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  1. Armbandje 5 strass steentjes
    Bracelet five rhinestones
    As low as €19.99
  2. Ring initial diamant
    Initial ring with rhinestone
  3. Ketting 5 strass steentje
    Necklace five rhinestones
    As low as €25.99
  4. Armbandje strass hartje
    Bracelet rhinestone heart
    As low as €17.99
  5. Ketting hartje strass
    Necklace heart rhinestone
    As low as €22.99
  6. Oorbellen strass steentjes
    Studs with rhinestone bars
    As low as €17.99

The nicest Zirconia jewellery at My Jewellery

Shine bright like a diamond with My Jewellery’s range of zirconia jewellery. This collection is full of the most beautiful shimmer jewellery that will give you that golden hour glow. But what’s zirconia? Zirconia is an artificial, man-made crystal. Zirconia has been produced on a large scale since the late 1970s. Zirconia is made from zirconium dioxide using a chemical process. During this process, the inside is heated and the outside is kept cool. The zirconia stone looks like a diamond, as zirconia jewellery sparkles like a diamond when held up to the light, is strong and therefore scratch resistant. The difference between a diamond and zirconia is also almost undetectable. And another advantage of zirconia, is that this stone can be bought for a lower price than a diamond. That’s better, right? The classy zirconia rings, necklaces and bracelets are made to be worn all day and every day. The rhinestones that are processed in the zirconia jewellery match every outfit and are suitable for every season. Are you going to shine with a zirconia necklace around your neck? Or do you prefer zirconia earrings or zirconia bracelets? It's your choice! 

Shine with the zirconia earrings

Every girl needs a little bit of shimmer in her life! And you’ll definitely shine with a pair of zirconia earrings. They definitely make us happy! Zirconia jewellery can be styled with anything and that's a huge plus. We have gold jewellery and silver jewellery in our Shimmer Selection. Are you a golden girl or silver lover? Find out in our blog and discover what type you are: silver or gold? Combine the zirconia earrings with other earrings from our collection and create a sparkling ear party. Are you going for classy, feminine or edgy? No problem, we’ve got it all! You’re bound to find to find on-trend earrings that you can style with a pair of zirconia earrings in our extensive collection. And did you know that almost all of our jewellery is made of stainless steel? That's why they don’t tarnish and you can shower and even swim with them on. Amazing, right?! Our zirconia jewellery is made to last and comes at a fantastic price. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite zirconia earrings and go shopping!

Mix & match with zirconia bracelets

Great combinations are guaranteed with My Jewellery’s zirconia bracelets. A shiny bracelet like that on your wrist is bound to put a smile on your face! Mix and match away with all our other bracelets for the cutest arm party. Create an edgy look by wearing chain bracelets with a zirconia bracelet. Or add a little colour to your arm party by wearing the most colourful beaded bracelets next to your zirconia bracelet. For the cutest arm parties, it's fun to play around with different sizes to create something more dynamic. Bracelets give your clothes a touch up. So if you wear a basic outfit, add zirconia bracelets. That way you’ll be totally on-trend when you head out for the day. Shop for the most beautiful zirconia bracelets at My Jewellery!

The perfect gift: zirconia necklaces

Would you like to give something different from flowers, chocolates or shower gel for a change? Then why not give somebody one of our zirconia necklaces as a present? Giving a necklace is much nicer than a run-of-the-mill gift. We’re sure that your sister, mother, aunt or BFF will light up with a zirconia necklace. Shop a nice gift box to make your gift extra special and fun. Prefer something other than a zirconia necklace? Then take a look at our beautiful zirconia ring. The initial zirconia ring is available with all the letters of the alphabet. So choose your loved one’s initial and you’ll have a truly intimate gift. Would you like to see the zirconia necklace or ring up close and personal? Stop by one of our boutiques. The girls who work there will be more than happy to help and will also wrap your gift for you. Win-win! Or shop for My Jewellery’s zirconia jewellery 24/7 online. And with our super fast shipping you'll always have your zirconia jewellery at home on time. Should your loved one not like the gift, you can return the jewellery within 14 working days. There’s no downside, so let's go and shop!