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How do you untangle your necklace?

August 1, 2023 | By: Demi van Lankveld
Read time: 2 minutes

Untangle your necklaces with a needle

You have probably tried to take the knot out of your necklace using your fingers. You also probably figured out that it isn’t so easy! So get a thin, but sturdy object, such as a needle or safety pin. You now only have to get the needle through the middle of the knot. Move the needle slowly back and forth and you will see that the knot will start to loosen. Now you can loosen the knot further with your fingers. It´s as easy as that!

Textured chain necklace


Another way to loosen your knot is with oil, such as baby oil or olive oil. Just what you have at home! Carefully drop some oil onto the knot in your necklace and massage it with your fingertips. The knot should become a bit looser. If that still doesn’t work, you can try to loosen the knot further with a needle, as described in the previous step.

Baby powder

Finally, you can also remove the knot from your jewellery with baby powder. Apply a little powder to the knot and massage it carefully. When you notice that the knot becomes looser, loosen it further with your fingers or with a needle. If you used the baby oil or baby powder method, then don’t forget, of course, to clean your jewellery. Read how to clean it in our blog, ‘How do I clean my jewellery properly?’.

Watch the video to find more ways of untangling your necklace!

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