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Christmas gift wrapping ideas

A thoughtfully bought Christmas present deserves to be equally thoughtfully and beautifully wrapped up. If you think about it, a beautifully wrapped Xmas present is basically the cherry on top of the icing on top of the already delicious cake (or rather the tinsel on top of the gift under the already beautiful tree!) While wrapping your gift in a lovely gift bag is absolutely fine, there’s something extra special about adding a little sprinkle of magic to your gift wrapping. So, in the hopes of making this festive season the most magical yet, we’ve come up with a guide to gift wrapping ideas using the My Jewellery gift packaging options, that you’re going to love! Check out our list of Christmas gift wrapping ideas, and remember: don’t be afraid to add a lil spice…

13 October 2022 | By Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 min

Christmas under wraps

At My Jewellery we have some great gift packaging options that are the ideal base for you to start with depending on the size and type of your gift. Add a touch of luxury to the jewellery you’re gifting by wrapping it in a neat ring box or gift box. To make it more magical add a luxurious satin ribbon and wrap it in a big bow. And make it extra Christmassy by tying a cute little mini bauble or ornament to the bow. Why not write the recipient's name on the ornament for a lovely personalised touch! If you’ve bought an item of clothing as a gift, but are struggling with how to wrap it, we hear ya! Soft clothing is the worst when it comes to wrapping it up in nice wrapping paper: the paper never seems to stay in place, and despite trying to keep it all neat and tight, your paper will invariably get wrinkled and torn, we know the struggle! Which is why My Jewellery has the neatest flap boxes that come in multiple sizes for you to try. From a light top to a pair of jeans, there’s a size to fit basically every time of clothing. Trust us, the wrapping struggle is over with these! Fill the flap box with some pretty foil paper, add some glitter or fake snow, and your giftee will be in with a wonderful surprise when they open their gift! We also love the idea of grabbing a gold metallic or chalk marker and writing your recipient’s name or a fun festive design straight across the box… might be time to start practising those calligraphy skills!


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Natural gift wrapping ideas

One of our favourite Christmas gift wrapping ideas is to bring in lots of natural elements. The festive season is all about those beautiful green branches and twigs! Why not get yourself some small twigs of eucalyptus, mistletoe, or rosemary (which also smells so good!) or even a small branch off your Christmas tree, a pine cone or a sprig of Holly (...Deck the halls with boughs of Holly!...) and add those to your Christmas present. In keeping with the natural theme, we think twine is a great option here! Just wrap it around the present a couple of times and then weave your twig up and under the twine layers. Or add a little bit of luxury to your natural Christmas gift wrap by tying your greenery to the gift with a beautiful gold ribbon.

  1. MY Christmas Ornament Set
    MY Christmas Ornament Set
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    Initial necklace
    Initial necklace
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  3. Bold Spirit dubbele armband met ster | My Jewellery
    Bold Spirit double bracelet with star
  4. Giftbox hart & strass set | My Jewellery
    Heart & rhinestone gift box
  5. Atelier lange ketting met vierkante bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier long necklace with square charm
  6. Giftbox bedels & strass set | My Jewellery
    Charms & rhinestone gift box
  7. Roze glitter giftbox | My Jewellery
    Pink glitter jewellery box
  8. Armband met hartjes | My Jewellery
    Bracelet with hearts
  9. Giftbox love lock set | My Jewellery
    Love lock gift box
    Love lock gift box
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    Love Life Necklace
    Love Life Necklace
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    Chains and pearls gift box
    Chains and pearls gift box
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  12. Atelier korte ketting met vierkante bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier short necklace with square charm
  13. Atelier armband met vierkante bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier bracelet with square charm
  14. Atelier lange ketting met ronde strass bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier long necklace with round rhinestone charm
  15. Atelier armband met ronde strass bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier bracelet with round rhinestone charm
gold earringgold earring
advent calendaradvent calendar

DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas

There are so many fun ways to make your gift wrapping ideas super unique! Why not get some plain craft wrapping paper and use pens or crayons to draw on your own designs, patterns or names. We also love the idea of creating a version of a snowglobe, simply by wrapping your gift in a neat My Jewellery ring box or gift box and putting that in a little cellophane bag. Sprinkle lots of glitter or fake snow in the bag, add a cute candy cane, cinnamon stick or even a homemade paper snowman ornament, and tie it up at the top and you’ve got yourself a snowglobe wrapped Christmas present.

Sustainable Christmas gift wrapping solutions

One of the most difficult things about gift wrapping at Christmas is the waste you’re left with, from all the sellotape to the paper waste and the ribbon that’ll be thrown out, we often consider gift wrap to be a single-use product. But if you’re looking to be a bit more environmentally friendly over this Holiday season, why not try saving the wrapping paper and ribbons to reuse for another time, just fold up the paper neatly and save for another day. The My Jewellery flap boxes are another ideal solution for reusable gift wrapping. Matte black or bright pink, their sturdy and plain design is perfect for reuse. The added perk is you don’t need tape to close them, simply fold in the top flap and wrap a ribbon around it. If you want to make it extra special tie a ribbon around a bangle or bracelet and use that as decoration and gift in one!  Alternatively, there are plenty of other fun but sustainable options. We love using a (vintage) scarf  as a gift wrapping idea! Such a unique idea, but so much more sustainable than regular wrapping paper. Plus, your gift recipient will be able to enjoy 2 gifts in one. A loose blouse or shirt, is a great alternative to a scarf in case your giftee isn’t much of a scarf wearer.  So what do you think? Are you going to get those creative juices flowing to come up with some unique gift wrapping ideas? There’s so many options to choose from,  so pour yourself a warming glass of Bailey’s and have a Merry Christmas & a jolly good time!

  1. Roze glitter giftbox | My Jewellery
    Pink glitter jewellery box
  2. Holographic cadeauverpakking | My Jewellery
    Holographic gift package
  3. Roze sieradenbox hart | My Jewellery
    Pink heart jewellery box
  4. Good friends card | My Jewellery card
    Happy birthday card
  5. My Jewellery gift bag, Cadeautje My Jewellery
    Flapbox M black
  6. Flapbox M pink
    Flapbox M pink
  7. Pink card | My Jewellery card
    Sisterhood card
  8. My Jewellery gift bag klein, Cadeautje My jewellery
    Flapbox S black

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