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Homewear and comfy wear from My Jewellery

Working from home, lounging around on the sofa for the evening, or just in need of some comfy clothes? At My Jewellery we have a new collection of homewear! Chill-out clothes that will get you through those days when you are stuck at home. We’ve got some really comfy trouser suits or homewear sets that you’ll look and feel amazing in. You’ll feel more at home than ever! A trouser suit or a homewear set includes a top and trousers in the same style. They come in a light, soft fabric, which makes them super comfortable to wear. Choose between a short homewear set, with short trousers and a short-sleeved top, or a long homewear set. A homewear set is something that always comes in handy in your wardrobe, for both warmer and colder weather outside. Let’s face it, we all need that day or evening of just chilling out at home, right? So, why not do it in comfy clothes!

Hoodies, sweaters, socks & more

Not too big on the trouser suits? That’s OK! We haven’t forgotten about you at My Jewellery. We also have a great range of hoodies, sweaters, cardigans and joggers. All types of clothing for chilling out at home. We have plenty of choice when it comes to comfy clothing. There’s something for everyone and you’ll definitely find something that suits you too! Are you the type of girl that likes to snuggle up under a blanket and watch a movie when it gets cold? Then you have to have some comfy clothing lying around your house! It just makes things better. Another big plus: all of our clothing is based on the latest trends, so you’ll know for sure that you’ll be on-trend when you are floating about.

A sleep mask and a kimono for the wee small hours

We have some great items that you can wear in the wee small hours to get you through the night. What about some hip sleep masks? They don’t just look super trendy, they help you get an amazing night’s sleep. It has been scientifically proven that total darkness stimulates better sleep. And that’s what a sleep mask is for! All the more reason for adding such a cute little sleep mask to your sleeping pattern. To top it off, we now also have a kimono in our range. A kimono is a fine dressing gown that you can wear before you go to bed or when you wake up. You’ll be looking trendy all day long!

Get comfy with the Chapter Home collection

You might have already seen us on TikTok because that’s where we launched our Chapter Home collection! Not following us on TikTok yet? Then check out our account @my_jewellery now. Don't have TikTok? No worries. The entire collection is now also available online! All kinds of new items have been launched that will certainly get you through those hard days at work or those lazy evenings on the sofa. Kimonos, joggers, sweaters, blankets, and sleep masks. Or why not go for the all-time favourite, trouser suits! Don’t wait any longer and broaden your horizons with the most cosy and comfy clothing around at the moment. Need any help? Our customer service is ready to help!