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15 autumn activities to add to your fall bucket list

October 15, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 5 minutes

15 Fall Bucket List Items

The first signs of autumn are starting to make their mark, from leaves turning to cosy rain showers, shorter days and the warmth of our favourite scented candles, the cosy season is definitely upon us! And that means it’s time to start putting together the ultimate fall bucket list, full of fun autumn activities that will make this the best season of the year! While the weather might often not lend itself to a lot of outdoor activities, a little bit of rain isn’t going to stop us from making the most of the cosy season! Plus, don’t forget that fall offers some amazingly stylish fashion options that will make even the chilliest fall activities an absolute joy. Check out our ultimate fall bucket list and join us in appreciating fall for the truly beautiful, cosy and adventurous season it is.

The kitchen will become your favourite room in the house

  • 1 - Bake It Till You Make It

#1 fall bucket list activity? It has to be a little bit of baking! Autumn is the most bountiful season for amazing ingredients and so many of our favourite scents and flavours are autumnal. We’re thinking apples, cinnamon, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, cloves, bourbon, apple cider and so much more! Autumn is also the most cosy time which makes it the perfect time to get in the kitchen and bake away. We love baking a traditional apple cake or trying out more adventurous recipes like pumpkin pie and apple cider doughnuts, and letting the scents and flavours of cinnamon, caramel and roasted apples permeate the kitchen and the house. Heaven! Put on your favourite comfy knits and baggy pants and get to work. Don’t forget to gather your nearest and dearest for a slice of cake or pie and a warming cuppa. The perfect fall day!

  • 2 - Good Soup

Autumn is soup season, and we won’t accept anything different. Stay in those warming kitchen vibes and get to work on those cooking skills. We know it’s so much easier to just crack open that can of soup, but how much better is a freshly homemade soup?! Go for perfect autumnal flavours like sweet potato and pumpkin, add lots of delicious spices and finish off with a little coconut milk. Go-to fall soup unlocked! Not much of a kitchen queen? Well, that’s the beauty of a soup, all you need to do is fling your veggies in the oven for roasting (and extra flavour) and then put them in a pot to infuse with broth and let all those amazing flavours slowly melt into each other as you whizz them up in a blender. Get comfy in a cosy sweater dress and fall into the couch with a steaming bowl of soup to comfort you. Put your favourite autumnal show (for us that’s gotta be Gilmore Girls) on Netflix and lather yourself in all the cosiness of the season. You’ll become a soup convert in no time.

outdoor pt 2 sweaters 110

  • 3 - Pasta Making, Mama Mia! 

While summer is a time for going out and seeing people, spending time at festivals and out having drinks in the summer sunshine, fall really is all about becoming more reflective, introspective and spending time with yourself and your nearest & dearest. In other words, it's a wonderful time to start a new hobby! Pasta making might just be the ideal hobby to start this fall, fun and delicious at the same time, it’s also super relaxing to work with your hands and rewarding to be able to create something from scratch which you can then share with your s/o or make for one of your dinner parties. All you really need is a pasta maker, pasta flour and eggs and you’re good to start practising. Oh, and one more plus point, working with dough always works better with cold hands, and we’re guessing with how fall has been so far, we’ll be living with cold hands for the foreseeable!

 "Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree. -  Emily Brontë

Crisp Outdoor Activities

  • 4 - Bring The Outside In

Despite the weather, we recommend heading outside at least once in a while in autumn, because alongside the obvious health benefits of being outside, autumn also happens to be one of the most beautiful seasons in nature. Why not go foraging for lovely natural treasures and take them home with you to give your home decoration a fall makeover. From acorns to pine cones, and let’s not forget those gorgeous autumn leaves, there are so many amazing natural decor items to find! Go for a long stroll through the woods and once home get creative with all of the pieces you brought back. Create statement centrepieces for your dining table or art work for your living room, the options are endless! Don’t forget to dress warm for your walk though, check out our selection of on-trend coatsfall dress and season-appropriate accessories for the perfect fall walk outfit!

  • 5 - Weekend Getaways

Sometimes all you want to do is get away for the weekend, just to explore a new place and do new things. Europe is full of lovely & quaint towns and cities that are ideal for exploring on a crisp autumn day. Gear up for a day of wandering and then settle into a cosy restaurant for the evening, trying dishes you’ve never had, wines that are entirely new to you and just embracing the ambiance of a new place. Enjoyment to the max! What to pack, you ask? Well, we’re thinking a weekend getaway is all about style mixed with comfort, so layering is key. Think pretty tops, blazers, skirts, tights and knee-high boots for the evening, and for a day of walking stick to elevated basics such as trousersknitwear, a coat, sneakers, a hat and scarf. 

  • 6 - Shop A New Fall Fit

We’re fashionistas over here and if there’s one activity we absolutely love, whatever the season, it has to be shopping! Though, if we’re totally honest, fall shopping might just be our favourite. Bring together your friends and hop on a train or the car and head off to the big city for a day of fashion and fun! Don’t forget to hit up all the biggest stores for new outfits and inspiration, and then, when you’re all shopped out, warm up with a PSL (pumpkin spice latte for those not in the know), hot chocolate or warming espresso martini. The hottest fall trends you need to look out for? Well, items in the on-trend fall colours are a must, as is knitwear, leather, and checked prints - a true autumn staple! Oh, and don’t forget to update your jewellery and accessories collections. Head to one of the many My Jewellery boutiques for our full collections of trending jewellery and give your jewellery style a refresh for fall.

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  • 7 - Trip To A Pumpkin Patch

A trip to a pumpkin patch is the quintessential fall activity. Fields full of orange and yellow pumpkins, it truly is quite special to see. Gather a small group of friends and spend the day choosing the prettiest pumpkins to take home with you for your fall decor, while drinking mulled wine or hot apple cider, eating apple cider doughnuts and just generally feeling content in the outdoors. Of course, don’t forget to get some cute video evidence and have a mini photoshoot in the beautiful surroundings, because a pumpkin patch is social media gold! Style yourself in your favourite plaid blazer and matching skorts, with knee-high boots and a simple graphic t-shirt underneath and your pumpkin patch look is totally Instagram/FashionTok worthy! Once you've taken your carefully chosen pumpkins home with you, have some creative fun by carving shapes into them. Pop a candle into the hollowed out pumpkin and you've got yourself a special autumnal addition to your decor. 

  • 8 - Apple orchard outfits for fall

Nothing says fall quite like an afternoon picking apples in an orchard. Warm your hands on a cup of warm cider, roast a couple of marshmallows by the fire and try to get as many apples as you can! We love a jeans and cosy knit layered outfit for this kind of activity. A chunky scarf and warm mittens will keep you warm throughout the day as well. Match the colours of the apple trees in reds, rusts and yellow tones to really blend in with the beautiful surroundings.

Gather Your Friends

  • 9 - Game Nights

What could be cosier than inviting your friends round for a good old-fashioned game night! Keep things old-school with board games such as Monopoly & Clue, get moving with a messy round of Twister or get competitive with your besties and a round of 30 Seconds, Trivial Pursuit, or, our personal favourite: Cards against Humanity (laughter & messiness guaranteed!) Arrange some snacks and ask everyone to bring the ingredients for their favourite cocktail, and you’ve got yourself a fun and laughter-filled autumn evening! Keep things casually stylish in your favourite pair of jeans, a t-shirt and warm cardigan or gilet, and you’re ready to kick things up a notch in the competitive-stakes!

  • 10 - Halloween Party

Fall a.k.a Spooky Season a.k.a Season of the Witch, you know you’ve gotta host a Halloween party come October 31st! Get all of your friends to dress up in their best, scariest, craziest or sexiest Halloween costumes and have fun guessing who came dressed as a scary clown, a vampire, a werewolf, the bride of Frankenstein, a witch and so much more. Halloween parties are the perfect excuse to go a little crazy and OTT with the decor. From faux spiderwebs in every corner of the room to black cocktails, skulls and skeletons dangling from the walls and gravestone-shaped soap in the loo, there is no limit to the scary craziness at Halloween. Of course, every party deserves a little sparkle, however dark and gloomy it’s supposed to be, so add some sparkly statement earrings to your Halloween look and you’ll stand out from the crowd like a gremlin in a cupcake shop. 

outdoor pt 2 sweaters 074

  • 11 - Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving may be an American/ Canadian holiday, but there’s something so lovely about the idea of giving thanks for what you have, that it’s starting to gain popularity here too. Gather your friends for a Friendsgiving potluck feast, where everyone is in charge of making one of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. From roast turkey to cranberry sauce, sweet potato & marshmallow pie to green beans and gravy, mashed potatoes to mac ‘n cheese, this is a carb-heavy feast that is sure to tide you over to Christmas! Get everyone to dress up in their finest party dressescocktail dresseswomen’s suitsparty tops, and pretty rings & bracelets, and make your first annual Friendsgiving feast one to remember.

  • 12 - Bonfire & S'mores

There is nothing quite as cosy as a roaring fire, whether that be inside a fireplace or outside around a big bonfire! Bundle up in cosy blankets and light a fire pit or bonfire outside under the stars. A bonfire and s’mores night makes the perfect date or evening with friends, just watch as people open up and talk the evening away surrounded by the comfort of a warm fire and the twinkling stars in the night sky. Put on a chill playlist, offer up giant marshmallows & chocolate crackers to make s’mores and go round with a flask of (spiked) hot chocolate for an evening of bonding and making memories that you’ll never forget.

knitwear Chamonix 146

Cosy Indoor Activities

  • 13 - Movie Marathon

Is there anything better than settling down on a sofa for a movie marathon… we’ll wait! Arrange a date with your besties where you’ll all clear your schedules for a full day and night of movies. Harry Potter has to be one of the most cosy fall movie marathon classics, though a day of watching all your fave 90s romcoms, scary movies or all the seasons of Gilmore Girls isn’t out of the question either. Make sure to stock up on your fav snacks and get comfy for an evening of doing absolutely nothing. Light some candles to get that cosy mood absolutely right, scatter a selection of warm (fleece) blankets for all your guests, and cuddle-up for some good old-fashioned movie night fun. Obviously, your outfit for a day of chilling has to be equally chill, so joggers and a sweater is where it’s at!

  • 14 - Dinner Parties

Dinner parties are basically the ultimate grown-up activity for fall. You’ll feel like a real kitchen queen whirling around your kitchen rustling up something delicious as you hear your family/friends laughing at the table in the next room. We love setting the table beautifully with candles, on-trend crockery and glassware, a nice tablecloth and napkins, and why not use those treasures from nature you found on your walk to really set the autumnal tone. A leaf would make the perfect place card, simply use a gold metallic marker to neatly write someone’s name on the leaf, and you’ve got yourself a simple yet effective personal touch. Start with a cosy bowl of soup, then move onto your signature main course - whatever that may be, for us it’s a roast dinner - and finish off with a delicious slice of autumnal apple or pumpkin pie! Let the red wine flow, and watch as your closest people have a magical fall evening.

  • 15 - Make Autumn Candles

Every autumn evening is a candle evening! But instead of buying all your candles, why not try your hand at making your own?! Choose all your favourite scents and make candles that truly suit you and your home. From pine scents to cinnamon, clove to vanilla, mixing and matching your own unique scented candle is going to be the cosiest thing you do this autumn. Scour second hand shops for cute candle holders, get yourself some wax and essential oils and get to work. You’ll see that starting a new hobby can be one of the most rewarding things you do this fall. Make lots of extra candles and you’ve also got perfect presents for friends and family come the holiday season. Afterall, the festive season is all about thoughtful gifts like these!

Of course there’s loads more fun autumn activities to add to your fall bucket list, but we hope these suggestions will help you on your way to making this a truly special and memorable fall season! Which fall activities are your favourite? Share all of your best fall memories in My Jewellery fall outfits by tagging us on socials.

 "Autumn... the year's last, loveliest smile" 

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