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  1. Colour definer | My Jewellery
    Colour definer
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    Matte liquid lip gloss
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    Natural lip gloss
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    Lip oil
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Lip makeup by My Jewellery

Your look isn’t complete until you’ve done your lips, right? That’s why My Jewellery has developed the nicest lip products as part of her makeup collection. Be honest, you’ve got a whole stash of lipsticks at home right? It’s an age-old tale, a lipstick in your bag, on your desk, in the ‘clutter’ drawer and in your toiletry bag, and before you know it you’ve got lip products everywhere, gathering dust, because you don’t know what to do with them. But with the introduction of the My Jewellery lip products that’s all old news. Our makeup line contains five unmissable lip products that are sure to change your makeup routine and make you shine. My Jewellery has developed a collection of vegan lip makeup designed to enhance your natural beauty, simplify your self-care routine and brighten your whole day. Firstly, this makeup is beautifully packaged in our famed colours: pink and gold. Secondly, all of our products are free from animal ingredients, so no animals have suffered for these products, making them vegan and cruelty-free, and so much more beautiful than they already are.

The perfect lipstick

An out-there lipstick is the best way to add a little colour to your outfit, and it’s a sure fire way to make sure all eyes are on you at a party, date night or other special occasions. But who says lipstick is only appropriate at special events? At My Jewellery we love a bit of lippy and we wear it all day, every day because lipstick looks great at school and/or work as well. Our extensive vegan beauty collection includes a full coverage matte liquid lipstick with an added bonus of being extra durable and smudge-proof. So if you’re giving your significant other a kiss, taking a sip of a drink or accidentally brush across your lips, you can be sure this matte shade will stay put. This makeup product contains Bisabolol, which is hydrating, nourishing and protective for your lips. Apply the lipstick straight onto dry and scrubbed lips, let dry and voila, perfectly matte lips with long-lasting colour. Would you rather go for a subtle lip colour, then our clear lip gloss is the one for you! This natural gloss is nice and thick with a high-shine formula. Much like the lipstick, this gloss is long-lasting and durable, it also contains menthol crystals for a light plumping effect. The vegan natural lip gloss contains jojoba oil and vitamin E for a hydrating and nourishing effect. So if you want perfect lips for every occasion, shop the My Jewellery lip products now!

Lip products with fun effects

Would you like whiter teeth in your Insta pictures and TikTok videos? In that case the Picture perfect lip gloss might be the one for you. This high shine lip gloss contains micro pearls which results in a highlighted effect and accentuates the whiteness of your teeth. Create a gorgeous lip look with this gloss! Picture perfect is also nourishing and can be worn over your lipstick for extra effect. Plump it up! is another great My Jewellery lip product. This is a lip gloss with lip plumping and firming properties, a true lip plumper. The gloss contains active ingredients which encourages the natural production of collagen which in the long run can result in fuller lips. This pink lip plumper contains menthol for an obvious plumping effect after application. This product can also be used as a lipstick. Our final product in the lip makeup collection is the Colour definer. This velvety smooth, non-greasy, cream feels perfectly soft on your lips, and is available in two colours: vintage pink and peach. Need we say more?!

Give the gift of lip makeup

Isn’t it nice to be able to mix up your gifts rather than giving the same old shower gel, flowers or chocolates all the time? Does your loved one enjoy makeup? Then lipstick would be the ideal gift for her. That way she can beautify herself on her birthday with the gift you gave her. Is your mum, auntie, sister or best friend less of a makeup junkie? Even then we’re sure we’ve got a lip product in our beauty collection that she’d be happy with, like our My Jewellery lip oil, because everyone loves nourished lips. Our nourishing lip oil is designed to be worn at night, so it can fully nourish your lips while you sleep. All of our lip products are available online and in our boutiques, where you’ll also find our beauty experts ready to give you all the advice you need and to beautifully gift wrap your present. Alongside our lip makeup you’ll also find makeup for your face & eyes and beauty products, like four gorgeous perfumes, for your body in our beauty category. Happy giving!