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Aftercare for newly pierced ears

By Demi van Lankveld, 1 June 2021

Yes, your ears are newly pierced! Soon you will be able to create your perfect ear party. But first, it is important that you take proper care of your earrings so that your wound can heal properly. We explain in this blog exactly how to do that and everything else you need to keep in mind. So read on!

How should I care for my new earrings?

After you have had your ears pierced, it is very important to take proper care of your earrings. If you neglect to do so, you may experience discomfort or even get an infection. Therefore, put a few drops from the aftercare bottle on a cotton bud two times per day for two weeks. Then carefully clean your earring. Make sure that you properly clean the front and back around the earring. 

What else is important to know?

Aside from keeping your earrings clean, there are a few other important things to remember. 

- Do not swim, take a bath or go to a sauna for two weeks after getting your new piercing.
• Do not turn the earring! This will open the wound in the piercing even more.
• Is your ear piercing infected? Then keep your earring in for the first three days in connection with possible bleeding. Also check that the butterfly or earring back is not pushed in too tight against your ear. After three days, the ear piercing may close again and after six weeks, you can have another piercing made. 
• Preferably, we suggest you touch your earring as little as possible with your fingers. At the very least, ensure that your fingers have been disinfected.

Take a look below at the frequently asked questions regarding piercings:

  • How soon after getting pierced can I put in other earrings?

    It is necessary to wait six weeks before changing your earrings. Remember to keep wearing earrings for the first six months, otherwise your piercing may close.

  • How long must you avoid swimming after getting a piercing?

    Avoid swimming, taking a bath, or going to a sauna for two weeks after getting your new piercing.

  • Drops on the piercings for how long?

    Do the drops for as long as you wear the piercing studs. In other words, for the six weeks that you wear the studs.

The video below shows you all of the steps, tips & tricks for taking care of your new ear piercings:

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