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Christmas gifts for mum

November 21, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 3 minutes

For mums who love jewellery

For the mums who are all about jewellery, you really can’t go wrong with a gift from My Jewellery! There’s so much choice, you’re bound to find the perfect piece of jewellery for your mum. We’re 100% sure a jewellery Christmas gift for mum will score you major daughter-points! We’ve put together a list of the most gift worthy mum jewellery, you’re welcome!

Flatlays Serge 018

Personalised Jewellery

Let’s get personal! Our personal jewellery is just that little bit more special than ‘normal jewellery’ particularly when it’s a Christmas gift for mum. We love how you can personalise our personal jewellery with a unique message. One of our favourite personalised jewellery collections is the Initial collection. Personalise your initial jewellery with your own initial, or that of your mum’s or another loved one, so you’re forever connected!

For the mums who are a little more spiritual a piece of our gorgeous Mystic Fairytale or our forever-favourite Zodiac collection would be magical Christmas gifts for mom too. Zodiac signs are always a beautiful & meaningful symbol to wear, so whether you gift your mum a necklace with her own star sign or opt to give her the zodiac sign that represents yourself or one of your siblings, your mum is sure to wear it with love in her heart. Our Mystic Fairytale collection beautifully expands the horizons of your jewellery world so get your mum to prepare for earth-shattering surprises inspired by the elements of the universe with these jewellery pieces that radiate energy! Your mum will love these out-of-this-world pieces that will add a touch of sparkle to her jewellery collection. 

Your mum is the centre of your Universe 

We’re in the mood for some glitter & glamour! Your mum will be the most glamorous woman at the Christmas dinner table in a piece of jewellery from the new Universe collection. Enter the My Jewellery Universe as it strikes the perfect balance between chunky and minimalist, making it the perfect Christmas gift for mum. The glass rhinestones in most of the pieces give a super classy touch, plus sparkling jewellery just so happens to be one of the major jewellery trends of the season. So get your mum some rhinestone jewellery and make her Christmas extra shimmering this year.  

Mother daughter bracelet for your special bond

Bestseller alert! Honour your mother-daughter bond with a priceless piece of jewellery: our mother & daughter bracelet set is a much loved piece at My Jewellery. This bracelet set features heart-shaped charms that fit into each other. How cute! This would also be the perfect Christmas gift for sister(s) as these bracelets are also available as individual daughter bracelets. Get it beautifully gift wrapped and surprise your mum with her new favourite piece of jewellery this Christmas! 

29/07 flatlays serge 82

'tis the season for party wear

Mums can be so busy rushing around getting Christmas presents for everyone, going grocery shopping for the Christmas dinner and getting the house ready for guests, chances are she won't make, or have, time to go shopping for a sparkling party outfit. Enter: you, her secret gift-giving elf. Go on the hunt for the perfect party dress, Christmas dress or festive outfit for your mum and let her sparkle like the star that she is! Our partywear collection is full of a whole host of lovely options for your Christmas gift for mom. Is she a functionality over style, jeans and a top kinda woman? In that case, she might love to go all out for a change in a wonderful sequin wrap dress. Though if she'd rather stick to her tried and true formula, there's nothing wrong with glitzing up her jeans and top signature. A pair of glitter flares or satin high-waisted trousers with a sparkly glitter top or party top, would make the perfect Christmas gift for

Other gifts for mum

Power, class & hard-work: nothing describes a mum more than that and we love proving how much she means to us with the perfect Christmas  gift for mum. If you're not sure exactly what to get you can't go wrong with some simple but stylish winter accessories, afterall no woman has ever claimed to have too many scarves! Still not sure? Why not fill out the gift finder to find the perfect Christmas gift for mum! 

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