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  1. Atelier armband met vierkante bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier bracelet with square charm
  2. Atelier armband met ronde bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier bracelet with round charm

Engraved bracelets from My Jewellery

Being able to share your unconditional love for your loved ones has to be one of the most beautiful things in life, and to us there’s no better way to do just that than by wearing them close to our heart on our jewellery. Our engraved bracelets symbolise confidence, peace and courage, all the best qualities of your loved ones. In other words, our engraved bracelets are truly powerful pieces. Need engraved bracelets in your life now? We don’t blame ya! Which is why we offer a number of different engraved bracelets for women styles. Whether you’re into minimalist engraved bracelets or prefer statement custom engraved bracelets, we offer them all! We love the idea of getting matching engraved bracelets with our siblings, family or friends. Simply think of the perfect initials and choose the style of engraved bracelets you prefer, to match with your favourite people for years to come. We’re certain your sister, grandma, mum or aunt would happily wear matching engraved bracelets with you, and always carry your special connection close to her heart. Engraved bracelets for women should be next on your wishlist because they’re the new it thing in jewellery. Matching engraved bracelets are the latest version of matching tattoos! And, matching engraved bracelets for women with your friends is a lot less painful. Whether you’re looking for a gold bracelet or silver bracelet, we’ve got it all! Time to get yourself custom engraved bracelets!

Engraved bracelets make the perfect gift

We all love getting personal gifts, but sometimes surprising someone with the perfect gift feels even better than getting one yourself. Which is why we’ve got your back with all the best gifting inspiration and advice, and our number one tip? Engraved bracelets! Jewellery always makes a great gift, but why not make it even more special by getting engraved jewellery, and engraved bracelets make the perfect option for just about everyone. Personal jewellery is always the perfect gift to give someone, but is equally special to receive. Often we’re asked what we’d like for our birthday, and we can’t think of anything. Well, now your answer can be: engraved bracelets! Engraved bracelets for women are the perfect gifts for her. Did you recently get through tough times, graduate, get promoted or simply want to celebrate life, engraved bracelets are the perfect meaningful gift with which to honour it all. And it doesn’t even matter what kind of engraved bracelets you go for! Every style is unique and personal. Let’s face it, engraved bracelets are so special, you’ll hit an instant gifting homerun. Engraved bracelets is a major trend, so no surprises then that engraved bracelets aren’t the only things getting the engravement treatment. We’re also seeing loads of engraved necklaces, engraved rings and engraved earrings. Make your engraved rings gift into a truly on-trend bracelet stack by adding a fun beaded bracelet or other bracelet set to the gift! Add to cart asap & enjoy gifting!

Engraving bracelets with initials

The process of bracelet engraving is quite special. The first step is to look for the engraved bracelets for women you like best or think would suit your loved one best. Next step is to determine whether you want silver engraved bracelets or gold engraved bracelets. Once that’s been decided it’s time to decide what to get engraved onto the bracelet. Determined which initials you’re getting done on your engraved bracelets? Then all that’s left to do is place your order. Once our My Jewellery Atelier receives your order it will be reviewed and the engraving process can begin. Once the engraved bracelet for women arrives at your doorstep the true excitement can begin. No doubt you’ll start by taking a sneaky peek first, after which you’ll rip open the packaging to see the engraved bracelet treasure inside. Wear it yourself or gift it to your loved one for a cherished gift. You’ll never regret engraved bracelets from My Jewellery because they’re made of premium stainless steel which means they’ll keep their shine and not scratch or tarnish. Engraved bracelets are a growing trend, so why not be a fashion front-runner and get yourself engraved bracelets before everyone has one!

Jewellery engraving: the latest trend! 

Jewellery can sometimes be difficult to choose from and with hundreds of different options it can be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. Especially if you’re looking to surprise your partner, friend or mum but you have no idea what with. Engraved bracelets are some of our most popular personal jewellery pieces, and rightly so, because everyone loves jewellery as personal as our engraved bracelets. Though running them a close second on the personal jewellery front is our initial jewellery. Initial jewellery, and initial bracelets in particular, are the perfect meaningful gift. Our engraved bracelets are easily engraved with your favourite initials, making them the perfect item to wear should you want to keep certain initials close to you. Interested in finding out more about how we engrave jewellery at My jewellery? Check out our blog on how we do jewellery engraving at My Jewellery and discover all of our secrets. We can’t wait to see what you’ll get on your engraved bracelets. Shop now & join the My Jewellery community.