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How to style statement earrings

November 2, 2021 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 3 minutes

Balance is key

Statement earrings are so HOT! and we totally get why. The only problem with statement earrings is that they can sometimes look a little over-the-top if you don't pair them with the right items, but let's be honest, a little statement never hurt nobody! Match your statement earrings with the colours, patterns or designs in your outfit so they blend in nicely, thereby creating a beautifully complete picture. We also love to spice up a basic & neutral outfit with some killer statement earrings. But the most important thing is to always wear the ear party you're comfortable with & that makes you feel like a million bucks! 

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When and where to wear statement earrings

Saving your statement earrings for special occassions is such a waste! Why keep those beautiful pieces hidden away when you can just as easily wear them all day, every day & everywhere you want! Just choose the right earrings to wear and style them in an appropriate way and you're totally free to rock them whenever you want. School day or going to office? Then pair your statement earrings with smaller studs and subtle jewellery so as not to overpower your look. Are you off to a party, dinner or graduation ceremony? In that case feel free to go all out! Pair your statement earrings with other chunky earrings and we guarantee your guests can spot you a mile off, and we say: embrace it! 

Mix & match

Statement earrings are the focal point of your ear party, and they should be! Feel like adding multiple earrings to your ear party but do you want them to shine individually without overpowering your look? Pair your statement earrings with minimalist earrings with subtle details, and there ya go! Your go-to earparty is done! Alternatively, spice up your ear party by matching your statement earrings with chunkier earrings or colourful statement pieces for an on-trend look. Always remember to arrange your earrings from small to large though, this'll make your look super fashion-forward, trust us everyone will wanna follow your style lead!  

Let them shine!

You've put in so much effort to create a statement ear party you really don't want to cover them up now! Make sure you statement earrings steal the show by putting your hair up into a cute low bun or equally statement-making high ponytail. Anything goes, as long as you let those ears shine! 

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