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Festival tops

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Women’s festival tops

Let’s celebrate the festival season! You have just bought all your tickets for all your favourite festivals and your agenda is fully booked. You’re almost ready to get this party started, but you definitely need an on-trend festival top before you’re 100% festival ready. Another bonus is that when you’re shopping for your perfect festival top keep in mind that you can also perfectly wear them on a night out on the town. Some say every festival outfit starts with a festival top. At My Jewellery we offer all kinds of different festival tops. You can go for a more muted look and pick a basic t-shirt or you could go for a boldly patterned festival top that will make you stand out from the crowd. It’s completely up to you. Whatever way you’ll be styling your festival top we’re sure you’ll look great that day. The only thing you need to be focusing on when getting ready is making yourself feel good, so you’ll feel ready to conquer the dance floor with your besties. Get dressed, make sure you have a drink in hand & start enjoying yourself on your festival day.

Styling festival tops

A basic festival fit starts with a festival top. We can all agree that a festival top is the perfect starting point when it comes to creating your look for the day. Style together with some festival pants or a festival skirt and you have got yourself an on-trend outfit. You’re fit for the day simply is not complete without some festival accessories. Whether you add on some festival jewellery or an on-trend festival bag at My Jewellery we’ve got you covered. We believe when it comes to styling your festival outfit it’s all about the details. Go all out with your festival accessories and you can make every festival top you’re wearing look like the most unique piece of clothing ever. Are you still on the fence about what type of festival top you’ll like to wear? Well sometimes deciding what type of outfit to put on can be hard. Sometimes you have those days that the weather is not being your best friend and it’s very chilly and wet outside. However, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your festival day. Simply dance away in the rain and throw on a festival top with long sleeves and you won’t be bothered by the cold. In case of the very unlikely event that you do still feel cold, however, we recommend dancing a little harder on the dance floor and you’ll heat up in no time!