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How to get rid of static in clothing?

January 11, 2024 | By: Me'Shell Provence
Read time: 4 minutes

Why do my clothes have so much static?

What exactly is static electricity? It’s an electrical charge on a thing or person caused by the build-up of electrical tension in badly conducting fabrics. Often this is generated through friction between items of different materials, such as plastic and synthetic clothing. This might sound a little bit vague to some, so let's break it down using an easy example. Balloons aren’t only very festive but they can also be used to play around with static electricity. Try rubbing a balloon on top of your head and you will see that your hair will stand up straight. Your hair is now sticking to the fabric of the balloon and you probably look like you have an extreme case of bedhead. The same thing also happens with your clothing. Alternatively, you could always choose non-static materials such as cotton and linen. Because, static clothing, we simply don’t want that! If you’d still prefer other fabrics, then these 6 tips will surely help you prevent static clothing.

Is static in clothes dangerous?

Electrically charged clothing might sound a bit scary, and the idea of that charge rubbing on your body isn’t great, but no worries! Because static electricity in clothing is actually completely harmless. Sure, it’s a bit uncomfortable and annoying, but it’s in no way seriously harmful. While this news might not be all that shocking, it sure is good to know!

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1. New shoes are always a good idea

Shoes with a rubber sole can cause a big electrical charge, which is why leather shoes are a much better option, as leather keeps you grounded. Yes, you heard us! We’ve just given you an excuse to shop. So, treat yourself to some new leather shoes now!

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2. Wash away the static energy

Whilst you’re washing your clothes, try adding a little bit of vinegar or a small ball of aluminium foil to the washing machine. That way you’ll make sure your clothing is always free of electric charge and your clothes won’t be static anymore. Be careful though: silver foil isn’t allowed in the dryer and you absolutely shouldn’t use vinegar and bleach at the same time. Another life hack you can use to wash the static energy away is using fabric softener. So simply add some fabric softener into your wash routine. Isn’t that great you can kill two birds with one stone: clothing that smells amazing & doesn't shock you every time you wear it!

The dryer actually causes static electricity. So, try to hang your washed clothes outside or on a drying rack which will prevent your clothing from being electrically charged. Plus, it also preserves your clothes much better! Can’t be bothered hanging up all of your clothes, and still prefer using a dryer? Then always add dryer sheets which will prevent your clothes from getting too heavily charged. If you don’t have dryer sheets available you can also give this home DIY hack a go. Adding a moist face flannel in the final 10 minutes of the drying cycle will also help to prevent some of the electric charge, because it stops the air from getting too dry. And pppsstt, there are also anti-static dryer sheets! Final tip, pull your clothing from the dryer straight after it’s done.

3. Spray your clothes to prevent static

Hairspray will keep your hair in place for hours, but this hair product is also the perfect tool to prevent static clothing! Firstly, make sure to turn your clothing inside out. Next spray the hairspray onto your static clothing from a 30cm distance. Now just wait for the hairspray to work its magic. Bit of a miracle product hairspray, isn’t it?! Think hairspray is a little too strong? Simply fill a plant sprayer with a little fabric softener & water and spray that on the inside of your clothes. So now you’ll have fresh smelling clothes and no more static in one go, we promise this is a must try!

4. Body lotion all the way

Synthetic blouses will often stick to your skin, making it highly static, and the best way to avoid this is to lather yourself in body lotion. Glowy skin guaranteed!

5. Metal will prevent static clothing

Sure, we love all those on-trend colourful clothes hangers in your wardrobe, but you’re better off getting metal clothes hangers for your clothes. Hang your clothes over a metal clothes hanger, and this will take away the electric charge. You can always use another metal element to prevent static clothing, for instance a safety pin. Just carry it around in the pocket of your favourite static dress or skirt, and it will pull all the electric charge into it which means you won’t get any more nasty electrical shocks. Easy peasy!

6. Freezing your static clothing

Brrrr…..the easiest but also craziest way to remove the electric charge from your static clothing is to pop it into the freezer for 30 mins. After which you can put it in the sun to warm up, and within minutes you’ll be wearing your favourite outfit, completely static free.

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