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How to style sweater dresses

March 5, 2023 | By: Me'Shell Provence
Read time: 3 minutes

What is a sweater dress? 

A sweater or jumper dress is a timeless on-trend piece you’ll need in your life! This piece is always in style since it’s an all-time classic. Comfy yet cute, that’s the best combination possible if you ask us! Fun fact: did you know the origin of the word jumper has nothing to do with the verb to jump but actually comes from a French word jupe which used to mean short coat back in the day. Jumpers are woolly, short warm tops and at times are also called sweaters. Now that we have decided that sweaters are simply the most comfiest and best piece of clothing ever, take this idea and add a little bit of length to it! And voila your sweater has magically turned into a dress. So a sweater dress is a woolly and warm dress that can be worn during the colder months for instance! There’s loads of different types of sweater dresses but normally they have a knitted feel and they are either knee length or a little bit longer, but either way they will definitely make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside as well as on the outside.

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How to style a sweater dress? 

Need some styling inspiration? Sweater dresses are totally on-trend and can be styled in many different ways. This piece can be worn on its own and you’ll already have a cute look on your hands, however if you feel like styling it a little bit more you could always try and combine it with a belt. Put a belt on it and snatch your waistline in one go! Style with some jewellery like some earrings or put a ring on it, and you’re totally ready to start the day. Every woman needs a bag, whether you will go for a shoulder bag or a tote bag, a bag will definitely put a finishing touch on your outfit and make sure that you won’t lose all your belongings during the day. Sounds like a win-win to us! When the days are getting a little bit colder then put some tights on to keep you warm. The great thing about sweater dresses is that you could literally style it with all types of shoes, if you want to go for a more feminine look then style together with some over-the-knee boots. Do you want to go for a more bold and tough look then try styling it together with some sneakers. Go ahead and have some fun and try different things to find the style you like.  

Sweater dress outfit ideas 

Are you going to the office, are you looking for an everyday outfit or are you looking for the perfect everyday outfit? We'll tell you exactly how to style your sweater dress. When going into the office we advise styling it a little bit more professional. Maybe you can think about styling your sweater dress with some heels or boots, and try adding a longer coat to create a classy yet professional look! When you’re going for a more casual look you can wear everyday we think adding some minimalist jewellery to your outfit will give it the perfect final touch. Take a look at our minimalist earrings or minimalist rings and you might just find the piece you’ll fall in love with. Want to turn your sweater dress into a going out outfit? Then just add a belt and snatch that waist! Put on some more outspoken jewellery, like statement earrings or a statement necklace and you’re ready to shine!  

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