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Tips and tricks: so your clothes stay beautiful longer

November 7, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 5 minutes

How to keep your clothes looking new!

Nothing lasts forever, unfortunately this also goes for clothing. Besides trends changing all the time you'll notice that your clothes will kind of loose its sparkle after loving it years on end. You can however preserve your clothes for yours on end if you look after your clothes properly. Let's cherish those wardrobe staples (hello sustainablity) and make sure you'll sparkle for years to come when you put on your favourite outfit. 

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1. Don't wash too often

Try not to wash your clothing too often as the fabric can become thinner and stiffer from too many washes. Socks and underwear won’t be too badly affected by regular washing, but you really don’t need to wash your jeans after every use.

2. Wash inside out

Turn your pants inside out before washing them, as this will prevent the colour from fading. Notice your black jeans are fading? Try washing them with textile paint.

3. Use laundry sheets

To prevent the colours from running during the wash, throw in a laundry sheet with your bright washing. A laundry sheet absorbs the colours that could run during the washing cycle, but obviously it’s always best to separate your colours before washing.

4. Add some vinegar

Washing with a glug of vinegar is always a good idea. It makes sure your clothing stays bright, and also acts as a fabric softener, making your clothes soft and supple. Vinegar is also a great descaler for your washing machine. A big win-win-win!

5. Always zip it!

Always make sure to zip up all the zips on your clothing, because an open zip on your cardigan, jeans or jacket can always damage your other clothing. So zip it!

6. Dryer

Try to keep your dryer use to a minimum. Air drying your clothes is much better for the fabric of your clothes. And don’t you just love seeing a line of fresh laundry drying in the sun? We do! Remember: it’s best not to dry your dark wash in direct sunlight as this will discolour or fade the fabric. Best to hang up your dark laundry in a dark room, such as the attic..

7. Steaming

The occasional steam clean at a laundromat isn’t the end of the world, but try not to do it too often. A laundromat tends to use heavy chemicals to clean your clothing, which is pretty bad for them. Is your blazer smelling a little iffy? Put it in a bag and lay it in the freezer for a night. The next morning it’ll smell fresh as a daisy! Also, did you know you’re better off steaming your clothing with a hand steamer or using the steam function on your iron, rather than ironing your clothes? Steam is much quicker and less aggressive than ironing. Hanging up your clothing in the bathroom while you have a hot shower is also a great tool against wrinkles!

8. Fluff

It’s not unusual to develop bits of fluff and knots on your clothing, knitwear is particularly susceptible to this, and it usually happens on areas that rub a lot, such as the armpits, bum and thighs. Luckily, you can easily remove these knots with a de-fluffer.

9. Knitwear

Knitwear is always best folded up rather than hung up. Why? Because hanging will stretch your knitwear and the shape of the clothes hanger will leave an imprint in the shoulders of your clothing.

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10. Summer & Winter

If you leave your summer and winter wardrobe in the closet all year round you’ll end up with a stale smell in your clothing because it’s all bunched up. Instead, you’re much better off separating your seasonal clothes. It’ll also give you a much better overview of everything you have! 

11. Smells good!

Spray perfume and deodorant onto your skin, not your clothes. Sure, having your clothes smell nice is great, but the alcohol in most perfumes and deodorants will cause stains. Plus, a nice scent will last far longer on your skin!

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