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Christmas gifts for your girlfriend

October 26, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 3 minutes

Jewellery Xmas gifts for your girlfriend

What girl wouldn’t want to find a perfectly wrapped piece of jewellery under the Christmas tree?! We’re about 100% sure your girlfriend would! So, we definitely think you should consider jewellery as a Christmas gift for your girlfriend. Whether she’s a cool silver or stylish gold kinda girl, we have jewellery to suit every girl’s Christmas wishes. At My Jewellery we particularly love the chunky jewellery trend and we also love statement party jewellery, like the pieces in our new My Jewellery Universe collection. Trust us, it's a mood, full of sparkles, rhinestones and so much attitude! However, if you know your girl is more into elegant pieces she might really love something from our Ode to Pearls collection.

If you're looking to really surprise your girlfriend this Christmas personal jewellery is the way to go! Show her just how much she means to you with a selection of jewellery from our Atelier collection, Zodiac or Initial collections. These collections are firm favourites at My Jewellery for good reason, because everyone we know simply loves the elegant, timeless and meaningful pieces. And let's be honest, if there are two things a girl loves it's jewellery and a declaration of love from her s/o. Make this the most memorable Christmas ever, and surprise your girlfriend with the perfect gift for her

Universe jewellery pt 1 18

Christmas gifts for a fashion queen

Of course your girlfriend always looks amazing, but do you know what else would look amazing on her? Accessories! Yes, every girl needs her accessories to upgrade her outfits and luckily, we have unique and chic options for her. As women, we all have our favourite daily essentials. Take a moment to look back and think what is something that your girlfriend cannot live without? What’s something she always takes with her when she goes out? If you have no clue no worries, we are here to refresh your mind. One key daily essential for every woman has to be a bag! A bag is a crucial part of any day and any woman’s outfit since this is where all the other essentials will be. Tote bags are totally on-trend and super easy to match and flexible to wear, however, how could we ever say no to a crossed bag? Or a shoulder bag? Apart from being stylish and chic, they are super practical, and now with My Jewellery, you have the option to add your personal touch by changing bag straps with cool prints! Besides bags, another life-saver item needs to be a hair clip or any other hair accessory, especially for those crazy hair days! And in case colder days are heading your way, then a cute scarf and beanie combo would be perfect for her. Finally, a pair of sunglasses is always needed, you never know when the sun will take a sneak peek!

Christmas gifts your girlfriend will love

Clothing is the way to a girl's heart, trust us! And there's nothing women love more than party wear, where sparkles, the festive season and statement fashion all come together in the perfect Christmas trifecta. A perfectly wrapped party dress is the ultimate festive treat. Though a set of party tops + flares or party skirt is another great way to your girlfriend's heart. Not entirely sure what the best trends are for your girl? Check out this list of the 9x cool girl party outfit ideas, for the ultimate selection of trends that'll look amazing on your girlfriend. Keep in mind your girlfriend's clothing taste and surprise her with the perfect party outfit for all of the festivities you'll be attending together.

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