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  1. Empress Eau de Toilette
    Empress Eau de Toilette

Women’s perfume by My Jewellery

Delicious scents, who doesn’t love ‘em?! There’s nothing quite like spraying on your favourite fragrance and feeling powerful throughout the day. Determining a favourite women’s perfume can be incredibly personal though, as perfume is made up of so many different notes and scents. No surprise then that you’ll love multiple perfumes. Whether you’re a fan of floral, woody, aromatic, oriental or citrus scents, you’re sure to find a women’s perfume to suit your personal preferences at My Jewellery! Choosing a perfume without getting to smell it first can be very tricky, luckily My Jewellery has a solution for exactly that. By answering the questions posed in our Perfume Finder, you’ll find the ultimate perfume for you. Alternatively, head over to one of our many boutiques and let yourself be seduced by the perfumes by My Jewellery. My Jewellery offers lots more beauty products alongside our perfume, such as products for your face, lips & eyes, so why not add to your daily self-care moments with the My Jewellery beauty products! 

Personal scents

Our collection of four lively perfumes was exclusively created for My Jewellery. These women’s perfumes reflect the ultimate fusion of body and soul, and were designed to perfectly express your personality. Trust us, spray on your favourite My Jewellery scent and feel like the ultimate power woman, taking on the world one step at a time. These perfumes will help you feel like the absolute best version of yourself, and we can’t think of a better feeling than that! Did you know that there are some areas on your body that take perfume better than others? The trick is to always spray your perfume on the areas where you can feel your heartbeat, like your wrists, neck and chest, as this will really help to bring out the best of your perfume. Another trick is to spray your perfume on areas or things that move, because movement helps to develop the scent. So next time you’re spraying on your perfume, hit the wrists, neck and throat, but don’t forget to spray some in your hair or scarf either! There is one big no-no when it comes to applying your perfume, and that is rubbing it! Rubbing your perfume will create warmth which in turn messes up the balance and harmony of the notes in your perfume. So, next time you’ve sprayed on too much perfume, don’t start rubbing it straight away, instead gently dab your wrists together and thereby spread out the perfume without messing up the gorgeous scent. Hopefully these tips will allow you to enjoy your gorgeous perfume scent even longer than normal. Smells so good!

Make memories!

You get dressed, put on your makeup and spray your fave perfume, it’s a beautiful morning ritual for most women! And there’s many more lovely daily moments that are heavily related to scent and smell. Think of long walks in the woods with the scent of pine around you, the smell of freshly baked croissants on a Sunday morning, of the soup bubbling away on the stove at your nana’s. Scent is so evocative of memories! Which is why My Jewellery developed four women’s perfumes that match different personalities and moments. Every beautiful bottle of eau de parfum by My Jewellery includes a lovely bracelet with gemstone charm, simply spray your women’s perfume on the stone and carry the scent with you in a unique way. With the added bonus of wearing a cute bracelet to boot! Our perfumes also make great gifts for your loved ones. Because who wouldn’t love a delicious scent and bracelet?! It’s two gifts in one! Let your friend, mum or sister know why you think this is the perfect perfume for them and you’ve got yourself a super special gift for her. Which memories are you going to be making while wearing or gifting the My Jewellery perfume?!

The four perfumes

Hello beauty! Looking for a unique scent that suits your personality perfectly? We’re sure that at least one of the four My Jewellery perfumes will be the perfect match for you! No1 Harmony is all about florals, that will make you feel utterly feminine and sensual. Floral, fruity and woody notes come together in perfect harmony in this gorgeous perfume. No2 Confidence is all about sandalwood, and it’s notes of wood and creamy Amber will make you feel like you’re being enveloped in a comforting warm blanket. Love white flowers? In that case we think No3 Serenity will be the perfect fit for you. White flowers and relaxing aquatic notes create a sense of calm whilst boosting your energy levels. No4 EMPOWER is all about botanical notes! This perfume represents power, inner peace and energy. So, which women’s perfume do you feel most seduced by?