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Sweater Weather

February 26, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 minutes

Sweater weather - why you need a new sweatshirt?

Sweaters and hoodies are super versatile clothing items, so you definitely need a go-to sweater in your closet this Winter season (and beyond!) Whether you need a great sweater for your morning jog, want a comfy sweatshirt for an all-day bottomless brunch, or simply want a great hoodie for a day out, the options with your favourite sweaters truly are endless! Knitwear sweaters keep you warm like no other clothing item, so we totally understand why this might become one of your Winter favourites. 

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Collegiate sweaters, coloured sweatshirts: the biggest sweater weather trends

Gone are the days of plain black sweaters! Instead, for 2022 one of the biggest sweater trends is colour! We’re seeing lots of bright & colourful sweaters, printed hoodies, patterned sweatshirts and 90s style collegiate sweaters, popping up in the fashion landscape. And, we’re massive fans! From bright purple to green, red to pink and a whole spectrum of colours in between, colourful sweaters and hoodies really are the way to go. And it's not just hoodies and sweaters that have joined the current colour pop trend, knitwear has also joined the colour party. There’s basically a colour to suit every mood, and it’s bound to become your favourite trend for 2022! Keep reading for the ultimate tips on how to style your sweater & hoodie, whatever your style and whatever the colour!


 "My closet has been waiting for this weather.

Four ways to style sweaters

Sweaters are probably one of the most versatile items in your closet. Wear them on their own with a matching pair of joggers, or style them up with a shirt, high-waisted black pants and boots, there truly are so many amazing ways to style your sweaters and look and feel amazing! The My Jewellery women all love a good sweater, whether it’s a printed hoodie, colourful sweatshirt or plain sweater, so, on any given day at the office you’ll see us rocking a sweater, all in our own individual style. And that truly is the beauty of a good sweater, because whether you consider your personal style to be casual, preppy, urban or high-fashion, a classic hoodie or knitwear sweater will never look misplaced in your closet. So how do you style a sweater based on your personal style? Well, let us paint you a picture:

1. Ways to style a sweater: Casual

The comfiest of all styles! The most casual, but still stylish, way to style your hoodie is to pair it with a matching pair of joggers. A good quality joggers and sweater co-ord set can look super cool, when styled with some high socks and a great pair of sneakers. Throw your hair up into a cool top-knot and add a natural beauty look and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit for a cosy dog walk or Saturday afternoon shopping-sesh!

2. Ways to style a sweater: Preppy

You might not instantly think of sweaters as being in any way preppy, but actually, with the right styling you can definitely see Blair Waldorf rocking a preppy sweater style while hitting the streets of the Upper East Side in NYC. For this look we love a collegiate style sweater, in green or purple, layered over a white blouse or turtleneck, a well-cut pair of black high-waisted pants and some patent leather, classic, black ankle boots. Of course, if you truly want to take it all the way, in Blair style, you’ll finish it off with a well-tailored blazer or gilet, and add a hairband or beret, and some classy black sunnies.


3. Ways to style a sweater: Urban

Oversized is definitely the way to go here! We love an oversized sweater paired with light-wash mom jeans, and chunky black boots or dad sneakers. Increase the cosiness by going for an oversized chunky knitwear sweater. Add a beanie and layers of chunky jewellery, for a super cool finish to the look.  

4. Ways to style a sweater: Influencer

If you’re on Insta or TikTok, and let’s be honest, who isn’t?! you’ve most certainly noticed the trend for sweaters worn by all of your favourite influencers and fashionistas. There’s a few great ways to style your sweater that’ll instantly make you look like you have 10k followers on your socials! One of the most seen ways to style your sweater is to layer it over a high-neck long sleeved top,  tuck the front of your sweater into some leather pants or shorts, add knee-high boots, a great statement bags and lots of gold jewellery and you’ll be mistaken for your fave Insta fashion-guru in no time!

 "A sweater a day keeps the winter blues away."

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