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Which sunglasses suit your face shape?

June 8, 2023 | By: Amber Janssen
Read time: 6 minutes

Which colour of sunglasses suits you best?

Believe it or not, your hair colour plays a large part in determining which colour of sunglasses will suit you best, check it out! 

  • Warm blond: shades of brown 
  • Cool blond: black, violet, blue & pink
  • Warm brunette: gold, green & red 
  • Cool brunette: brown, black, blue & pink
  • Ginger, auburn, red: green 
  • Black: blue, brown, black, green, red & purple
  • White & grey hair: red & purple

Which sunglasses suit my face shape?

It’s time to really get to know your face! Get in front of a mirror and determine what kind of face shape you have, then check out our favourite sunglasses frames for your specific facial shape!

1. Oval

Got a round jaw and hairline and a narrow, long face? Oval it is, lucky you! You oval shaped ladies look good in all kinds of sunglasses, so you pretty much have your pick of frames!

These sunglasses suit your face shape best:
All of our sunglasses heroes!

2. Heart shaped

A heart-shaped face is characterised by a wide forehead that tapers into a narrow chin, with high cheekbones and a sharp chin. A round, half-round or oval shaped style looks amazing on heart shaped girls. Soften your appearance with a low or wide pair of sunglasses.

These sunglasses suit your face shape best:
The Kate & The Brigitte

3. Rectangular

If your face shape is long with straight and strong lines, chances are you’re rocking a rectangular face shape. Go for contrast and choose a large frame with round shapes.

These sunglasses suit your face shape best:
The Kate & The Brigitte

Candy pop 08

4. Round

You’re blessed with a round face when your face is almost as wide as it is long, you’ve got full cheeks and a round jawline. Just as in the case of the rectangular face shape, you’re best off going for frames that contrast your face shape. In this case, something square and wide is best! Sunglasses that taper from wide at the top to slightly more angular at the bottom are another big yes!

These sunglasses suit your face shape best:
The Audrey & The Hailey

5. Square

Got a fairly high forehead, slim chin & wide jawline? In that case, you’ve probably got a fairly square face shape. Balance out your face with a pair of round sunnies, as they will soften the harsh lines in your face.

These sunglasses suit your face shape best:
The Kate & The Brigitte

6. Triangular

A triangular face is characterised by wide cheekbones and a sharp jawline. Balance out your facial lines with a pair of wide or round sunnies. The perfect match!

These sunglasses suit your face shape best:
The Kate, The Brigitte & The Hailey


 "Survive monday's with coffee and sunglasses" 

jewellery and accessoires italy 25

My Jewellery sunglasses heroes guide

Like most of you, we love a holiday, and one of the absolute must-have holiday essentials has to be a great pair of sunnies! The sunglasses heroes by My Jewellery are absolutely perfect for all of your holiday adventures. Premium quality and super stylish & on-trend, these are guaranteed to be first in the suitcase. Read all about our premium sunnies here….oh, and ps: you’ll receive a free sunglasses case with your sunglasses heroes purchase, need we say more?!

Polarised lenses

Benefits of polarised lenses

  • UV 400-protection & 1005 UVA/B/C-protection
  • Durable – Scratch resistant & sturdy
  • Reduced glare
  • Higher contrast
  • Improved colour definition
  • Improved field of vision

Our sunglasses heroes were made with TAC polarised lenses which help to reduce glare! This means you can wear these sunnies to the beach and not be blinded by the sunlight reflecting off the water, yes! Sunglasses with polarised lenses are also said to help strained eyes, plus these lenses offer 100% UVA protection and were made with the latest TAC lens technology. This means the lenses offer superior visual and polarised definition, and as if that wasn’t enough, they’re also scratch proof, lightweight and block harmful UV radiation up to 400 nanometer. Style & ultimate protection, what more could you want from your sunnies?!


These frames are made of 100% plant based acetate, making them lightweight and far better quality than your ordinary plastic sunglasses. Cellulose acetate is a plant-based plastic that is obtained from cotton and wood pulp, during the manufacturing process this pulp is processed into an organic, fibrous cellulose. It’s then treated with acetic acid and artificial colouring, after which it gets processed into slabs. Cellulose acetate is hypoallergenic, lightweight, strong and made from renewable sources. Also, this manufacturing process allows you to obtain the desired look without having to use paint.


"There is no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses."

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