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Romanticise the everyday with Cottagecore

Romantic, countryside, rural, nature, nostalgia, florals galore - we really could go on and on with the descriptive words for this particular aesthetic. When we think Cottagecore we’re thinking Where the Crawdads Sing, Pride & Prejudice and Little Women vibes, that perfect mixture of enjoying the rural outdoors but loving cosy indoor activities as well. And who wouldn’t want to just escape from the realities of life to swan around flower fields and sit & journal all day?! The Cottagecore dream became more of a reality over the last few scary years because the nostalgia of the trend made us feel much safer than the reality of life did. Cottagecore teaches you to enjoy the present and pursue your hobbies in a carefree and non judgemental way, and we could all use a bit more of that. This aesthetic is all about going back to basics, and renewing your appreciation for time and nature, because let’s be honest, we could all do with escaping the grind now and then. That being said, we think it’s time to embrace the Cottagecore vibes and become one with nature and yourself! 

Escape the realities of life and embrace Cottagecore

Okay, so maybe going back to the true basics of nature is a bit much for most of us. Luckily, Cottagecore can also be applied to more everyday life as well, most notably in fashion! Earth shades, floral patterns and rural plaid patterns are all over FashionTok at the moment, so you’re definitely going to want to incorporate some of that into your wardrobe asap! Perfect for fall and all those cosy autumn vibes! Does the Cottagecore fashion come with automatic frolicking rights? Nope, but the wide skirts and chunky knits certainly lend themselves to an afternoon of running around in nature, and dancing among the russet fall leaves! Yes, this trend is sure to instil a new sense of peace to your everyday life and we encourage you to try it out.

” One touch of nature makes the whole world kind.- William Shakespeare ” 

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Celebrate the small things in life with cottagecore

If you don’t watch out, life can easily pass you by without realising, which is why it’s so important to enjoy every moment. Feeling good and embracing yourself is easier said than done, but we’re firm believers in the power of a great outfit to make you feel instantly better. A confident look starts with an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself. The Cottagecore trend is all about natural colours, understated and muted, which makes it instantly attractive for those of us who don’t love too many bright colours. In fact, sometimes earthy tones are all we want when it comes to our outfit of the day, and that certainly doesn’t mean your fit is boring! Neutrals lend themselves just as well to a statement look as bright pops of colour, and actually sometimes that understated vibe packs more of a punch than an outfit that’s all about colour, so you should definitely give a neutral fit a go this season! Go for beige, cream, brown, chocolate, green and russet colours to truly embrace the Cottagecore aesthetic! A successful outfit always starts with a good base in the shape of a great pair of fitted trousers, quality knitwear or a flouncy skirt. Add a pretty crochet top, chunky sweater or knit cardigan and you’ve put together a lovely fit. Finish it off with the right jewellery and accessories - naturally - and you’re ready to live out your ultimate Cottagecore dreams! 

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Jewellery to match the lifestyle

Cottagecore is all about simple pleasures and that includes your jewellery, so why not discover the beauty in minimalist earrings? We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, a natural look doesn’t have to be boring, far from it in fact because with the right accessories you can easily create a Pinterest-worthy Cottagecore look. While we wouldn’t recommend statement pieces for a perfect Cottagecore vibe, a few bangles and minimalist bracelets would definitely be worthy of the look. Dress your neckline with various short necklaces and longer necklaces that will flounce around the fields and glint in the sunshine with you. Trust us, a few choice selected understated pieces of jewellery will truly make your Cottagecore outfit shine. But always keep in mind that the Cottagecore trend is about embracing the natural and being carefree, so don’t overload your look with bright and bold jewellery. Time to enjoy your day and embrace a carefree day!.

Cottagecore cure

While we love the Cottagecore aesthetic for what it does for our style, we also appreciate how this vibe can truly bring a sense of calm, peace and simplicity to life. It encourages you to make time for activities you might’ve not made time for in the past, and to embrace quiet and small things. Go for a walk in nature, potter about in the garden or try your hand at becoming a plant mum (the perfect thing for all those apartment-living girls amongst us). With all this added time you might even discover a hidden talent such as painting or guitar-playing! Take this time to discover what brings peace and quiet to your mental health. Whether it’s pottery, ceramics, cooking or cleaning, it really doesn’t matter as long as it feels good to you! This is your sign to check-in with yourself and your mental health, and take a step back from the everyday realities if you need it. Enjoy your time, because that is the cure for life. If you’ve been loving the Cottagecore life, feel free to share all of your secrets with us on our socials!

 "It’s time to romanticise your life" 

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