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Coastal Grandmother - how to wear the coastal grandma trend

August 20, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 minutes

What is the coastal grandmother aesthetic? 

For those not on TikTok you’re semi-forgiven for not having noticed the latest trend that is making waves (ahem) across FashionTok: Coastal Grandmother. Yea, you saw that right, we’re now taking fashion inspo from our grandmas…anything for the aesthetic! Though, if your grandmother is anything like as stylish as the leading ladies of the coastal grandmother aesthetic, we’re talking Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated, Oprah, Anne Hathaway and Grace of Grace & Frankie, even Selena Gomez has embraced it in her low-key real life, then we totally understand why you’d take to the coastal grandmother trend like a dolphin to the sea. So, if you’re ready to take the plunge (last ocean pun, we promise!) and try out a stylish, yet totally achievable & low-key new look, Coastal Grandmother is the one for you. Trust us, it’s the ultimate summer trend for those perfectly endless days of strolling à la plage.

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How do you become a coastal grandmother?

If you’re thinking you need to fast forward through the ageing process and add a couple of decades to fully embrace the coastal grandmother trend, think again. Despite its name, having grandchildren and living near the coast are in fact not essential to nailing the coastal grandmother aesthetic. Think of coastal grandma more as an aspirational lifestyle for anyone rather than having to fit a certain geographic & demographic stereotype. Even if you’re a 25 year-old living in an urban jungle, there’s nothing stopping you from living out your best coastal grandmother life as if you were a chic 74 y/o walking into your white picket-fence house on the Hamptons coast, fresh flowers in hand, ready to cook a delicious meal, wine already perfectly chilled and ready to open, your coastal grandmother playlist full of dinner party classics on in the background. Coastal grandmother is rooted in ocean-side minimalism, so the key moods are elegance, simplicity, nature, quiet, and grace. Think kitchen queen Martha Stewart meets a Nancy Meyers movie (like classics such as The Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give & It’s Complicated). We’re talking low-key, wind in your hair beachy vibes, dressed head-to-toe in elegant neutrals and textures, the ultimate in I-just-threw-this-on-but-look-fabulous effortless style.

 "Forget hot-girl summer, we're doing coastal grandmother summer!

Keys items you need, to nail coastal grandmother style

When it comes to the coastal grandmother style aesthetic the key is neutrals and subtle nautical vibes. The colour scheme here is all about whites, blues, and neutrals, and we’d avoid any busy prints. Afterall, coastal grandmother is the epitome of calm & sophisticated energy, babe! The one MVP of prints to add to your coastal grandmother capsule is that age-old classic: stripes! The perfect subtle nod to nautical, stripes are a style staple for a reason, and they are a firm favourite amongst your fave coastal grandma style icons. Looking for that one key go-to coastal grandmother uniform? Look no further than a well-cut pair of linen pants with a simple white singlet top and a blue & white striped button-down nonchalantly worn on top. A stylish pair of tan leather sandals or white sneakers and delicate jewellery will finish off your look perfectly. For chilly bonfire evenings at the beach it’s all about the feminine knitwear, a gorgeous beige cardigan knotted loosely around your shoulders is the way to go here! Combine beautiful knitwear necklines with gorgeous coastal grandmother jewellery, such as pearl necklaces, it's definitely the way to wear the coastal grandma style. Oh, and don’t forget the ultimate coastal grandmother accessory, the straw sunhat. ‘Cos sun protection and style go hand in hand, girl!

What's the coastal grandma style about? Live the chic coastal life

Inspired to try out this most laid back yet luxury style? We don’t blame ya! We’d be lying if we said we weren’t gonna turn our summer into the ultimate ode to coastal grandma aesthetic. We’re talking flower picking, long dinners with friends, relaxed beach days, picnics in the sunshine, boat trips and all the charcuterie boards & vino we can manage. Obvi, while looking effortlessly stylish (but comfy), organising & styling everything to the T (but in a casual way) and appreciating all of the beautiful moments in life. This is gonna be a summer to remember! Our outfit of choice while living our best coastal grandmother life? Anything that’s effortlessly loose, yet fitted (no cool-girl oversized cuts here), airy and floaty. We’re thinking a striped pair of shorts and beige top will become our go-tos this season, though a floaty linen dress and skirt & t-shirt combo are also very tempting. We want our look to exude effortless style, like we didn’t actually spend an hour getting ready, so we’re keeping the coastal grandma jewellery and accessories to a minimum: a dainty minimalist necklace, a couple of chain bracelets and classic sunnies is where we draw the line!  All that being said, we think it’s time to vibe to a coastal grandma playlist, pour ourselves an ice cold glass of wine, and hit the My Jewellery webshop for a new coastal grandma wardrobe.

 "Coastal grandmother is about the way you live your life — slowing down and taking time to enjoy the little things"

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