suit and finish off with a slick of pink on your lips, or release your inner Barbie in a matching hot pink set. Either way your love affair with pink is set to be reignited this fall!

  • #11 - Metallic Silver

Slinky slip dresses, long duster coats, boots or bags, nothing is safe from a pop of metallic silver shine this season. Seen all over the street-style stars of Copenhagen Fashion Week, this is an unexpected colour that’s sure to brighten up grey autumn days.

  • #12 - Pop of Neon

We fully understand that an all-over pink fit might be a bit much for most people, us included, but if you’re looking to add a touch of unexpected colour to your otherwise fairly understated look this is the colour trend for you! Go for an army green sweater with neon pink piping along the sleeve, adding just that hint of unpredictability to your look, or simply style your neutral fit with a neon accessory, either way, adding a pop of neon to your fall wardrobe is a fairly easy style fix!

  • #13 - Electric Blue

Not wanting to miss out on all the colour fun this fall, electric blue is another colour making a major comeback this season. Totally electrifying? Absolutely! Totally impossible to style? No way! Electric blue is the perfect pop of colour for every tonal outfit, from off-white to brown, and pink to black, you’ll see that your electric blue pieces look surprisingly good with your other favourite fall colours.

  • #14 - Shimmering Black

Black is easily the most enduring colour in the fashion spectrum, it’s basically always on-trend, so what makes this so special? Well, this season black has experienced a dusting of glitter and it’s gone disco. Sparkles, shimmers, sequins, glitters, you name it, it’s been used to give black a makeover that takes it from safe & nondescript to anything but boring, and we’re so here for it. Add a bit of glam to an everyday look with a sparkling black velvet gilet or sequined outerwear layered over a t-shirt and black leather trousers, or simply glitterify your next evening out in a sparkling black dress and statement earrings ,the disco won’t know what’s hit it.

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." 

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