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What belt size do I need?

March 2, 2022 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 2 minutes

Step-by-step guide to finding the right belt size for you!

Finding the right sized belt is important for the very function of the belt, after all a belt will only work properly when it fits well. A belt that’s too big will only pull down your jeans with its weight, and a belt that’s too small will simply be uncomfortable and unflattering. But how to determine which size belt you need? Well, there’s actually quite a few quick ‘n easy ways to figure out your ideal belt size. Follow our step-by-step guide to find out & figure out your belt size once and for all.

Belts at My Jewellery

My Jewellery offers a wide range of on-trend belts in various different designs too! Take your pick from chain belts to snake skin belts, to belts with studs and rings, we’ve got it all! And don’t worry if you prefer a more lowkey look, cos we’ve got plenty of black and beige belts too. Belts are great accessories for basically every look which is why it’s so important to wear the right size. At My Jewellery we indicate our sizes in a few different ways. A number of My Jewellery belts are one size, which means they’ll fit everyone. Next up are our belts that are labelled: S, M & L or S-M & M-L. The lengths of each belt varies between S, M & L, so pay attention to that when ordering your new belts. Finally, we offer some belts that are sized with belt sizes: 75, 85 and 95. We can imagine you might be slightly confused now, which is why we’ve compiled all the information as follows:


  • Size S-M = belt length: 105 cm
  • Size M-L = belt length 122 cm


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Step #1: measure your waist size

Look for a flexible measuring tape and wrap around the area you’re planning on wearing your belt. Don’t wrap it too tightly, but about as tightly as you’d wear your belt. I might go without saying but don’t measure your belt size while still wearing a belt as this won’t give you an accurate measurement, you can however keep your clothes on. Read the figure on the measuring tape where the ends overlap et voilà! that’s your waist size all measured up.

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Step #2: Determine the size

Grab the above list and check which size matches your waist size in cms. I might not match exactly, in which case it’s best to round up to the nearest size. 

  • Size 75 = perfect fit if your waist measures between  73 - 77 cm
  • Size 85 =  perfect fit if your waist measures between 83 - 87 cm 
  • Size 95 =  perfect fit if your waist measures between 93 - 97 cm

Tip: read all about the specific measurements and belt details on the product page, as each belt can differ.


Step #3: let's shop!

It’s time to shop! Now that you’ve discovered your perfect belt size, it’s time to go and shop your favourites online or in store. We hope we’ve made the search a little easier with these handy tips, but if you’ve still got some doubts just head to one of our many boutiques and the girls there will be more than willing to help you out!

 "A belt is the ultimate accessory" 

Now that you’ve found the right belt size, you probs wanna know the best ways to style a belt too, right? Well, check out our blog on how to style belts and rock your new belt in style!

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