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Decluttering & reorganising your closet

February 9, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 5 minutes

Start from the bottom

Chances are you’ll have no idea where to start when it comes to organising your closet and you’ll be flinging your clothes across the room in frustration in no time, but that’s completely normal! Every change starts with the first move. So why not take this opportunity to really get to grips with your wardrobe and be ruthless with your clothes, you might even take this chance to build yourself a capsule wardrobe with all of your favourite and most versatile clothing pieces. Another great perk to reorganising your wardrobe is the fact you’re bound to come across little gems that you’d completely forgotten about, so who needs to shop for new items?! Reorganising your wardrobe is pretty much shopping for free. In other words, reorganising your wardrobe isn’t just great for inner peace, it also gives you the opportunity to rediscover lost items. Trust us, you’ll be throwing around the “oh, I forgot I had this” line, left, right and centre! So, let’s get started, this is what you need to reorganise your wardrobe:

  1. Good mood
  2. Food & drinks
  3. Music 
  4. Bin bag, we're going for a major clear-up session here!

Decluttering your closet

Before you start reorganising your wardrobe, you’re going to want to start with a major clear-out session! Sadly, it seems many women suffer from an affliction that sends them into an emotional tailspin the moment a bin bag comes anywhere close to their wardrobe. Yea, ladies, when it comes to our clothes hoarding we may need to think about a collective intervention, cos trust us, we’re no better! We all of us have those items taking up space in our closets that we’ve never worn (in the worst case, they may even have the tags still on them (!) and yet we can’t seem to part from them. But, we’re hoping that these tips might make it a little easier for you to say goodbye to your clutter items. Start by making an initial ‘first impression’ decision, sure we know we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but when it comes to initial clothing impressions, if you don’t instantly love it, chances are it’ll remain in your wardrobe unworn until your next decluttering session. With the remaining clothing items, try them on and base your final decision on how it looks & feels!



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Reorganising your wardrobe

Once your clothing collection has been thoroughly decluttered, it’s time to put it all back in your wardrobe, this time in a neat and orderly way. Obviously, every closet is different, but these general rules should get you pretty far.


Fold or hang?

Clothing will crease far less when hung up, but the amount of rack space you’ve got depends entirely on your wardrobe. Generally, it’s best to hang your blousesdressesskirtstrousers and women’s suits up on the rack, unless ironing happens to be your fave hobby! Knitwear simply must be folded up if you want to keep it looking great. But, don’t forget to save a space on the shelves for your jeans and t-shirts too!

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Type with type

Now that we’re in the decluttering flow, let’s take it all the way! The key to making your wardrobe even more well-organised is to categorise your items. So, hang your dresses with dresses, trousers with trousers & tops with tops, simple right? Go all in and follow that up by categorising those items based on style, that way you’ll be able to pick out the perfect outfit instantly!

 "Categorising is key" 

Reorganising based on colour

The last step to organising your wardrobe is a damn satisfying one! This one is a real game-changer for your closet and will make your wardrobe look reborn. The last step is simple but effective! Stick to your clothing categories and organise them based on colour. Whether you choose to apply this method from light to dark or vice versa, it’s all based on what works best for you! Apply the theory to your entire wardrobe, both hanging items and folded items, and watch your wardrobe get transformed! All your clothes will really pop when your closet is organised well!

Hard work pays off, and you’ll end up with a perfectly organised closet! Decluttering and organising your wardrobe has never been this simple, effective and fun!

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