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  1. Atelier lange ketting met vierkante bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier long necklace with square charm
  2. Atelier ketting met ronde bedel lang | My Jewellery
    Atelier necklace with round charm - long
  3. Atelier korte ketting met vierkante bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier short necklace with square charm
  4. Atelier ketting met ronde bedel kort | My Jewellery
    Atelier necklace with round charm - short

Necklace engraving you’ll obsess over

Sharing your unconditional love for your loved ones is the most special thing in the world, and doing it with necklace engraving might be the best way to do just that! Necklace engraving is a beautiful way to keep your loved ones’ initials close to your heart. Plus engraved necklaces have an amazing way of giving you lots of confidence, courage and peace as you wear them. In other words, engraved necklaces are really powerful statement pieces, and you need to include necklace engraving in your jewellery collection. Interested in necklace engraving? Well, you’re in luck because at My Jewellery we offer a selection of premium quality stainless steel necklaces in a variety of different lengths. Our engraved necklaces come in gold necklaces and silver necklaces, with timeless designs you’ll never tire of. Necklace engraving is the perfect technique for your short necklaces, mid-length necklaces and long necklaces, whichever length you prefer! The necklace engraving you choose to go for is also entirely up to you! Whether you choose to engrave your necklace with the initials of your family or simply choose abbreviations for favourite quotes, the engraving you choose for your necklace engraving is entirely up to you. Say goodbye to matching tattoos, because matching engraved necklaces is the new way to stay connected with your best people!

Engraved necklaces make the perfect gift

Everyone loves to receive a gift, but surprising a loved one with the perfect gift can be tricky. Enter: our engraved necklaces! My Jewellery necklace engraving is sure to create the perfect personal gift for any family member or friend, which is why we love engraved jewellery so much. We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love to receive a piece of personal jewellery as a gift, but we think jewellery engraving might just be special enough for even the most discerning in your group. Our jewellery engraving also happens to be the perfect item to add to your personal wish list! Cos why keep the secret of engraved necklaces all to yourself?! Don’t gatekeep necklace engraving, even though we know how fun it can be to be known as the queen of gift giving, and instead share the magic of engraved necklaces with all of your loved ones! Every moment, whether big or small, should be celebrated and we believe jewellery engraving is the best way to celebrate any moment! Choose a short and subtle necklace for your necklace engraving, or go for a more statement making long engraved necklace. Whatever you choose, whether as a gift to yourself or to someone special, you’re sure to cherish your necklace engraving forever!

Necklace engraving with initials

The necklace engraving process is actually quite precise and fascinating. The first step for you is to find the perfect necklace for your necklace engraving. Your engraved necklace comes in either gold or silver, with a plaque ready for necklace engraving once you’ve decided what you’d like engraved onto your necklace. You can then choose up to for initials or letters for your necklace engraving. Your necklace choice is then taken to our Atelier, where our trained colleagues will precisely and lovingly perform the necklace engraving. It’s all a matter of extreme precision, which is why the delivery time for your engraved necklace is slightly longer than you might be used to from My Jewellery. Once your necklace engraving is done, your engraved necklace is placed in a lovely velvet pouch and sent to be delivered to your door where we’re sure you’ll be surprised and delighted by your new engraved necklace. Time to spread the love and keep your favourite people close to your heart, or surprise them with their very own necklace engraving. Engraved necklaces are for life, and we couldn’t imagine a better piece of jewellery to wear or receive than necklace engraving. 

Engraved necklaces - the must-have trend!

Jewellery can be a tricky choice! At My Jewellery we offer so many different styles and variations, we can imagine choosing the perfect piece of jewellery can be difficult. But with the introduction of our engraved necklaces by Atelier, we think we’ve made the choice a lot easier. Because what could be better or more special than necklace engraving that means something special to you. Surprise yourself or your partner, friend, mum or sister with her very own priceless engraved necklace, we promise she’ll never take her necklace engraving off! Whether you go for an engraved necklace, or opt for our other jewellery engraving options, such as a vintage signet ring, bracelet or earrings, we know that jewellery engraving is the way to go! And let’s be honest, an engraved necklace might just be our favourite of them all. Necklace engraving is set to become your go-to jewellery this year, and we’re not made about it. Highlight your personality and style with engraved necklaces and never take them off again! Not yet sure whether you're a silver or gold jewellery kinda gal? Well, you better check out the blog to find out before the necklace engraving can begin! Fancy knowing a bit more about the backstage process of necklace engraving? Well our blog about jewellery engraving at My Jewellery has all the info you could need. Once you’ve checked out our blog overview, don’t forget to add your necklace engraving to cart. Afterall, you wouldn’t wanna miss out on our engraved necklaces, trust us! Shop now & join the My Jewellery necklace engraving community!