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How to nail boho style!

July 27, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 minutes

Where does the term bohemian come from?

Hippie styles, boho chic or bohemian style, we’ve probably all heard of these terms before, but where do they come from? The term Bohemian originally comes from Romani culture. About 1000 years ago travellers came from Northern India to Europe, and settled in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic where they continued to wear their oriental clothing, after which they spread across Europe. Eventually, French travellers were given the name: Bohémien. To this day the boho style and bohemian clothing is still super on-trend. Bohemian is a free spirited way of life and that’s represented in boho style too. Bohemian style is all about earthy tones, loose sleeves, floaty fabrics, and lots of details like feathers, colourful prints and tassels.

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What are the essentials for a boho look?

There’s a boho babe inside all of us! Boho style is quirky and unique and represents powerful and independent women. To nail the boho look you need a few key pieces, first off: a cowboy hat & western boots. These pieces will instantly transform your outfit into a boho dream. Oversized blouses in pretty fabrics, flared pantsbeaded bracelets, long dresses, kimono & a crochet bag are some more key pieces for a boho wardrobe!

 "Dream like a Bohemian" 


What is basic bohemian style?

Wanna dip a toe into the boho style pool but not take a full dip? Go for a simple basic boho style, you really don’t need a lot to achieve this. A pair of light blue jeans, a white embroidered blouse and western boots are more than enough to style a basic boho look. A knitted cardigan also works really well in this scenario! Hoping to achieve a beachy boho look? Grab yourself some embellished sandals, beaded bracelets and a maxi dress in a basic colour like white, beige or black. But our personal fave boho look is a pair of shorts, brown boots and a colourful ruffled top or blouse.


Boho chic all the way

Romantic, feminine and chic! The perfect style for a night out or wedding guest outfit. A beautiful co-ord set in a colourful print is perfectly boho chic. Style your look with a crochet bag, boots and statement sunglasses and all eyes will be on you all day long! A beach wedding is the perfect occasion for boho style. A statement maxi or midi dress, bright heels and statement earrings will complete this boho look. Feel more comfortable in pants? That’s fine too! Flowy pants look super bohemian, simply style with a tank top and sandals, and your boho vibe is complete!

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