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How to host an epic Friendsmas celebration!

November 16, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 5 minutes

What is Friendsmas? 

The festive period has to be our favourite time of year, so why not extend it for as long as possible! While a traditional Christmas feast with our families can be fun, let’s be honest a full day with all of your extended family members can at times feel pretty endless. We all have that Granny who likes to repeat the same story over and over, or an uncle who prefers a liquid diet over actual food, indeed name us a family Christmas that hasn’t ended up in a few tears along with the full bellies, laughter and new family anecdotes. As the saying goes: you don’t choose your family, and often, around Christmas not unlike the chaotic scenes played out in that one Sarah Jessica Parker Christmas movie: The Family Stone, Christmas with the family can get a little, shall we say….hectic? Lovely, loving & festive, but hectic nonetheless. So, to counterbalance that, enter: Friendsmas! A day in the year, created especially to celebrate the family you did choose, your friends! Like Galentine’s Day and Friendsgiving before it, Friendsmas was created as an opportunity to really embrace the holiday season and your friendships, but there are no hard and fast rules to Friendsmas. In general, it is simply a way to eat, drink and be merry with your friends during the holidays and have yourself the perfect Merry Little Christmas!

How to host a memorable Friendmas Christmas party?

Friendsmas is all about the food and the company, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put in a little extra effort in the hosting and decor stakes. Welcome your friends into the most warming, cosy and festive atmosphere by decorating your space with gorgeous Christmas decorations. We love cute Christmas ornaments that show a bit of your personality and style, from funky shapes to unique colour combinations, so go for decorations that really represent you and your style and continue that style into the table decorations & theme. A great Friendsmas party doesn’t necessarily need a theme, Christmas is enough of a theme as is, but if you never let the opportunity to throw a themed party pass you by, take your chance here. From a glamorous 1920s affair with sparkling jewellery, fringing and gold & black accents galore to a minimal Scandi theme that’s all about neutral colours and cosy vibes, the choice is all yours! We love a cohesive Friendsmas party though, so if you do opt for a theme, tell your friends way in advance so they can pick out the perfect outfit for the theme! Afterall, if you and your girls are anything like us, you’re going to wanna dress for the occasion! Which brings us to…..

 "Oh, we wish that every day was Christmas, what a nice way to spend the year

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What to wear to a Friendsmas celebration?

When you’re celebrating with friends your first thought in terms of outfits has to be: sparkle! This is the festive season, so if not now, when?! This season party wear is all about the glitz and glam, seriously head to any boutique and you’ll be blinded by the sparkle, which just so happens to be perfect for your Friendsmas celebrations. Go for a sparkly wrap dress for the ultimate in feminine class, add a statement necklace, one that suits the V-neck line perfectly, and a pair of killer heels and you’ve got yourself the perfect girly Friendsmas outfit. For those of you who love a slightly sleeker look, you and a women’s suit are a match made in outfit heaven! A sleek black suit is classic, timeless, yet understatedly sexy too. Style your blazer with a sparkly crop top, corset top or even cute bralet, and finish with high waisted suit trousers, sharp heels or sandals and some cool gemstone rings & party earrings to really bring the outfit home. For the girls who can’t get enough of sparkles a glitter co-ord or sequined skirt and top combo is the ultimate in festive cheer. Don’t hold back on the accessories here either, instead go for all out shimmer! We’re talking statement earringsrhinestone jewellery, perhaps even a sequined headband, because it’s Christmas, the most magical time of year! Fa la lala la la la laaa!

What are some good Friendsmas gift ideas?

Friendsmas and gifting go hand in hand, kind of like turkey & stuffing, Michael Buble & Christmas songs, a Christmas tree and twinkling lights! How you choose to give the gifts can be different for everyone though. Some friend groups have a tradition of gifting everyone in the group Christmas gifts, while others have a Secret Santa setup with a budget and set giftees, whilst others again have forgone the idea of gifts all-together and instead might contribute to a group activity or trip to do together later in the year. Either way, in addition to a possible Christmas gift for your friends or Secret Santa,  if you’ve been invited to your friend’s home for a Friendsmas party a hosting gift should also be top of your to-buy list. When it comes to gifts for her, a gal can never go wrong with some new jewellery. A piece of engraved jewellery, like the pieces engraved by the My Jewellery Atelier, engraved with initials or abbreviations that mean something to her, or to your friendship, tell your friend exactly how special she is to you! Meanwhile,  Zodiac, Angel Number or Mystic Fairytale necklaces are unique and meaningful gift ideas for when you want to give your friend a special keepsake for Friendsmas. Alternatively, go for comfort and cosiness by getting a nice sweaterknitwear or scarf because come winter, a girl can never have too many cosy clothes to choose from. Get your gifts beautifully wrapped and you’re set for anyone you might be buying for!

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Fun ideas for Friendsmas 

From games to themed cocktails, a Christmas brunch to a pot-luck dinner the ideas for a fun Friendsmas are pretty much endless, of course they are, you’re spending the day with your favourite people after all! We love the idea of going traditional, and replicating your family Christmas day with your friends instead, because let’s be honest, why wouldn’t we wanna enjoy our favourite meal and day 2x during the festive season instead of just once. Make a traditional Christmas dinner, all cooked to your family’s special recipes, set the table beautifully and hang up stockings with your friends’ names on them (obvs filled with the cutest stocking stuffers!) and your friends will feel right at home.

If you’d prefer to make new traditions with your besties why not host a boozy Christmas brunch with cranberry mimosas, turkey bacon, spiced cinnamon pancakes and all the Christmas choccies you can imagine! Themed cocktails are another fun addition to your Friendsmas celebrations, with themes ranging from cocktails inspired by your favourite Christmas movies (hello, The Holiday) to cocktails that suit your zodiac sign, and everything in between, just think of a theme that perfectly encapsulates your friendship group! Finally, why not host a games night with a pot-luck dinner? Everyone is in charge of bringing their favourite Christmas food, whether that be bread sauce, brussel sprouts, turkey or the Christmas pud, all the food is decked out on the table and grazed at while you laugh the night away playing your favourite games (Cards Against Humanity anyone?) Whatever you end up doing, you’ll be doing it with some of your favourite people in the world, and if that isn’t the true meaning of Christmas, we don’t know what is. Ah yes, Friendsmas, it truly is the perfect excuse to be driving home for Christmas….!

 "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" 

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