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  1. Drops of glow | My Jewellery
    Drops of glow
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  2. Beauty gift box
    Beauty gift box
  3. Facial roller
    Facial roller
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  4. Skin defender | My Jewellery
    Skin defender
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  5. Magic highlighter | My Jewellery
    Magic Highlighter
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  6. Pink quartz facial roller, face massage roller My Jewellery
    Facial roller
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  7. The perfect base foundation| My Jewellery
    The perfect base concealer
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  8. Romantic cheeks | My Jewellery
    Romantic cheeks
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  9. Bronze & define
    Bronze & define
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  10. Colour definer | My Jewellery
    Colour definer
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  11. Jade facial roller, face massage roller My Jewellery
    Facial roller
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Face makeup by My Jewellery

Discover the best makeup for your face by My Jewellery. Starting with our Bronze and Define palette, with an ultra soft and smooth bronzing powder to give your face and cleavage a beautiful healthy sun-kissed look. Brush it onto a fresh face or over your makeup, and see how the silky soft formula gives your skin a gorgeous natural glow. The Bronze and Define palette can also be used to contour your face. Brush the makeup product onto the areas of your face that need some defining, like the shadowy areas under your cheekbones and your temples. By placing the makeup there you’ll create shadows and dimension to your face, giving it a streamlined look. This makeup and skin care product is super long-lasting, highly pigmented and easily applied with a good makeup brush. Another wonderful face makeup product is the blush. The Romantic cheeks palette contains two colours: soft red and soft pink, the perfect colour combo for a natural blush! apply one of the colours with a brush on the apples of your cheeks. Alongside the powder blush, My Jewellery has also developed a liquid blush as part of the beauty collection; the multi-purpose colour definer can be used on your eyes, lips and cheeks. This silky smooth cream has light-reflecting pigments for a sparkling effect. The colour definer is available in peach and vintage pink.

The perfect skin

The Perfect Base is another product in our extensive beauty collection. This face makeup is available in four colours: light beige, cream beige, beige and hazelnut. Want to know which shade will match your colouring? Try the product out on your jawline, as this will give you the most accurate colour match. The Perfect Base is a full coverage concealer and foundation in one, created to be a quick and easy product to cover dark circles and imperfections. Aside from providing full coverage, this beauty product also contains light-reflecting pigments to help hide fine lines and wrinkles. Ingredients include natural bisabolol, sodium, hyaluronate and sebum for healthy and smooth skin. The Perfect Base is best applied evenly across the face, blend with a beauty sponge or your fingers. Layer the product to properly cover all imperfections. For a custom colour match, blend the Perfect Base with a powder and thinly apply to your face for subtle coverage. Finally, use the Perfect Base just as a concealer for a natural look. A completely multi-purpose product! Yes! In short, the My Jewellery makeup products are the perfect beauty & skincare products for a natural glow, smooth coverage and perfect skin. For a full self-care moment, why not use the My Jewellery beauty accessories before your skin-care routine. Our face rollers & massage stones encourage a healthy blood flow to your face and give your face a natural glow. Skincare is such an important step in your self-care routine! When is your beauty spa day?

Natural Glow

A shiny highlighter is the ultimate product with which to complete your makeup look. Our Drops of Glow creamy liquid highlighter is the ideal makeup product to give your face a natural glow. Easily apply the liquid highlighter with the handy pipette applicator, or mix a few drops with your foundation for a dewy skin look. Alongside the liquid highlighter My Jewellery has also created a silky smooth powder highlighter. Magic highlighter is a palette with two light reflecting pigments for a glowing finish. Accentuate the most beautiful areas of your face by using a makeup brush to apply this highlighter to your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, inner corners of the eye, under the arch of your eyebrows and the centre of your chin. We love it! Check out our beauty category for even more makeup and perfume products, like our lip & eye makeup and four gorgeous fragrances you’re going to love! Not sure which perfume will suit you best, simply use our hand Perfume Finder to find out.

Fix it! 

Fix all of your face makeup with our Skin Defender. This setting spray fixes your makeup for flawless all day-wear and lets your skin shine! What more could we want, right? This fresh setting spray is super ligh-weight and feels comfortable on your skin. The spray contains a patented active ingredient: gatuline radiance, which protects your skin from negative elements in the environment (like UV-rays and smog) and promotes micro-circulation, which results in skin that’s glowing, has smoother pores and is less prone to breakouts. Use the fixing spray as the last product in your beauty routine. Alternatively, sandwich it into your routine by starting with a fixing spray, covering with makeup and finishing with another layer of fixing spray, this works especially well on oily skin or skin that’s prone to transpiring. Our products are just beautiful on the skin, they’re also beautifully packaged so they’ll look beautiful on your vanity or in your toiletry bag. All face products are available online and in our boutiques. Our beauty experts are always available for advice!