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  1. Armbandje schakels plat motiefje
    Bracelet flat link
  2. Men’s bracelet | Father’s Day gift My Jewellery
    Black father bracelet
    As low as €12.99
  3. Armband The New Initial | My Jewellery
    Bracelet The New Initial
    As low as €17.99
  4. Black forever connected bracelet | My Jewellery
    Black forever connected bracelet
  5. Chain bracelets | Women's bracelets My Jewellery
    Chain bracelet
  6. Armband platte schakels | Armbanden | My Jewellery
    Bracelet with flat chains
  7. Equal armband open schakel | My Jewellery
    Equal open chain link bracelet
  8. Equal armband schuine schakel | My Jewellery
    Equal slanted chain link bracelet

A men’s bracelet from My Jewellery

Say hello gentlemen! Surely you can use some men’s jewellery such as men’s bracelets? It’s not just women that love jewellery, men do too! At My Jewellery, we think a bracelet is the ultimate piece of jewellery for men. Chunky or minimalistic, we see men wearing bracelets all the time. More and more men are wearing jewellery and we love it! Why not? A bracelet gives a man’s outfit just as nice a touch as a woman's, right? We’ve said it before, but a men's bracelet adds spice to your outfit. Are you a man who likes to wear basic clothes, like a white T-shirt with jeans? Then a men's bracelet is definitely a good addition. Among all the men's bracelets at My Jewellery there will certainly be one that suits you. Shop men's bracelet online and your men's bracelet will be at home before you know it. All our men's bracelets can also be found at our boutiques where they are nicely displayed. The girls working there are ready for you to try out a beautiful men's bracelet! 

Mix & match men’s bracelets

Let’s mix & match men’s bracelets! What’s more fun than mixing & matching jewellery? To complete your look, you can combine your bracelet with other men's jewellery. Take men’s earrings for example - these are perfect if you already have your ears pierced. Men’s earrings like minimalistic earrings are perfect to wear with our minimalist bracelets. Alternatively, wear men’s bracelets together with earrings, studs or a one piece earring. Besides men’s earrings, men’s necklaces also go really well with men’s bracelets. Our men’s necklaces are also available in different types. Think of link chains, long chains & minimalistic chains, which will certainly shine together with your men’s bracelet. Show us your best bracelet mix & match combination by tagging My Jewellery on Instagram! Which combo will you go for? One thing’s for sure, your look will be on point with a beautiful men’s bracelet from My Jewellery. So what are you waiting for? Shop for a men's bracelet from My Jewellery and complete your look.

Types of men’s bracelets

Men’s bracelets, we hear you thinking - what kind of bracelets are they? As a man, you can of course wear beaded bracelets, they don't have to be girly at all. Even if they are girly, so what? Throw a few beaded bracelets on your wrist and be confident! Are you more the type that finds a men’s bracelet a little too exciting to wear and wants to go for the safe option? Then a minimalistic men's bracelet is definitely in order. Bracelets with links such as wide links & flat links also make the perfect men’s bracelet. The nice thing about men’s bracelets from My Jewellery is that we have gold bracelets and silver bracelets. There is definitely a men’s bracelet for you in our collection. In our Equal collection you will find a range of unisex jewellery, including men’s bracelets. The big advantage of men’s bracelets from My Jewellery is that they are made of premium stainless steel. This means they won’t discolour and are 100% waterproof. Another bonus! 

Perfect gift for him

When looking for a gift for your loved one, have you ever thought about a men’s bracelet? What man doesn't want a nice men's bracelet on their wrist? A men's bracelet is the perfect gift for your friend, nephew, father or brother. Did you know we also have a super nice bracelet that you can wear together? That's the black forever connected bracelet. Wear it, in gold or silver, together with your friend, father, brother or other favourite person. With this men’s bracelet, you have a very personal gift for him! Is the person you want to surprise not a fan of bracelets? Then men’s necklaces or men’s earrings are also a good option. To make the bracelet even more of a fun gift, you can gift it in a My Jewellery gift box, giving it a lovely extra touch! Who are you going to surprise with a men’s bracelet?