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Secret Santa gift ideas

November 7, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 minutes

Secret Santa Gift Inspiration

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….and with the anticipation of cosy nights, your favourite Christmas songs on the radio, and the hunt for the perfect festive dress, also comes the inevitable stress of gift buying. At this point you’re most likely part of at least three different Secret Santa groups, there’s multiple friend groups, then there’s your coworkers and lest we forget, the fam! While Secret Santa is supposed to be all about fun, finding the perfect Secret Santa gift can be quite a chore, made even worse when you have zero idea what someone likes or enjoys. So, whether you’re looking for Secret Santa gift exchange ideas, Secret Santa gifts for a coworker or the perfect ideas for secret sister gifts, we’ve put together the ultimate Secret Santa gift guide for you! Consider it our Secret Santa gift to you!

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Secret Santa gifts for everyone

If you’re lucky you might draw the name of your work best friend, favourite sister, or lovely mum to be your Secret Santa, but if the candy cane swings the other way you could also end up drawing the name of your boss or your bf's sister, not the most ideal Secret Santa gift exchange situation. Add to that the constraints of a budget, and Secret Santa gift-giving can feel like an insurmountable snow-covered hurdle. Luckily, in true elf style, we’ve done the work for you and found some great Secret Santa gifts that could work for everyone, from  jewellery to accessories, there’s an option for everyone and every budget. If all else fails, a beautifully wrapped gift card with a thoughtful note could prove to be the perfect Secret Santa gift.

Personalised Secret Santa ideas

We’re big fans of the Initial Collection for a Secret Santa gift that’s considerate and personal, but works for everyone, after all you only need to know their name to get them a piece of initial jewellery. If you’re looking for Secret Santa ideas for someone a little closer to you, a personalised piece of jewellery from the Zodiac Collection is a beautifully thoughtful Secret Santa gift. Trust us, everyone will want you to be their Secret Santa next year!

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Perfect Secret Santa gifts for her

The term diamonds are a girl’s best friend is a classic for very good reason, us girls love a bit of jewellery! So if you’d like to get your Secret Santa some jewellery, but you’re not sure what kind of jewellery they’d like, put on your Santa detective hat and try to do a little stealthy research. Observe whether they tend to wear silver jewellery or gold jewellery, what kind of jewellery (bracelets, necklaces, rings) they wear, if she wears a lot of earrings, if her style tends to be minimal or statement, feminine or edgy etc. and go from there. Follow those steps and we’re sure you’ll end up choosing the perfect Secret Santa gifts for your gift exchange.  Alternatively, if she's not much of a jewellery fan, why not get her a homeware Secret Santa gift. Every woman appreciates a candle with matching candlestick, or a little wellness and self-care with a face roller. Secret Santa gift success guaranteed!

Fun gift exchange ideas

If you’ve found the perfect Secret Santa gift or Christmas gift, it’s now time to design the perfect gift exchange game. There’s so many fun ones around, including games that can also be adapted to the size and makeup of the group, so whether it’s you and your closest friends or the whole office team together, there’s sure to be a fun Secret Santa gift exchange game to fit the bill. These are some of our favourites that we can’t wait to try out at our office Christmas party! 

1. White Elephant gift exchange - This unpredictable game is a great idea for a Secret Santa gift exchange game if you’re playing with a group of colleagues. The idea is that everyone contributes a wrapped Secret Santa gift which is placed under the tree to form a large gift pile. Then numbers are drawn from an elf hat or stocking (gotta make it festive!) The person who gets to go first chooses and unwraps a Secret Santa gift and shows it to everyone. The player who drew no. 2 gets to go second and either ‘steal’ the first present or choose their own from the pile. Once again they must unwrap the gift and show it off to the group. Player no.3 does the same and so it goes. Everyone whose gift is stolen gets to go again, until everyone has a gift.

2. Secret Santa Musical chairs - Start by giving everyone a seat and a gift, then push play on the festive Christmas song or Christmas carol. While the music plays the gifts are passed around the circle until the music stops. Whichever gift you’ve ended up with is the Secret Santa gift for you! You can always make it last longer by limiting the number of gifts per round, and everyone with a gift sits out the next rounds. 

3. Holiday Trivia - Who doesn’t love a bit of Trivia? Prepare for some heated game playing for this one! Give it a festive twist with Christmas themed questions and you’ve got yourself the ultimate Secret Santa gift exchange game.

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