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How to remove a ring that's stuck?

July 28, 2022 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 2 minutes

Hands up!

Putting your hands up above your head can help to reduce the swelling in your fingers, which makes it so much easier to try to remove your ring. This method is also great in combination with our other methods.

Twist and pull

Twist and pull, it sounds like a dance-move! But this is actually a great trick to removing a ring that’s stuck but isn’t super tight. Grab the ring between your thumb and index finger, then turn it while pulling it up your finger. Keep going until you manage to twist the ring off completely. Be careful no to pull too hard though, as this will cause your finger to swell up more.


Your skin expands when it’s warm, so it stands to reason that it would shrink when it gets cold. This explains why your rings tend to be tighter in the Summer compared to in the Winter. So it’s cold water to the rescue! Put the hand carrying the ring that’s stuck into a bowl of cold water. Then carefully twist the ring until it becomes unstuck.


Use a lubricant to help the ring slip off your finger. This could be ordinary soap, Vaseline, butter, olive oil or shampoo. Put lots of your chosen lubricant onto your finger and turn the ring so the lubricant gets under the ring. Then keep twisting and turning the ring till it comes off.


Still haven’t managed to get your ring off your finger? Then this final tip might just do the trick, life hack alert! Grab a piece of string, shoelace or ribbon, and pull the end bit through your ring. Try using a needle, tweezers or toothpick to make this a little easier. After that wrap your chosen piece of string around your finger multiple times from the ring to your knuckle (or slightly further). Make sure not to pull it too tight as this could be painful! Once you’ve done that, keep the ribbon in place and grab the end bit that you thread under the ring. Hold the end bit and slowly start tying that back over your finger. Your ring should neatly come off with the ribbon. Didn’t work? Just try again, we promise it will!


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