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Stainless steel earrings | Why stainless steel is good for earrings

February 23, 2022 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 minutes

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a metal that contains Chromium, a composition that prevents the metal from tarnishing or rusting, which makes stainless steel the ideal material for jewellery. Stainless steel is also a very hard metal, which means your stainless steel jewellery won’t scratch easily, they’ll stay beautiful & shiny and they’ll feel super smooth too. Another perk? Stainless steel is sustainable, 100% allergen free and recyclable! My Jewellery pieces are all made of premium stainless steel, so you’ll get to enjoy all the perks this great material has to offer! We offer gold & silver stainless steel earrings, so you’re bound to fall in love with a pair. We love it! Curious to know more about the materials we use for our jewellery? Check out our materials blog.

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Can I sleep with stainless steel earrings in?

In short, yes you can sleep with stainless steel earrings in without fear of tarnishing your stainless steel earrings, however, your good night’s rest can still be disturbed by wearing uncomfortable earrings. Imagine the back of your studs jabbing into the side of your neck every time you roll around, not exactly conducive to a good night’s sleep if you ask us. Still prefer to jump into bed without having to think about taking out your stainless steel earrings first? Well, in that case there are some earring options that are slightly easier to sleep in than others. These are our tips for the most comfortable earrings to sleep in:

  • Delicate stainless steel hoop earrings are probably your best bet! Mainly because the ring shape means there’s no spiky bar sticking into your neck.
  • Choose earrings with a flat or round screw back

Finally, there’s really no way to make large statement earrings comfortable to sleep in, so you’re better off just leaving those on your bedside table.

Is stainless steel good for sensitive ears?

Ear irritation be gone! Stainless steel happens to be a great material for sensitive ears as it’s hypoallergenic and 100% allergen free. Stainless steel is also less reactive to other materials and liquids which makes it safer to wear when you’re prone to irritation from other metals. The main element to cause irritation is Nickel, so double checking whether your earrings contain any is the first step to getting earrings that won’t irritate your ears, and can be worn all day long!

Does sweat ruin stainless steel?

You’re tired, you wanna hit the sack, you’ve already reluctantly brushed your teeth and you really can't be bothered to take out your earrings now. While every woman has her own bedtime routine, it’s probably safe to say most of us will go to bed without taking our earrings out! We’re certainly guilty of that fact!

But, what you may not have realised is that we tend to lose a lot of moisture (sweat) while we’re asleep, so does sweat ruin stainless steel? Well, sweat does so happen to be a main reason for your earrings to tarnish. Sweat acts as a biting agent on your earrings which can make them, and your skin, turn green. Not a great look! Luckily, there’s no such issues with stainless steel earrings, because they’re 100% waterproof, which means you can fall asleep wearing your favourite earrings without fear of waking up green the next morning. Winner!

Can I shower with stainless steel earrings?

You’ve probably experienced it more than once, you’ve rocked your latest pair of earrings all day, and after a long day you jump in the shower only to forget to take out your earrings first, next thing you know they’ve rusted or tarnished and your new favourite earrings are ruined. In the worst case scenario, your earlobes have also turned a nasty shade of green to match the tarnished earrings. Ugh, we feel ya! But, trust us, you can easily jump into the shower, or even the sea on your next vacay wearing your stainless steel jewellery and it'll come out untarnished and looking as good as ever!

The only thing we’d try to avoid is wearing your stainless steel earrings to the pool, as the chlorine in the water is the one fluid that’ll discolour your jewellery, and we don’t want that! 

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