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Trend: Antique jewellery

July 24, 2023 | By: Me'Shell Provence
Read time: 3 minutes

Why ‘antique’?

Jewellery is officially considered to be antique when it’s old and has been passed down from generation to generation.Think for instance of that super unique and priceless necklace your grandma gave you for your eighteenth birthday! We love how vintage jewellery often has a slightly weathered and worn look and each piece has its own completely unique story. This makes these jewellery pieces extra special! Most antique jewellery that’s available online was inspired by traditional antique jewellery, but isn’t actually ‘real’ antique (though that doesn’t make them any less beautiful!) Think of beaded earrings, rhinestone jewellery, chain bracelets, signet rings, statement cocktail rings, statement gold earrings, and of course: large hooped earrings.

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Cameo Rings

The cameo trend left the chat for a while there, but now it’s back and better than ever! But what does cameo mean exactly? A cameo is a carving made out of agate stone, onyx or shell, so it’s a special carving technique that cuts into natural materials. The background gets carved away and a textured carving pops out. Cameo jewellery has been around since ancient times and therefore also has an antique feel to it. Our own Bold Spirit collection features cameo ringsnecklaces with a cameo charm and even cameo earrings. Inspired by elements from nature, vintage treasures and faith, this collection is designed to show off your bold spirit and let it shine!

Cocktails rings with an antique vibe

The latest colourful vintage rings drop by My Jewellery are made up of rings that are super easy to mix ‘n match and give your look a fun and feminine look. Just like cocktails, you choose these rings based on your personal taste. Pair various blue rings and it’s almost as if you’re wearing a blue lagoon cocktail around your fingers or shake together some orange and pink rings to make a perfectly mixed tequila sunrise! The cocktail rings were designed to take you from the office to the bar, and everywhere in between, in sparkling style. The Cocktail rings collection is made of 100% premium stainless steel and contains all the ingredients needed to create a statement ring party! So mix and match our new cocktail rings and create a bubbly jewellery style! Trust us, these rings are perfect on their own, but look equally stunning shaken and stirred together into the ultimate colourful cocktail mix.

Current trend: jewellery with beads & pearls

Vintage jewellery has become a timeless trend, which is why My Jewellery will always have a large selection of antique jewellery. However, we do have a few absolute all-time favourite pieces that we’d like to highlight as well. Beaded jewellery & pearl jewellery are totally on-trend! And the great thing about these antique look-a-like pieces is that they’re beaded with cute and subtle colours, which makes them perfect for mixing and matching with your other pieces.

How to wear antique jewellery

The question remains though, how are you supposed to wear jewellery with an ‘old’ look? Well, it’s actually surprisingly easy. Antique earrings are great when paired together to create an on-trend ear party! If you have multiple piercings in your ear, have some fun with your colour combinations, jewellery is all about having fun after all! One tip though: when it comes to matching different coloured earrings, try to stick to the same colour tones, so match cool with cool and warm with warm etc. Want to add a necklace to the party as well? In that case, choose a subtle antique charm necklace, so as not to detract from your ear party. Have you fallen in love with a chunky antique chain necklace? Keep your ear party slightly more toned down, so it doesn’t turn into an antique-overload. So there you have it, antique jewellery is a great little trend that lends itself really well to making it your own! We love vintage!

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