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Perfume finder

What kind of scents are there?

Besides loving beauty products such as makeup, us ladies are also known for loving perfume. We love to smell good, don’t we girls? That’s why it’s so important to find a scent that suits you, so you can feel like the best version of yourself all & every day. A perfume is designed to enhance your personality, so finding a scent that suits you is really important. The first thing to know when it comes to perfume is all the different scents that are available. The world of perfume is all about notes, and we don’t mean musical notes, no, in this case we’re talking about scent notes. In perfume, notes are basically the descriptors of the scent you can smell. Generally, perfume notes can be divided into three classes: top notes, middle/heart notes and base notes. The top notes are the smells you’ll smell initially, middle is what you’ll smell once the top notes have faded slightly, and the base notes are what will be left by the end. Some common perfume notes are citrus, bergamot, jasmine and coconut. Obviously, not everyone likes the same scents, so your perfume choice can be incredibly personal to you and your preferences. It’s all about feeling your best & a perfume that suits you will definitely help you to achieve that!

Which perfume suits me?

With the huge amount of different scents around, you can imagine that there are also huge amounts of different perfumes, which makes it that much more difficult to find the perfect perfume for you! So how do you determine which perfume suits you? Well, let’s start with figuring out what kind of perfumes there are, and that all begins with the fragrance families. There are seven fragrance families a perfume can be categorised into. Let’s go through them all. 1. Floral scents: romantic & feminine perfumes with floral notes. 2. Citrus scents: sunny scents that have been infused with natural citrus oils. 3. Oriental scents: powdery perfumes with spiced accents. 4. Chypre scents: stylish, classic and mysterious with notes of bergamot and patchouli. 5. Woody scents: perfumes with warm notes of sandalwood & cedar. 6. Aromatic scents: masculine perfumes with notes of wood and moss. 7. Leather scents: edgy scents with notes of smoke and oak. No doubt you’ll have a perfume that will fit into one of these categories. That way you know which fragrance family, and perfume, suits you best!

Take the perfume test

Looking to treat yourself to a new perfume, but not sure which one to choose? Enter the My Jewellery Perfume Finder! We’re completely aware of how tricky it can be to choose the perfect perfume, especially when all you’ve got to go on is a description and pictures, which is why we laid out all the fragrance families so you have something to go on. But a perfume test that will offer you the ideal My Jewellery perfume based on your answers to a few questions, might just be an even better solution! Our perfume finder has been designed to offer you the perfume that will suit you perfectly. Simply answer a few simple, but personalised, questions and the results of the perfume test will be tailored to your specific preferences. So, prepare to answer the following questions: how would you describe your style? What do you like to do in your spare time? What time of day do you feel most energised? And which is your go-to drink? You’ll be given a number of options to choose from, which makes this perfume test easy-peasy! It’s all very simple: take the test & get the results. The results will include advice on which perfume will suit you best. So, what are you waiting for? Take the test and discover which perfumes suits you best! 

Find your scent with the perfume finder

Like everything else, a scent has to suit your personal preferences, which is why My Jewellery developed four signature scents to represent four different personality types. These four personal fragrances are: No1 Harmony, No2 Confidence, No3 Serenity and No4 EMPOWER. All four women's fragrances were created especially for My Jewellery, making them super unique, they truly represent a fusion of body & soul. By following the steps in our Perfume Finder you’ll discover which of these four perfumes suits you best. So, if you’re still wondering which perfume suits me best? And you don’t want to just buy a new perfume without knowing all about the scent first, we got you! The My Jewellery Perfume Finder is here to help you make the right choice for you. We’re super curious to know which perfume suits you. Will it be No1 Harmony, No2 Confidence, No3 Serenity or No4 EMPOWER? Take the perfume test & find the right perfume for you! If you want to check the perfumes in real life first, head to one of our many boutiques and try them out!