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The biggest fall trends for 2023

September 18, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 6 minutes

Dripping in metals - silver & metallics

We’re just gonna call it: silver is the superior metal! FW23 is all about silver, and if Beyonce can raise a full-on silver army for her Renaissance tour, who are we to dispute it? If you’re looking to gain a larger following for your GRWMs you better clear some space on your shoe rack for a pair of silver metallic shoes - boots, ballet flats, sneakers, it really doesn’t matter what - cos babe, silver shoes are where it’s at this fall. But the silver buck doesn’t stop there! Oh no, silver - and, let’s be honest, any metallics - are everywhere just now. From wide-leg pants to blazers, maxi skirts to handbags, trench coats to minis, our inner magpies are gonna be well and truly satisfied this season because silver and metallics might just be the biggest fall trend around in 2023! While splashes of silver accessories have been making the fashion rounds for a while, to really nail the metallic trend for AW23 we’re not holding back on the full liquid metal look. Trust us, we’re planning on dripping in metals all season long!

On red alert!

This fall we’re on red alert for all-over red fits! Coming in red hot for the season, red is known for being the colour of passion, courage and a fiery spirit, so this colour trend isn’t for the faint hearted, but don’t we all need a bit of passion and fire in our lives from time to time? No matter your shade of choice, you’re guaranteed to command any room or social media feed in the colour of the season. Embrace the fire by adding touches of red to your fall wardrobe in the shape of red knee-high boots, a must-have red baguette bag, red ballet flats (the fashion shoe of the season FYI), and red outwear - we know we’re eyeing up a red scarf for autumn and beyond! Not afraid of a little statement? Wear the trend head-to-toe for major style credits!

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Fall '23 fashion trends

Winter florals

After a bright & bubbly summer season, fall has gone moody. Moody blooms and winter florals are taking centre stage for AW23 and we’re so here for it! Oversized or teenie tiny, florals are blooming lovely this season. In keeping with fashions’ foray into goth styles, florals have taken on a slightly darker vibe. Grungy base colours of black, charcoal and grey perfectly highlight the floral print on top, to create a vibe that will transform your fashion landscape in the dreary depths of autumn!

Grunge for the TikTok-era

Everyone knows that fashion is cyclical and fashions go in and out of style from one season to the next, but one of the most wearable style decades has to be the nineties! Today’s designers have managed to elevate and modernise 90s classics to look nostalgic yet fresh & exciting at the same, thereby appealing to both those of us who lived through the magic 90s and also a fresh new crop of FashionTok loving GenZs. It all started with the return of the cargo pants 90s grunge was known for albeit in a slightly more structured style, and now we’re seeing 90s supermodel faves like mesh tops and sheer knitwear - the more ripped the better, this is grunge to the max, babe! - making a very welcome return to the fashion scene. It’s not just our favourite 90s fashion classics that are back either, because beauty is seeing a major 90s resurgence too. So, when styling your fall 2023 outfit, don’t forget the dark, smudged eye look and lined lips, it’s a vibe!

Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury is one of those trends that runs in the background for most fashion seasons, a trend that’s classic though at times erring on boring, but not this fall! In fact, this is one of the easiest trends to get on board with for AW23 as it’s all about the art of subtlety and well-fitting clothing items. Timeless items such as blazers, gilets, and well-cut trousers are staples of the quiet luxury trend. To elevate your quiet luxury looks go for well-made and well-fitting clothing items with pearl jewellery and the perfect classic pair of sunglasses. Fall style unlocked!

2010s Throwback - Peplum Gang

Any early 2010s girls will remember the chokehold peplum tops had over us! Wherever we went - from uni lecture halls to club dance floors (hello peak Rihanna era) -  a peplum top was our outfit of choice. Paired with a mini skirt or faux-leather leggings and heels we had no business trying to walk in, obvs! (we know, major cringe). If this was you, we fully understand you may be feeling triggered by the return of this trend but we’re asking you to buckle up and reconsider for FW23. Peplums are universally flattering as they create a beautiful silhouette, cinching in at the waist and flaring out over the hips to create that gorgeous fit and flare, hourglass shape. Not convinced? This might help: in keeping with our continued obsession with oversized items, peplums in ‘23 are all about volume & making a statement, and if that isn’t reason enough to give them another go, well, you may just need to give this fall trend a miss.

Shades of Caramel

Caramel and autumn go hand-in-hand. Whether it comes as a flavour, scent or colour, caramel is as synonymous with fall as rain, pumpkin patches, and Halloween. So it’s no surprise that one of the main trending colours for fall 2023 is the delectable: caramel! It’s simple really, we’ve gone gaga for neutrals and caramel happens to be one of the sweetest neutrals around. Layer up your caramel items to make a statement in neutrals! We’re talking matching your caramel leather pants to a soft and comfy caramel turtleneck top and layering over a caramel fall coat, knee-high boots and stylish belt. Pick up your favourite oat milk PSL and start counting down your fall bucket list in sweet style.

Gilets! Gilets! Gilets!

Gilets are the culmination of multiple different fall trends, a little bit nineties, a little bit preppy Y2K and a whole lot Girl Boss, gilets are the comeback trend no one saw coming yet everybody loves! Whether cropped and fitted, long and oversized, or micro and asymmetrical, gilets come in all shapes and sizes this season and, dare we say it, we might be a little in love. Style your gilet with cargo pants and a simple t-shirt for a perfect minimal 90s look, or add a touch of casj to a pretty fall dress by layering with an oversized gilet. Finally, a mini skirt, sweater and gilet situation will get you an all the best-dressed lists this autumn!

Normcore 2.0

For some it’s formulaic, for others it’s the height of fall trending style, the normcore trend is simple and wearable yet chic and elevated too! Pair your wide-leg jeans with a thick, well-made t-shirt and layer over a trench coat, paired with your favourite sneakers and sleek leather belt, to channel your inner normcore Matilda Djerf. Feel inspired by other normcore muses to style a hoodie with leggings and the ultimate well-tailored coat, chunky socks & suede clogs all finished off with the perfect mix of vintage and minimal gold jewellery. The main takeaway from the normcore fall trend is to find freedom in the normal, cos sometimes luxury is nothing more than an outfit that makes you feel put-together and chic!

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Autumn trends to revamp your wardrobe 

Biker girls unite!

As if we needed more proof that nostalgia is the major theme for most fall trends, in comes Biker Chic. In an extension of that most loved 90s fashion theme: grunge, leather is also making a major comeback for fall, and this time it’s going hell (for leather). Leather is making a statement for autumn so don’t be afraid to experiment with cool leather pieces. A worn-leather bomber jacket is the must-have piece for the season, as is a pair of well-cut leather trousers, leather shackets and gilets. Eye-catching leather harness belts that add instant edge to an outfit are everywhere this autumn, so if there’s one accessory to invest in it’s this one. Looking for the ultimate investment piece for the autumn? Look no further than cool, luxury leather jackets.  Fitted, bold, oversized, classic or vintage, any style of leather jacket is going to add an on-trend edge to your wardrobe this fall. When putting together a biker chic look nailing the balance between edgy and rebellious yet feminine is key. So choose your hero leather piece, whether that be the ultimate moto jacket or leather trousers adorned with metal hardware, and add some femininity with a black slip dress, satin skirt or silky cami top. Chunky boots, soft knitwear, low-slung belts, hardware, rhinestone jewellery and tulle are the other must-have textures and items needed to take this look to the next level! 

Time to get sheer!

Not every trend disappears at soon as it arrives, some of them actually stick around, case in point: the sheer trend. This airy style is all about pushing boundaries but while the designers can pretty much do and wear what they want, we realise the office might not appreciate a sheer lingerie moment on a random Wednesday afternoon. Luckily, the sheer fall trend is easily recreated for everyday wear! Our go-to way of wearing the sheer trend, you ask? Go for a mesh top! Style with an oversized blazer on top, or a tight black vest underneath and you’ve just unlocked the easiest way to wear this fall trend.

Go big or go home! Oversized is here to stay

Oversized styles are set to continue their rule on the street style scene. In keeping with fashion’s reinvention of classically masculine dressing for traditionally female fashion, oversized styles have been a style staple for many of your favourite fashion influencers and style mavens. Oversized tailoring is the order of the day, so when styling your oversized blazer pair it with a simple t-shirt and oversized menswear-style trousers with chunky sneakers or loafers, add in a touch of biker chic with an edgy leather belt, or take the menswear tailoring all the way by adding in a matching gilet. Fall is all about layering, so think about layering your items and layering your trends. When it comes to FW23 trends there’s nothing bigger (quite literally) than scarf dressing! Scarves so big you can throw them over everything & wrap yourself up in them are all the rage for fall 2023. Plus, let’s not forget that obsession with oversized outerwear, the perfect keep you warm but look stylish at the same time, fall trend!

"FALLing in love with fall fashion"

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Laid-back girlboss style

Power suits, blazers, matching coords… in fall 2023 girlboss style has gone from the office to the runway with as much confidence as you would expect. Incorporate your love of bright colours with girlboss style by rocking a bold colour-blocked power suit, or instead go for classic autumn colours and prints such as plaid & pinstripe. When it comes to power dressing, tailoring is key, so forget about what you read about oversized fits, for all the girlbosses amongst us we want you to stand strong and confident in fitted & well-tailored two piece sets and suits. We’re thinking strong & structured shoulders, fitted skirts and skorts, cinched in waists, crisp white button down shirts and simple minimalist jewellery. A classic watch is the ultimate finishing touch for a strong woman who has her 9-5 and 5-9 life perfectly balanced! This is the ultimate ‘dress for the life you want not the one you have’ fall trend to embrace in 2023!

Sweater Weather

Knitwear will forever be a staple of fall style, but this year knitwear has gone extreme. Taking oversized to a whole new realm, knitwear styles are chunkier, bigger and more voluminous than ever before. Snuggle into your oversized sweaters and oversized scarves this season and stay warm all winter long. We’re seeing sweater dresses with voluminous skirts, knits with super chunky details, sweaters with balloon sleeves and puff sleeves, and classic fair isle cable knit designs with an oversized silhouette. Not sure you can pull off a chunky knit? Chunky knitwear is all about balancing out the right proportions. If you’re more petite, choose either a voluminous top or bottom but avoid all over volume. Style your chunky knit with jeans or a long satin skirt and heels to elongate the legs and work with your proportions. Alternatively, add shape to a shapeless sweater dress by cinching in your waist with a stylish belt and finish off with knee-high boots for some added height. Knitwear can be both super casual & cosy yet super stylish & feminine too, it’s all about the right styling and accessorising!

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