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Guide to healing stones

November 1, 2021 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 minutes

Healing stones and their meaning

Precious and semi-precious stones have been used for centuries to make the most beautiful jewellery pieces. But what makes them so special? Well, their durability and rarity for a start. Every precious gem has its own density, and the diamond is well-known to be the hardest mineral on earth, also making it the most precious. Thankfully, there's a huge variety in precious and semi-precious stones, which means that despite the rarity of a lot of healing stones, there are plenty left to use in gorgeous jewellery pieces. The Powerstones collection uses some of the most well-know semi-precious stones around, but what healing properties do they possess? We've created this handy guide to the healing properties of semi-precious stones. 

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How to choose a piece of jewellery with semi-precious stones?

Choosing a piece of jewellery with a healing stone is super personal. Are you contemplating gifting a piece of jewellery with semi-precious stones? It's a good idea to determine the personal situation of the giftee first. 

  • Is your friend having a hard time, and do you want to help her to some positivity? In that case we recommend a piece with red Jade. 
  • Is your mum super busy at work and do you want her to know you're thinking of her, then a piece of roze quartz is perfect! 
  • A piece of Black Onyx jewellery is the perfect gift for a sister who's gearing up for an important exam. 
  • Is your best friend recently single? In that case a piece of jewellery with Malachite might help to heal her broken heart. 
  • Last but not least, Labradorite is the ultimate gift for someone who's about to go travelling. 
  • Finally, these healing semi-precious stones are also related to the Zodiac signs! So fun to wear these pieces and pair them with the pieces from our Zodiac collection

Red jade: Libra & Pisces

Rose quartz: Taurus

Black onyx: Capricorn

Malachite: Aquarius, Libra, Taurus & Scorpio

Labradorite: Libra & Pisces

Rose quartz 

Rose quartz, that gorgeous pink hued stone, also known as the stone of love! And we love it! This healing stone is mainly found in Sri Lanka en ranges from almost translucent pink to deep fuschia. This stone has been associated with the heart and love for centuries, and used to be worn in jewellery close to the heart or under a person's pillow to stimulate it's postive properties. To this day people will keep it close in the hopes it'll open up their hearts to positivity and love! 

Healing properties of Rose Quartz


  • Promotes empathy
  • Stimulates self-love


  • Creates harmony in relationships
  • Encourages happiness and optimism


  • Improves all the bodily processes related to the heart
  • Promotes a youthful appearance

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Red jade

Jade is probably one of the most well-known of the semi-precious stones. The word Jade comes from the Spanish ‘piedra de ijada’ which translates to "stone of the loins" Why this name? Well, this healing stone was often used by the Spanish who settled in Central & South America to heal the stomach and help against kidney problems, by pressing it onto the problem area. The Mayas also believed this stone could bring luck. Jade is usually known to come in green, but it is also available in different colours. An example of this is the red Jade stone that we've incorporated into the Powerstones Collection.  

Healing properties of Jade


  • Provides strength and self-confidence in difficult situations
  • Teaches you to listen to your body


  • Keeps you calm and peaceful
  •  Brings luck


  • Has a positive healing effect on the kidneys and bladder
  • Encourages a good night's sleep

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Black onyx

Black Onyx is another well-known ancient healing stone. From Ancient Egypt, to the ancient Greeks and Romans, everyone considered this jet black semi-precious stone to be an important protection and healing stone. The word Onyx is the Greek word for 'finger nail' and according to ancient lore that came about based on it's healing effect on skin, hair and nails. 

Healing properties of Black Onyx


  • Improves perseverance & drive
  • Promotes concentration


  • Blocks negative energy
  • Encourages sense of responsibility


  • Healing properties on nails, skin & hair
  • Boosts the immune system


Malachite is a very popular semi-precious stone that's used a lot in jewellery because of it's gorgeously intense green & black colour. According to history this green gem was seen as a women's stone because it promotes the ability to see beauty in people and our surroundings. It also possesses many healing properties, more than your average semi-precious stone. Fun fact: the oldest piece of jewellery ever found was made of Malachite and was at least 10.500 years old(!) 

Healing properties of Malachite


  • Stimulates reflexes
  • Encourages empathy and the ability to see the beauty in people and situations


  • Helps to keep your emotional balance
  • Releases you from nightmares and phobias


  • Healing effect on infections in your body
  • Has detoxing properties and improves liver function


Labradorite comes in lots of different hues, so whenever you hold it to the light it can change colour and display different hues. It's usually characterised by having yellow and blue colours on a grey background, but it's not unusual to see oranges, reds or green colours either. THese different hues are caused by light hitting the various cuts and layers in the stone. The name came about when the stone was found on the Canadian island of Labrador. 

Healing properties of Labradorite


  • Keeps your grounded
  • Helps you achieve every success in life


  • Helps to focus and calm the mind
  • Protects against negativity from others


  • Promotes a healthy hormonal balance
  • Improves digestion

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How to keep your semi-precious stone jewellery?

The first rule for jewellery with healing stones is to never wash them with chemicals! Your stones will lose their shine and the chemicals can also cause them to corrode, creating tears and cracks. Just cleaning the stone with a buffing towel is plenty! Of course the Powerstones collection pieces are also made of other materials such as stainless steel and 925 silver, both of which need to be cleaned in different ways. Follow our tips 'n tricks to cleaning jewellery and they'll always look great! 

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