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Summer Souvenirs: the story behind the collection

May 22, 2022 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 6 minutes

What is the inspiration behind the Summer Souvenirs collection?

This year, life at My Jewellery has been a sparkling ride with 8 new boutique openings, gaining more and more fans in Germany and the rest of Europe, new jewellery collections and of course the launch of My Jewellery beauty products. With all these big accomplishments, summer to me is the perfect time to reflect on the previous seasons and celebrate all these special moments, which is what I also aim to share within our company culture.

Summer truly is a season in which I fully come alive and crave a colourful jewellery party. When I think of summer, I think, souvenirs, colourful flowers, palm trees, postcards & parasols, but equally, I’m reminded of peaceful moments spent in my garden reading a good book. Because, it’s just as easy to experience beautiful moments at home in the summer, as it is somewhere else. All of this put together led me to the name: Summer Souvenirs. The collection includes a hibiscus flower and seashells, but also symbols such as the yin yang charms which symbolises balance. By wearing this collection in other seasons, such as winter, we hope you’ll be able to relive all of your favourite summer memories. We want our premium quality jewellery to transport you to your happiest moments all through the year.

Summer Souvenirs flatlays Sergé 1.

Where do you get your inspiration for all of these treasures?

I feel most inspired by Ibiza, whenever I go there I feel completely reinvigorated and energised. As such, my most cherished holiday memories are all the moments I experienced in Ibiza with my family & boyfriend. Driving around on the island looking for the prettiest bays & cute restaurants, Ibiza has it all! I love the combination of small and cosy, back to basics, with the occasional fancy restaurant in my prettiest cocktail dress, that’s what makes Ibiza my favourite place to be!

I love to keep my holiday memories alive by translating those moments into tangible jewellery collections. Ever since I was young, I would gather summer souvenirs, such as seashells, beautiful stones and pressed flowers, and use these materials in handmade jewellery items I created. With the summer souvenirs collection, it’s not just the holiday memories I reminisce about, this collection also goes back to my roots. The same coloured beads I used during the jewellery workshops I gave 10 years ago are now part of the summer souvenirs collection as a reflection of the growth of My Jewellery and the origin of the company. This summer collection really takes me back to special moments with the combination of the coloured beads and other natural materials such as seashells, natural twine and fabrics. I want to look at my wrist, laden with bracelets, and be transported to a dinner my My Jewellery colleagues and I had under the lemon trees in Positano, or a work trip in Ibiza where we created the most beautiful content. That’s exactly what this collection is all about.

"Summer truly is a season in which I fully come alive and crave a colourful jewellery party"

What kind of jewellery do you wear on holiday?

Before I head off on holiday or a city trip, I make sure to carefully pack my jewellery. I always match my jewellery to my summer outfit and the places I’m visiting. For a beach day I’ll make sure to include seashell jewellery in my suitcase because to me seashell jewellery is the ultimate holiday feeling, feet in the sand and relax! If I’m planning on wandering around a street market in Ibiza, I’ll wear a stack of colourful beaded necklaces, as I feel like that’s the ideal match for a colourful market. A beautiful arm party is perfect for dinner dates, because I get to experience a wave of happy memories every time I pick up my glass of wine and see my bracelets shimmer in the candlelight. The Summer Souvenirs collection jewellery is perfect for every summer occasion! The collection includes on-trend beaded bracelets for all your beach days & statement pieces, like our pendant necklaces, that are perfect for fancy dinners after a full day of tanning.

Summer Souvenirs Ibiza april 2022_01 01

What do you want to say to people?

Summer is all about making memories and cherishing them. So, take this season as a time to go out and explore, get inspired, be bold & surprise yourself! Don’t forget to take time to relax and look back at all the things you’ve achieved during the previous seasons. Our 100% premium stainless steel Summer Souvenirs will join you on your biggest adventures and happiest summer celebrations, so you’re free to make the best memories of your life!

"Go out, explore, be bold & surprise yourself!"  

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