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  1. Souvenir shell belly chain
    Souvenir shell belly chain
    As low as €19.99
  2. Souvenirs belly chain sunshine | My Jewellery
    Souvenirs belly chain sunshine-Zilver
    As low as €6.00 Regular Price €19.99
  3. Souvenirs belly chain sunshine | My Jewellery
    Souvenirs belly chain sunshine-Goud
    As low as €6.00 Regular Price €19.99
  4. Souvenir amour belly chain
    Souvenir amour belly chain
    As low as €6.00 Regular Price €19.99
  5. Souvenir amour belly chain
    Souvenir amour belly chain
    As low as €6.00 Regular Price €19.99

Belly chains are back!

Belly chains are back! Say what?! Yes! Belly chains are back, and they’re back with a bang. These 90s favourites have made a splash on the fashion scene and we’re so here for it. From gold belly chains to silver belly chains, delicate belly chains to statement belly chains, belly chain jewellery is here to stay for the foreseeable. Trust us when we say, you can’t go on your summer hols without packing a variety of belly chains and body chains: gold belly chains, silver belly chains, and any other body chains you fall in love with. If you’re not entirely convinced by the idea of belly chains, you’re probably not the only one, but think of it simply as adorning yourself with body jewellery, in the same way you go all out in the ear stack, jewellery stack and bracelet party game. Belly chains are simply an extension of your normal jewellery look, and they look so fun too! Check out the My Jewellery webshop for our full range of pretty belly chains, that includes gold belly chains, silver belly chains and belly chains adorned with beads, coins, and cute shells - perfect for the beach! Would you prefer to check our belly chains out in store? Head to one of our many boutiques in The Netherlands and Belgium, and our boutique girls will be happy to help you pick out the perfect belly chains to suit you!

How to style belly chains

Belly chains have made a comeback at the same time as cropped tops, cropped blazers and low-rise pants are making a comeback, and it’s not by coincidence! These fashion items are the perfect match for your new belly chains. Why not go bold and daring with a pair of low-rise cargo pants, a cute short top and a belly chain around the waist for a pop of sparkle on your body. We also love styling our belly chains over a simple black shift dress for a unique touch to our look. Alternatively, if you’re not quite feeling the belly chain as an item of everyday clothing, simply wait till you’re on your holidays and lounging by the pool or at the beach to bring out the belly chains! Trust us, a gold belly chain or silver belly chain is really going to pop in the sun. Just imagine, you’ve got yourself a healthy & glowy tan from the sun, you’re wearing your favourite swimwear or bikini, and just to finish off the look you add a gold belly chain to reflect all of that gorgeous sunlight! You’ll be the centre of attention in your belly chains, that’s for sure!

Belly jewellery to match your swimwear

Whether you’ve been a fan of belly chains for as long as you can remember, or you’re new to the belly chain game, belly chains are definitely a hot new item you should consider adding to your jewellery collection. Belly chains truly are game changers when it comes to a great beach outfit. So, when packing for your next beach holiday make sure not to forget your gold belly chain and silver belly chain! In fact, add belly chains straight to the packing list after, swimwear, towel, sunscreen and sunglasses. Are you looking to add a touch of glam to your beachwear look? Belly chains are the way to go! Wear your gold belly chain or silver belly chain high-up around your waist to draw attention to your narrowest feature, or wear them low rise just above the top of your bikini bottoms to really draw attention to your curves. Whichever way you go for, you know that all eyes will be on you in your cute new bikini and belly chains. Don’t think belly chains can only be worn with a bikini either though, because belly chains look just as amazing when worn with a swimsuit. Gold belly chains and silver belly chains make the perfect finishing touch for a swimsuit look, and add just a touch of special sparkle that we all love.

Gold belly chain or silver belly chain?

What we love most about belly chains is that they suit everyone’s shape and personal taste. No excuses if you’re a gold jewellery or silver jewellery kinda gal, because the My Jewellery belly chains come in both colours. Do you wear only gold jewellery, go with a gold belly chain with cute coin details. More of a cool silver gal? Silver belly chains with pearl details are definitely the way to go for you! The perks of having belly chains that come in different colours and designs is also that no matter the colour of your swimwear, you’re sure to find the right belly chain for your beach or pool look.  Our belly chains, both the gold belly chains and the silver belly chains, are also made of 100% stainless steel so you can wear your belly chains on the beach and in the pool without fear of them tarnishing or leaving a greenish stain on your skin! Not entirely convinced by our on-trend belly chains? No worries, try the belly chains out at our boutiques and you’re sure to be swayed to the belly chains loving side! And while you’re at it, why not check out our swimwear while you’re there! That way you can be sure the belly chains you go for will match your new swimwear look. And remember, a girl can never have enough jewellery, soo go for those gold belly chains or silver belly chains, you deserve it! We say, treat yourself to our new belly chains, you won’t be disappointed!