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  1. Eyes wide open | My Jewellery
    Eyes wide open
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  2. Essential eyeshadow palette | My Jewellery
    Essential eyeshadow palette
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  3. Beauty gift box
    Beauty gift box

My Jewellery eye makeup

Do you want to create a fantastic eye look? My Jewellery is the right place for you. We have the most beautiful eye makeup products in our collection. One of our favourites has got to be eyeshadow. That’s why My Jewellery has included a wonderful eyeshadow palette in the beauty collection. The Essential eyeshadow & brow palette contains compact powders with a velvety soft feel. The highly pigmented quality guarantees an intense colour effect. You’ll notice that the eye shadows in the palette have different finishes such as matte, satin and pearl. The palette contains the following colours: matte beige, gold, bronze, rust brown, red, dark brown and soft orange. Apply the long-lasting powders with an applicator or eyeshadow makeup brush. Even better, the palette contains an eyebrow powder, which makes the palette multifunctional! Eyebrow powder is a special coloured powder to style or accentuate your eyebrows for the perfect brows. Create a perfect eye look!

Makeup trends for eyes

All these makeup products for eyes look amazing of course, but what are the current trends in terms of eye shadow makeup looks? My Jewellery is happy to help you. We start with the eyebrows. Do you like being completely on-trend? In that case, natural eyebrows are the way to go and brush your eyebrows upwards. Use hair spray or gel on a little brush and shape into your preferred style. Simple as that! There are also more than enough trends in terms of eyes. Colourful is the codeword here! Clothes that match your eyeshadow are also totally on-trend. But how can you achieve this? Select your outfit and then decide on the colour of your eyeshadow. Are you wearing an orange sweater? Make sure that your eyeshadow look includes a splash of orange. Splashes of colour aren’t the only trend. We also keep seeing smokey eyes, which work well with both matte powders and shiny eyeshadows! Go all out with eyeshadow but try to keep it to a certain level. There’s lots of experimenting to do as each day offers the opportunity to try a different eye look. In terms of eyeliner, you can’t go wrong with a winged eyeliner. So, grab your mirror, take a look at your makeup stash and make the most beautiful eye looks. Share the result with us and tag My Jewellery on Instagram, or use the hashtag #myjewellerygirl. We’re excited to see your creations!

Eyes wide open: Multifunctional mascara & eyeliner

Yes! Eyed wide open is mascara and eyeliner in one, how practical? Our black mascara and eyeliner in one is a multi-purpose product. That makes it super practical to take with you on the go. Slip it in your bag and you’ll always have eyeliner and mascara to hand! The creamy mascara gives amazing volume to your lashes. The mix of natural and synthetic waxes give an impressive result after just a few brushes to your eyelashes with the applicator. The film former ensures that the mascara remains long-lasting, which is super practical! The intense black pigments give the illusion of false lashes. Apply the mascara with the brush, by stroking your lashes with the brush until all the lashes are covered. Leave it to dry before applying an extra layer of mascara for more volume. It’s also very easy to remove the My Jewellery mascara. You no longer need to scrub mascara off with makeup wipes or cotton pads with eye makeup remover. Alongside the mascara, you’ll also find an eyeliner in this multifunctional product. This liquid eyeliner is highly pigmented for perfectly defined lines and an intense colour effect. The eyeliner is water-based and contains flexible filter formers that make sure the product dries quickly and gives a smooth result that stays in place the entire day. The film formers ensure a super fast drying product, which means no more smudged eyeliner when you blink your eyes. This eyeliner product gives a smooth and long-lasting result. Is there anything better?!

The perfect gift: makeup for your eyes

Isn’t it fun to gift something other than bath soap, flowers or a bottle of red wine? Does your mum, auntie, sister or best friend enjoy make-up? Why not consider gifting them some eye makeup as the ideal gift for her. Plan a girl’s night and experiment with the most beautiful eye makeup looks together. All of our eye makeup is available online and in our boutiques and our beauty experts are always ready to advise on your purchase or lovingly gift wrap it. Alongside our eye makeup we also have a whole selection of face and lip makeup and beauty products, such as four different perfumers, for your body, find them all in the beauty category. Oh, and if you’re not sure which perfume to get, check out our Perfume Finder and get the answers instantly. Happy giving!